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3 Moon Martin Vinyl LP Rips

1) "X-RAY VISION" (4:09)
2) "WITNESS" (3:43)
4) "PAID THE PRICE" (3:03)
5) "FIRING LINE" (3:20)
6) "DANGEROUS GAME" (3:15)
8) "ACES WITH YOU" (3:53)
9) "DEEPER IN LOVE" (3:32)
10) "CHAIN REACTION" (3:16)

1) "Hot Nite In Dallas" (3:17)
2) "Victim Of Romance" (3:39)
3) "Night Thoughts" (3:45)
4) "Paid Killer" (3:22)
5) "Cadillac Walk" (3:13)
6) "Bad Case Of Lovin' You (3:54)
7) "Hands Down" (3:19)
8) "All I've Got To Do" (2:26)
9) "You Don't Care About Me" (3:09)
10) "She's A Pretender" (2:44)

1) "Five Days Of Fever" (3:05)
2) "Signal For Help" (3:26)
3) "Pushed Around" (3:13)
4) "Love Gone Bad" (3:21)
5) "Sranded" (3:47)
6) "Breakout Tonight" (2:48)
7) "Bad News" (3:54)
8) "No Dice" (2:20)
9) "Whispers" (3:29)
10) "Cross Your Fingers" (3:01)
11) "Rollin' In My Rolls" (2:55)

This verbage was shamelessly copied from cyberspace.

In the second half of 1978, nocturnal rocker Moon Martin rose from regional subterranean obscurity to one of the international rock underground's best known victims of romance. Sure in the past few years he'd been a member of Southwind , played on a bunch of L.A. sessions for big-time artists including Linda Ronstadt, Gram Parsons, Jim Pulte, Jesse Ed Davis and Del Shannon and Jackie DeShannon~ after Jack Nitzsche got wise to him ~ had some of his tunes covered by Mink De Ville (Cadillac Walk), Michele Phillips, Robert Palmer and Lisa Burns. But Moon had a lot more to give rock roll than a few tunes in exchange for sporadically-delivered mailbox money.

Moon once characterized them as "decadent Chuck Berry" in style and his "there's not enough rock & roll on the radio today!" battlecry, and his producer Craig Leon (with albums by Blondie, The Ramones, Bangles, DMZ, Creeps, under his belt) was finally ready to launch his solo career with his look and music often compared to such new wave hit makers as Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe, when they cut and unleashed “Shots From A Cold Nightmare”, Moon's first solo outing.

"Shots From a Cold Nightmare" was recorded very fast and simple. The musicians rehearsed for one week and then they went into the studio and made two or three recordings on each of the songs before they were satisfied. The album was released in 1978 and got very good reviews. The album consisted of an unusual synthesis of 50s rock 'n' roll and 80s new wave. Backed by a band that includes Phil Seymour (formerly with Dwight Twilley) on drums, Gary Valentine (formerly of Blondie) on bass and Leon on occasional keyboards, Martin plays guitar in a spare, rhythmically compelling style that makes every note count, and sings in a highpitched, bluesy moan that fits his lyrics perfectly. Moon recorded ten hooked wonders.

To follow up the album release he went on a late summer tour starting in Dallas, Houston and Oklahoma City and working his way towards the Eastern half of the continent. He also performed in Toronto, Canada at the El Mocambo in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Four songs from this concert is available on an record together with a studio recording of 'Victim Of Romance'.

By this time, the rumour had spread to Europe and in November it was time for Moon to start his "Moon's Over Europe Tour '78" . In Berlin at the Kant Kino the band played everything they knew, but it wasn't enough for the German audience, so Moon wrote a song backstage in four minutes so he and his band could get out of there alive. I've been told by Moon this song was "Hot House Baby" which then appeared on his next LP "Escape From Domonation -1979-". He also played (at least) in England and the Netherlands on this tour.

John Moon Martin : Guitars & Vocals
Gary Valentine : Bass
Phil Seymour : Drums, Vocals
Craig Leon : Keyborads
Willie Alexander : Piano

"I had a lot of songs with the word moon in them," he says. "I didn't realize it. They called me Moon and it kind of stuck. It was like I just woke up one morning and said , 'Hey, people are calling me Moon. That's a neat name. I'm going to use that.' I'd been a closet writer. From then on I could write and had a lot more confidence."

These 3 LP's were recorded to CD years ago and ripped to my hard drive years ago and made available to share with you today. These were all used LPs purchased from The Record and Tape Excahnge in College Park, MD. Some crackling between tunes.

This image was shared today, thanks walknthabass

48MB, WMA 9.1 64kbps


Anonymous said...

Robert Palmer, may he rest in peace, owes much to Mr. Moon Martin.

WVKayaker said...

True that. RIP R.P.
Thanks for the feedback!

The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Oddly enough, I kinda like the crackling in between songs. I recently got a turntable working and have been introducing my kids to the ancient wonders of vinyl - a lesson that so far has been lost on them - they think its funny. In some ways I understand, but the ritual that was called "listening to records" is lost.

Oh shit, there's that old geezer again!

WVKayaker said...

Geeze on's better than the alternative. I have over 1200 LPs and always had a working turntable, and I know the "ritual" well. Enjoy!

The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Funny, that's what my dad says whenever the topic of getting older comes up - his stock comment "It beats the alternative".

When it comes to the "ritual" I especially recall the college days. Picking out the album, whipping out the "Discwasher" firing up the turntable...and of course there was a separate cleaning ritual that always called for one of those "double" albums....


WVKayaker said...

Double album cleaning meassge received loud and clear!

walknthabass said...

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Here's my clear 12" single of "Bad Case of Lovin' You" from my record store days.

WVKayaker said...

I posted the pic, thanks walknthabass! It's much appreciated!

binkerbo said...

Moon Martin! I have to say thanks for posting these rips. I don't even have to download them cuz I have the vinyl. Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

hi got a nod to Moon Martin from an interview with Nick Lowe on

so, now for my inevitable request: could you re-post.

Camarillo Brillo said...

try it again

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