Monday, December 31, 2007

Don Dixon Chi-Town Budget Show

Here is Don Dixon's Chi-Town Budget Show live CD. It's an out of print CD from my collection. This was recorded live on March 22, 1988 at the Park West in Chicago for broadcast on WXRT-FM. A great live album that any fan of Don or Marti Jones must have.

1. Heart In A Box
2. February Ingenue
3. Praying Mantis
4. Girls L. T. D.
5. Your Sister Told Me
6. Southside Girl
7. Renaissance Eyes
8. Cat Out Of The Bag
9. Borrowed Time
10. Skin Deep

Playing time: 44 min.
Contributing artists: David Enloe, Jack Cornell, Marti Jones, Terry Anderson
Producer: Don Dixon

20MB, WMA 9.1 44 Minutes


Todd said...

I LOVE this cd! I found it for $1.99 in a cutout bin (Back when stores still occasionally had those.)

There must have been a lowbudget "Live" series for a while. I have/had a Smithereens live cd packaaged much like this one.

Thanks for the Don Dixon/ Marti Jones posts lately!

WVKayaker said...

Thanks for checking in Todd...That Smithereens budget CD is posted in this blog...go get it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great Dixon posts. He's living in my home town.. Can't get the complete url for this please...


WVKayaker said...

rocdoc said...

'budget show' yeah.
i was at this show and i remember the tickets being either ridiculously cheap...or a flat-out free give-away. something that WXRT-FM 93.1 useta do pretty regularly.
a great chicago station.

and somehow i missed a couple of chances at taping it off of xrt.

finally the release shows up and i got a copy.

the Woods were 2nd -billed and were ok, but the don and marti show was wonderful.

the weather was horrible that night (an ice storm i believe) and he looked to be quite sick and probably infected all of us sitting stageside, because he was sweating his ass off.
marti jones said he was not doing well from the stage even.

that's the reason he's wearing that towel on that cover photo, to mop himself up.

thanks for keeping this memory alive.

Camarillo Brillo said...

that's awesome feedback rocdoc!
thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

It appears your 2008 link listed in the comments above for this has, sadly, expired, Would you please consider re-upping it at your earliest convenience?
And if you need to re-strike it from the disc, would you consider 320? Or lossless?
Whatever you do, Thank You Very Much.
And Thanks for all the wondrous music you share.

Anonymous said...


Nice blog! Was the first time I saw this. Could you reupload the link for Don Dixon's Chi-Town Budget Show, because it's dead?
Thank you very much and good luck.

Camarillo Brillo said...

New Link:

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