Thursday, January 31, 2008

WHFS Damian From May 1985

I stumbled on this tape today and all the labels were gone. All I know is it's an old TDKD90 and I believe it is from May of'85.
It's a good one!

The Nighthawks, Commander Cody, Dwight Yoakum, Ry Cooder, Joe Jackson, Berence Whitfield and the Savages, Green On Rd, Translator, Flock Of Seagulls, Nick Lowe, Tom Petty, T Bone Burnette, Nils Lofgren, Allman Bros, Catonics, Bob Dylan, John Prine, TBirds, Tom Principoto, Johnny Seaton, Lou Reed

53MB, WMA 9.1, 94 Minutes

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Installment of WHFS Tapes Shared By Bob

This is disc 10 of 17

Tom T., from '88 and '89.
Susan, from '83 and '87.
Adele, from '83.
A couple of unknown DJs from '78, '82, '83, and '85.

Thirteen 45 minute cassettes

MP3 @180

Disc 10 Part 1 312MB

Disc 10 Part 2 362MB

Thursday, January 24, 2008

WRNR, Craig- The Midnight Shift 06-24-1998

The Beatles, Sarah McLauchlan, Steve Forbett, Dire Straits, Los Lobos, Leftover Salmon, John Hammond, John Lee Hooker, Deanna Bogart, Holly Cole, Bo Deans, Bonnie Raitt, Traffic, Tito & Tarantula, John "Juke" Logan , The Wallflowers, The Doors, Michelle Shocked

185MB, MP3@320, 94 Minutes

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WRNR Carlos 03-27-2000

Morphine, Patty Griffin, Harry Nielson, Leona Hess, The Stones, David Lindley, The Pretenders, Dr. John, Los Lobos, Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, The Subdudes, Vince Converse, Steve Miller, Cracker, The Clash, Peter Cerce, Beth Orton, Van Morrison, Ry Cooder

186MB, MP3@320, 94 minutes

Joe Ely - Foster and Lloyd - Vince Gill, Austin City Limits Audio Rip

This post is for an audio rip of a couple different Austin City Limits shows from my VHS HI-FI tape collection. Ripped from a CD that I used to record from the VHS Tapes. It was ripped to my hard drive a while back.

1) "My Eyes Got Lucky" by Joe Ely (3:47)
2) "Rich Man Poor Man" by Joe Ely (4:41)
3) "Honky Tonk Masquerade" by Joe Ely (4:11)
4) "Row Of Dominos" by Joe Ely (4:25)
5) "For Your Love" by Joe Ely (4:25)
6) "Settle For Love" by Joe Ely (5:54)
7) "Is It Love?" by Foster and Lloyd (2:40)
8) "Fair Shake" by Foster and Lloyd (3:07)
9) "She Knows What She Wants" by Foster and Lloyd (3:36)
10) "Faster And Louder" by Foster and Lloyd (2:37)
11) "Banter" by Foster and Lloyd (1:08)
12) "Texas In 1880" by Foster and Lloyd (4:01)
13) "Suzette" by Foster and Lloyd (2:46)
14) "Crazy Over You" by Foster and Lloyd (5:48)
15) "Whole Lotta Love" by Foster and Lloyd (2:03)
16) "Rita Ballou" by Vince Gill (3:36)
17) "Never Knew Lonely" by Vince Gill (4:06)
18) "Liza Jane" by Vince Gill (4:04)
19) "Look At Us" by Vince Gill (5:02)
20) "Ridin' The Rodeo" by Vince Gill (3:38)
21) "Sight For Sore Eyes" by Vince Gill (3:32)
22) "Outro" by Vince Gill (0:22)

60MB, WMA VBR, 80 Minutes

Go here for a nice bootleg of Joe Ely:

Monday, January 21, 2008

WHFS 99.1 FM: Damian's Sunday Night Blues Show 11-04-1990

Damian's Sunday Night Blues shows were something the WHFS of the 99.1 era relegated to Sunday nights. Back in the day on 102.3 we didn't need a night dedicated to the Blues. They played 'em whenever it felt right to. This 94 minute recording from Nov 11 1990 is smokin' hot from beginning to end. No Commercials, PSA's, Weather, No Nuthin', just Damian describing the bands in detail and a great rockin' Blues set. It's a classic!

John Lee hooker, Taj Mahall, Mike Morgan & The Crawl, Nappy Brown & The Heartfixers, Hubert Sumlin, Willie Dixon, Bobby Radcliff, The Nighthawks, Katie Webster, Otis Spann, Freddy King, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Little Charlie & The Nighcats, Joe Louis Walker, Carey & Lurrie Bell, Bill Dicey

184MB, MP3@320, 94 Minutes

It was always about the music and for a generation of listeners to his local radio shows Damian Einstein was the pied piper. From the moment he hit the airwaves from an apartment turned radio station high atop Triangle Towers in Bethesda, until his last shows in March, he offered up a cornucopia of music to thousands.

Tomorrow evening those people who came to "Feast your ears," as old WHFS radio's logo beckoned, will honor Mr. Einstein the only way they know how - with music - at a concert in Annapolis.

"We are just showing Damian the love," said Michael Macey, who grew up listening to Mr. Einstein and later came to work with him as an engineer at WRNR in Annapolis.
After Mr. Einstein went off the air in March, Mr. Macey and Music Guide publisher Becky Cooper were lamenting the loss of the on-air personality, especially his local music show that featured area musicians.
Mr. Einstein is humbled by the effort insisting he was in it for the joy of it.

"I always played music for music's sake," he said. "I have always gotten along with people.
It did not take them long to put together a list of local performers beholden to Mr. Einstein for early support back in the day.
All of those had an early relationship with Mr. Einstein and WHFS, or later WRNR.

"It was my pleasure, it was an honor to play their music," Mr. Einstein said. "There were an amazing amount of players in the D.C. area. That's why I thought it was imperative to support local music."

But the breaks Mr. Einstein extended to musicians did not stop at local bands and musicians.

In the early 1970s the studio at WHFS was constantly jamming when bands came by to promote a local show. Mr. Einstein and his colleagues, played up and coming future stars long before other stations gave them air time.
"He had a keen ear for the music, deciphering who was excellent," Mr. Einstein's wife Patty Ebbert said.
For Mr. Einstein the next influence came from hanging around playing basketball in the black neighborhoods around Denton, where he grew up with his six siblings.

There he found the funk and rhythm in soul music. Then later, when he had taken a job selling ads at his father's small radio station, he soon took the midnight shift on the air. That was in 1970.

The music scene in and around D.C. was hot in those heady days. But for Mr. Einstein it almost ended in a car wreck in December 1975.

He and two friends were in a pickup and went through a dead end in a park, hitting a bridge. His two friends were killed.

Mr. Einstein was in a coma for weeks with severe head trauma and multiple fractures, including his neck. It took two full years of therapy and determination to come back.

"I wanted to get back on the air, to my music and my people," Mr. Einstein said.

He never fully gained strength in one arm and leg, and has used a cane ever since. It also affected his speech, but not his love for music and those who played it.
"These are all old friends, now," Mr. Einstein said.

Kim Richey OOP CD's and Bootleg Megapost

In the comments section of my recent Radney Foster post, a reader made mention of Kim Richey, so I decided to take a look and see what may be out of print and available to post here. So here you go.
For me it is hard to believe these CDs are all out of print. Pitiful! Everyone of them is a fine collection of singing, songwriting and musicianship. How people like Kim, Michelle Shocked, Lucinda Williams [finally getting noticed], Tift Merrit, Kathleen Edwards and many many others slip through the cracks is beyond me. Yet we all know the very best are not, and never will be, part of the mainstream. Hell, Bonnie Raitt spent 20 years in relative obscurity so maybe it can happen to others. Anyway, here's a bunch of cool stuff from my collection of one of my favorites, Kim Richey. Hope you find something in here you like and, when she comes around you will go see her!

1. Those Words We Said
2. Here I Go Again
3. You'll Never Know
4. That's Exactly What I Mean
5. Let The Sun Fall Down
6. Just Like The Moon
7. From Where I Stand
8. Sweet Mysteries
9. Just My Luck
10. Can't Find The Words
11. That's A Lie
12. Echoes Of Love
13. Good

Richey finds her inspiration in the Southern-California country-rock of Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles, and the folk-rock of Tom Petty and the Byrds. The album is full of Beatles-esque touches, such as the string quartet on "Can't Find the Words," the odd McCartney-esque intervals on "Let the Sun Fall Down," or the open tuning and uptempo, three-part vocal harmonies on "Good." If Nashville labels can keep releasing country tributes to the Beatles, surely there's room in town for a woman who can come up with new Beatles-esque songs. And inasmuch as Richey is exploring the strain of the Beatles' music that comes straight out of the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly, surely there's a country audience for her. --Geoffrey Himes

1. Every River
2. I'm Alright
3. Wildest Dreams
4. Straight as the Crow Flies
5. I Know
6. Fallin'
7. To Tell the Truth
8. My Whole World
9. Lonesome Side of Town
10. Don't Let Me Down Easy
11. Let It Roll
12. Why Can't I Say Goodnight

This sophomore album may suffer slightly in comparison with Richey's stunning, self-titled 1995 debut, but there wasn't much else out there in 1997 that it didn't eclipse. Richey is a stellar songwriter (with several hits by others to her credit) whose own records straddle the rock/country divide, placing her squarely in commercial limbo. But it's our loss that there isn't a niche for songs like the gorgeous "Every River," the insanely catchy "I Know," the subtly '60s-ish "Lonesome Side of Town," and the devastating "My Whole World." Richey's voice is not Nashville's most distinctive, but it communicates a full range of emotions, and she abets it skillfully by double-tracking her own harmonies. The playing, writing, and fascinatingly varied stylistic touches here are a joy to hear; Richey's career merits your undivided attention. --Ken Barnes

1. Can't Lose Them All
2. Other Side Of Town
3. Come Around
4. Lay It Down
5. Hello Old Friend
6. The Way It Never Was
7. Good At Secrets
8. Keep Me
9. If You Don't Mind
10. So It Goes
11. Long Way Back
12. Didn't I
13. I Will Be the Strength In You
14. Gravity

Maybe David Cantwell's review below is a bit premature. This album is great from start to finish!

Kim Richey's first two albums fit, one way or another, into that vague sound called alternative country, but like many other acts in the genre (Old 97's, Wilco), Richey has mostly chosen to leave country behind for the sound of pure pop. Glimmer sounds less like a poppy Steve Earle and more like a barely twangy Fleetwood Mac or Sam Phillips, which would be wonderful except she doesn't pull it off. The problem's not the absence of twang; it's the absence of any pop appeal to do her songs justice. Throughout, producer Hugh Padgham fashions similar arrangements that bury Richey's rich voice and subtle hooks in atmospheric washes: strings that never soar, keyboards that noodle, guitars that jangle prettily--the album seems textureless. Consequently, even gripping songs like "Didn't I," "Hello Old Friend," and "The Way It Never Was" come off disappointingly flat. There are glimmers of insight in these cuts, but they deserved to shine. --David Cantwell

1. Girl In A Car
2. A Place Called Home
3. Me And You
4. The Circus Song (Can't Let Go)
5. Fading
6. Without You
7. Reel Me In
8. No Judges
9. This Love
10. Good Day Here
11. Electric Green
12. Hard To Say Goodbye
13. Cowards In A Brave New World

Nashville's loss is Kim Richey's gain. Though she has written chart-topping hits for Radney Foster and Trisha Yearwood and pursued a recording career on the fringes of the country mainstream, her fourth and best album sounds like a fresh start. It certainly doesn't sound like contemporary country, as the artist and producer Bill Bottrell (who helmed similarly creative breakthroughs by Sheryl Crow and Shelby Lynne) collaborate on a sensually bluesy song cycle that shows a determination to defy categorization, follow its own musical dictates, and find its own audience. The album-opening "Girl in a Car" sounds like it could have been a highlight for Lucinda Williams, while the languid atmospherics of "Fading," "Without You," and "Reel Me In" have a seductive intimacy that is equal parts torch song and lullaby. From the Wurlitzer organ on "The Circus Song" to the bouzouki that lends an Eastern tinge to "This Love" and "Electric Green" (the latter written and sung with Pete Droge), the stripped-down arrangements accent the freshness of the material. --Don McLeese

Live On E-Town from WRNR 08-05-2000
1) "Can't Lose Them All" (4:08)
2) "Hello Old Friend" (3:54)
3) "The Way It Never Was" (3:11)

Sessions At West 54th PBS Broadcast VHS HIFI Tape
1) "Can't Lose Them All" (4:09)
2) "It Never Was" (3:22)
3) "Can't Let Go" (3:11)
4) "I'm All Right" (4:32)
5) "Come Around" (4:09)

Live In New Orleans Bootleg 06-26-2000 A+ [ebay purchase]
1) "THE WAY IT NEVER WAS" (3:15)
2) "HELLO OLD FRIEND" (6:29)
3) "OUR BIG MISTAKE" (3:39)
5) "JUST MY LUCK" (3:38)
6) "I KNOW" (3:27)
7) "EVERY RIVER" (4:06)
8) "BOUND FOR MEXICO" (4:14)
10) "I'M ALRIGHT" (5:50)

198MB, WMA 9.1 VBR


This cassette, taped on two different dates is full of good tunes, but another example of 'HFS sliding into the curse of corporate radio. It's rare they can even play two tunes in a row without some kind of self promotion, and Johnny Riggs thinks he's too cool for his own britches. But hey, if you like all that stuff, here you go. I wouldn't post this if it wasn't worth a download as there is still enough good tunes to make it worth it.

Sunday Jan 31st 1993
R.E.M. The Beatles, Icicle Works, The Clash, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Farm, Squeeze, 'Til Tuesday, Billy Idol, The The

Saturday Feb 6th 1993
House Of Love, The Sundays, Talking Heads, Pure, Belly, Tom Tom Club, Toad The Wet Sprocket, New Order, Soup Dragons

185MB, MP3@320, 93 Minutes

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Radney Foster OOP CDs Del Rio, Texas, 1959 and Labor of Love

I recently purchased tickets to see Radney at the Ramshead in Annapolis. So I checked to see what CDs might be out of print so here's a couple for your listening pleasure. And, they can be had for next to nuthin' at Amazon.

Couldn't have said it better then this review from Amazon...

By Steven Clem Haley "Steve is in Stillwater" (Stillwater, Oklahoma United States) -
I'm not a country aficionado. And the fact that I used the word aficionado proves that I am far too pretentious to be an expert on the Nashvillian ilk.
But dad-gum there are times when you just have to stick the Miles Davis and Alan Hovhaness back in the jewel case and drive the ol' Chrysler with the windows down across the Panhandle. And when those times come, this is the cd you need to be listening to.
Foster is Country and Western's answer to Marshall Crenshaw. He cannot write a bad tune. He cannot write an unclever phrase. But alas, he also cannot get the publicity he so richly deserves.
The pictures he paints in his songs makes you actually concerned about the people who live 6 miles from I-40 on FM1643. They make you hope things turn out for them. They make you want to call your grandfather and talk about the wheat crop. They make you want to go just out of town and hear "the lonesome sound of diesels winding up the grade".
I will probably never become a fan of country music. But if country turns more like Foster's work, I may indeed buy me a hat and some snakeskins.

1. Just Call Me Lonesome
2. Don't Say Goodbye
3. Easier Said Than Done
4. A Fine Line
5. Went For A Ride
6. Nobody Wins
7. Louisiana Blue
8. Closing Time
9. Hammer And Nails
10. Old Silver

As half of the Nashville duo Foster & Lloyd, Radney Foster blended the sounds of the Byrds and the Everly Brothers into lightweight country-pop tunes. On the solo Del Rio, TX 1959, Foster wades out into the deeper currents of country tradition and fishes out a Texas-swing honky-tonk album so good it could have come from George Strait. The title refers to the time and place of Foster's birth; it was a year when Texan George Jones topped the country charts with "White Lightning." When Foster tells a departing lover, "Don't say goodbye, just slam the door," the twangy kiss-off recalls the unvarnished frankness of Jones's heyday. --Geoffrey Himes

Another Amazon review.

By Todd W. Smith "asburypark30" (Midway, KY)
This was Foster's 2nd solo album, released on Arista Records. It's a solid album, though it doesn't capture his full potential. At the time, Radney was coming off the success of "Del Rio,TX 1959", an album that scored him a few top 20 hits. I think he was still striving for radio singles, perhaps a little too much so. This album was about as mainstream as he ever got. However, Radney's received a little too much heat for this one. Mainstream Radney is still better than 98% of what's out there. There are two standout tracks, "Last Chance For Love" and "Making It Up As I Go Along". These songs are more on the cutting edge than the others. They are also the best and WOULD have made the best choices for singles. The songwriting is stellar Foster. The ballad "Never Say Die" ended up on the first Dixie Chicks album. "Jesse's Soul" is an ominous tale about a righteous man's 30 year old appointment with vengeance. "Broke Down" is a catchy Bakersfield-style romp with a metaphor that compares a "broke down" relationship to an auto's breakdown on the highway. "Everybody Gets the Blues (But I Know How To Keep 'Em)" is a great hook as well as a good song. The lyrics of "Making It Up As I Go Along" are extraordinary. The opening lines, "There are nights I've owned this town, most nights it owns me. Play my guitar 'til it draws blood, but it still won't let me be", set the tone for an epic tune. Radney tells how dreams gradually get abandoned over the years. When he says, "I ain't no smarter than the rest of these clowns, I'm just making it up as I go along," Foster is talking about his life as well as his songwriting. The song ends with a killer guitar solo. It isn't quite country, folk, or rock. It just IS, and it's so right. Radney definitely touched on something here that a lot of people have felt about their lives. Anyone who calls themselves a Radney Foster fan should not hesitate to own this one.

1. Willin' To Walk
2. Labor Of Love
3. My Whole Wide World
4. Never Say Die
5. Jesse's Soul
6. Everybody Gets The Blues
7. If It Were Me
8. Broke Down
9. Precious Pearl
10. Last Chance For Love
11. Walkin' Talkin' Woman
12. Making It Up As I Go Along

Ever since the late 1980s, when he was half of the Nashville duo Foster & Lloyd, Radney Foster has been a master at mixing together rock and country influences in a manner sophisticated and timely, yet earthy and soulful.


Mike + the Mechanics King Biscuit 1989

I taped this off of WIYY-98 Rock on 05-28-1989 and ripped the tape to my hard drive Sept 2006.


37MB, WMA 9.1 CBR, 45 Minutes

Cool Comment From Dick Lillard, Roots Of Rock n Roll Show DJ

Anonymous said...
This is Dick lillard
In addition to the show I did on WHFS I'd had an earlier one on WMOD_FM from 1973 to 1977(WMOD was the FM side of WOL-AM in those days which was an R&B powerhouse til WHUR blew us out of the water).I now do an occasional show on sunday nights on WKHS FM(90.5)In worton, MD -playing the same stuff, talking less(I hope!).No pay, just for the H--- if it!It's actually a high school station that allows adult volunteers to do radio in the evening.You can hear it in much of Baltimore and Delaware up the the pennsylvania line.

Wow!!! Thanks for checking in Dick!
I just regret not having made more tapes of your great show!

Posted here:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

WRNR: Craig, "The Midnight Shift" 08-19-1997

This is one sweet tape from WRNR's DJ Craig. These "Midnight Shift" shows are great.

The Iguanas, Steely Dan, Ben Harper, Jonatha Brooke, Neil Young, Fiona Apple, Los Lobos, Leftover Salmon, Creedence, Roy Orbison, Big Blue Hearts, Pete Droge, The Beatles, The Stones, Cannonball Adderley, T Birds, Ray Benson, Michelle Shocked

177MB, MP3@320, 94 Minutes

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bruck Cockburn live 1981 - Rumours Of Glory Audio Rip

I purchased this DVD from the same guy I got the live Thomas Dolby DVD from. He converts VHS tapes and other video sources to DVD.

Check him out here:

This concert in 1981 at the Music Hall in Toronto was documented by the film Rumours of Glory, directed by Martin Lavut. It is pretty awesome and a real rare slice of early Bruce Cockburn live.

Here's the description off of the website:

Bruck Cockburn live 1981 - Rumours Of Glory
Tuesday, 17 October 2006
A live movie filmed in 1981 on 16mm film, this was shown on Canadian Television and limited theatrical release. Coming in a little under an hour and a half, the picture is good for being essentially an amateur film, with the worst part being the poor response to stage lighting from using stock film rather than film meant for that sort of environment. The sound here is fabulous and is literally CD quality. Coming in around an hour and 20 minutes, the quality rates a 4 and songs are as follows:

The Trouble With Normal
Going Up Against Chaos
Wondering Where The Lions Are
Radio Shoes
Creation Dream
Rumours Of Glory
Civilization And Its Discontent
Momma Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night
Coldest Night Of The Year
Alls Quiet On The Inner City Front
All The Diamonds In The World
In The Falling Dark
Wanna Go Walking

161MB, MP3@320, 80 Minutes


Elvis Costello, Velvet Underground, Kendra Smith, Bruce Cockburn, John Fogerty, Jefferson Airplane, Dave Matthews, The Who, Beth Orton, Bill Nelson, Tom Waites, Jonatha Brooks, S.C.O.T.S

186MB, MP3@320, 93 Minutes

WRNR: Chris Then Craig Dec 5-6 1997

In the late 90's and early 00's WRNR was truly a "Freeform Progressive" radio station. Occasionaly, before I hit the rack, I would pop a tape in my Kenwood auto reverse cassette deck, and record 'til the tape ran out as I dozed off. I have scores of these tapes and will post 'em as I rip 'em. The Midnight Shift tapes from DJ Craig are exceptional to say the least. Very few commercials, just music, concert promos and the occasional weather report. Here is another fine Maxell 90 minute WRNR tape of DJ's Chris then Craig recorded Wed Evening and Thursday Morning Dec 5th and 6th 1997.

Winter Hours, Huffamoose, Peter Rowan, Delbert McClinton, Richard Thompson, Yo La Tango, Jefferson Airplane, William Topely, Traffic, Duncan Shiek, Nick Drake, Quicksilver, Etta James, Cherry Poppin' Daddys, Annie De Franco, Tracy Chapmen, Michelle Shocked

185MB, MP3@320, 93 Minutes

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cool Video From CNN About Austin City Limits

As most of you know, I've posted several audio rips of Austin City Limits shows here. This is a short piece from CNN about the show.

Another blogger sharing WHFS music and other cool stuff

I put a link to the left here but no one has left any comments on his blog besides me. So here's a link for a fellow 'HFS head in Florida sharing his tapes. Stop by check it out and leave him some comments so he'll post more goodies!

Van Morrison - Live in Montreux 1990 bootleg

A regular reader and feedback contributor VanFan emailed this to me.

"Let me know what you think of this upload I it worthy for your blog....check out the artwork and liner notes too. The sound is absolutely killer! The best Van Morrison boot out there in bootleg land."

Your file called "Van Morrison - Live in Montreux 1990 bootleg
@320Mbps.rar" (151.41 MB) was uploaded successfully and sent to
kayaker729 at yahoo dot com.

You can share the following link:

Thanks VanFan!

Paul Barrere, On My Own Two Feet

Here is a vinyl rip of my Paul Barrere LP, On My Own Two Feet. It was ripped to my hard drive a couple of years back. Pretty cool solo album from, of course, a member of Little Feat.

Sweet Coquette
High Roller
Fool For You
Love Sweet Love
Who Knows For Sure
She lays Down The Beat
Fortune Cookie
Along This Lane

Click to zoom:

20MB, WMA 9.1 CBR, 33 Minutes

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tift Merritt: Austin City Limits 10-20-2005 Audio Rip

I got a chance to see Tift at the Ramshead in Annapolis, MD a while back. Went by myself, because I didn't really know what to expect, and most of my concert buddies want something a bit more on the rockin' and blues side of things. Well she rocked the roof off the sucker! It was a great show. She has plenty of passion and her band was smokin'. I was in the front row, and she's gorgeous on top of everything else! Here's a couple of tunes from an Austin City Limits show broadcast in November of 2006 and ripped to my hard drive.

In 2002, after signing with the Lost Highway label, Merritt released her debut album Bramble Rose to wide critical acclaim, including selection by Time as one of the top-10 CDs of the year. The Times called it "the best release by a new artist, in any genre." While this first release was largely an alt-country affair, her follow-up release, 2005's Tambourine, took her in more of a rock/soul direction. The album was produced by famed roots rock producer George Drakoulias and featured backing by Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell (of the Heartbreakers) and Don Heffington (of Emmylou Harris's Hot Band and Lone Justice). Tambourine was honored with a 2004 Country Album of the Year Grammy nomination. In 2005, Merritt and Tambourine were also nominated for three Americana Music Awards by the Americana Music Association: Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year for Good Hearted Man.

Good Hearted Man
Still Pretending
Shadow in the Way
When I Cross Over

18MB, WMA 9.1 CBR, 26 Minutes

The following is from an email I received from Tift's mailing list:


Click here for a free download of the lovely "Keep You Happy" from the new album ANOTHER COUNTRY.

Download available at


Each week leading up the the release of ANOTHER COUNTRY, a different song will be available for your listening pleasure at and her MYSPACE page. This week's song is "Broken".

Stay Tuned In...

Savoy Brown: Greatest Hits Live In Concert Vinyl LP

This technically ain't a vinyl rip because it's an open reel tape rip of a vinyl recording made from my buddy Sully's LP way back in Dec of 1983. Sound quality is excellent. Setlist is awesome. Performance competely rawks! Fantastic!!!!

Kim Simmonds
Ralph Morman
Barry Paul
Keith Boyce
John Humphrey

Accord Record Corporation
Town House SKBK 7003
Recorded Live June 27 1981
Rainbow Music Hall-Denver, Colorado

Side One
1. Street Corner Talkin' (Simmonds) 4:40
2. I'm Tired (Youlden) 2:37
3. Hellbound Train (Simmonds/Silvester) 9:47
Side Two
1. Train To Nowhere (Youlden/Simmonds) 4:06
2. I Can't Get Next To You (Whitfield/Strong) 4:52
3. All I Can Do Is Cry (Simmonds) 7:58
Side Three
1. Needle And Spoon (Youlden) 2:56
2. Tell Mama (Simmonds) 13:42
3. Run To Me (Norman/Spencer) 3:48 Studio Track
Side Four
1. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon) 6:10
2. Louisiana Blues (Morganfield) 4:50
3. The Boogie (Simmonds) 7:02

138MB, MP3@320, 69 Minutes

Monday, January 14, 2008

Albert Lee: Self Titled Album, Vinyl Rip 1982

Produced by Rodney Crowell
Polydor LP PD-1-6358

Sweet Little Lisa
Pink Bedroom
On The Boulevard
The Best I Can
Rock 'n' Roll Man
Real World (Wild Child)
Radio Girl
Your Boys
One Way Rider

Albert Lee is one fine picker that's played session man for countless artists including Eric Clapton, Emmy Lou and Rodney Crowell...A Tasty solo album from my record collection.

Albert Lee has influenced a generation of Nashville pickers with his amazing blend of country, rockabilly and western swing. His lightning-fast speed has earned him a reputation as the guitarist's guitarist - hardly surprising that readers of Guitar Player magazine voted him "Best Country Guitarist" five years running.

Extensive Biography:

64MB, MP3@ 320, 29 minutes


Here's a good tape from 1988. Blue Monday was a short run series when the DJ's would play some blues. Funny, it never had to be Monday to play the blues back in the Bethesda days...

Link Wray, Nick Lowe, The English Beat, Marshall Crenshaw, The Stray Cats, Chris Isaac, Tex Rubinowitz, Albert Lee, R.E.M., Jeff Healy, Roosevelt Sykes, Buddy Guy, Bo Deans, Mitch Ryder, Hoodoo Gurus, Living Color, Thompson Twins, Sinead O'Conner

181MB, MP3 @320, 92 Minutes

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Most of this tape is a guest DJ for the show "Radio Activity" he does a damn fine job in my opinion. Taped on a Sony HF90 cassette on the evening of Tuesday, Sept 27 1988.

Richard Thompson, The Smith's, Midnight Oil, Boom Crash Opera, The Mighty Lemon Drops, Kirsty McColl, Jon Astley, Ranking Roger, The Smiths, Bryan Ferry, Camper Van Beethoven, The Primitives, It's Immaterial, The House Martins, FishBone, Sam Brown, Bo Deans, The Paladins, The Nighthawks, Johnny Winter, Creedence

175MB, MP3@320, 93 Minutes

Friday, January 11, 2008

Robert Palmer: Some People Can Do What They Want Vinyl LP Rip

What an awesome album from Robert Palmer. So many of these fine tracks are missing from any "Best Of" compilations. It's a must have for any R.P. Fan. Another album full of Little Feat members. I threw in a live "Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley" track just for good measure. It's AWESOME!!!!

1. One Last Look 4:22
2. Keep In Touch 3:07
3. Man Smart, Woman Smarter 2:36
4. Spanish Moon 6:02
5. Have Mercy 3:53
6. Gotta Get A Grip On You, Part 2 4:01
7. What Can You Bring Me 3:45
8. Hard Head 4:29
9. Off The Bone 2:20
10. Some People Can Do What They Like 4:09
11. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley [bonus track]

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Robert Palmer's third album is a blue-eyed soul disc that sits comfortably alongside Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley and Pressure Drop. This time, Palmer drops the orchestrations that tarted up portions of Pressure Drop in favor of a stripped-down yet stylish sound that shows off his ability to create a romantic, soulful mood. Highlights include "One Last Look," a lush breakup ballad that features a catchy, harmony-drenched chorus, and "Keep in Touch," a romantic tune that highlights Palmer's vocal style at its seductive height over a jazzy yet mellow melody built on a complex background vocal arrangement. Another standout track is "Man Smart, Woman Smarter," a tongue-in-cheek look at the battle between the sexes that deftly blends pop melodic ism with reggae rhythms. The downside of Some People Can Do What They Like is that it often favors mood over hooks and this leads to music that is listenable yet falls short of being truly compelling: funky mood pieces like "What Can You Bring Me" and "Hard Head" successfully evoke a sultry mood but never take that mood in an interesting melodic direction. Another problem track is "Off the Bone," an effects-drenched instrumental snippet that serves no purpose other than to fill up two minutes of the album's running time. Despite these occasional lapses, Some People Can Do What They Like remains a solid and likable outing with enough memorable moments to please anyone who enjoys blue-eyed soul at its most silky and elegant. ~ Donald A. Guarisco, All Music Guide

29MB, WMA 9.1 CBR, 42 Minutes

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