Thursday, October 29, 2009

WHFS 99.1 XXXIV TOM T 08-07-1987 From DaveB

This is a sweet tape from WHFS 99.1 Deejay Tom T. Taped on a Friday evening in August of 1987.
I guess we all know Tom recently passed away from a bout with cancer. R.I.P Tom T!

Lots of great tunes here, and an especially nice 12" remix of It's Immaterial's "I Mean After All It's Only Dead Man's Curve". Don't think I've heard this version before. Anyway, grab it and let us know what you think and give Dave some love...

The Truth, Erasure, Dreamtime, Paranorma, Bill Bruford, U2, Leona Byrd, Difjuze, Jennifer Warren, The Nylons, David Sylvian, Bruce Cockburn, It's Immaterial, 10,000 Maniacs

169MB, MP3@320, 93 Minutes

Tom T Here

Monday, October 26, 2009

1987 WHFS 99.1 XXXIV, MEG WINTER OF 1986-87

Today we start a new "Box" of tapes from DaveB. Looks like we have moved on to 99.1

Here is a 60 minute tape of Deejay Meg taped in the morning some time in probably 1987 since the news mentions a poll for upcoming 1988.
It's got some cool stuff and a few commercials like Kemp Mill Records to help bring back some memories...

Peter Gabriel, The Stranglers, Feargal Sharkey, Kemp Mill Commercial, Winter Hours, The Feelies, Squeeze, Exploding White Mice, Stiv Bators, The Dead Boys

110MB, MP3@320, 62 Minutes

Meg 99.1

Friday, October 23, 2009

WHFS 102.3 XVI KIM 03-08-13-1983 From DaveB

Here we have WHFS DJ Kim from March 8th and March 13th 1983.
It's full of weird late music. Thank You DaveB!

149MB, MP3@320, 92 Minutes


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WHFS 102.3 XIV Mark March 1 and March 3 1983 From DaveB

Holy crap! It looks like this tape was run over by a truck and then an attempt to straighten it out with vice grips. You can't really tell from the scans, but the cassette is so badly warped I feared there was no chance to get this bad boy ripped. The fix luckily was rather easy. I removed the top two screws and that gave the mechanism enough room for the reels to turn inside. We did lose the last couple of minutes of side 2 however. But hey, still managed to get 85 minutes of great Mark and some Milo for your listening pleasure. Thanks again Dave!

Psychedelic Furs, Talking Heads, Undertones, Bongos, French Are From Hell, Altered Images, Comsat Angels, Roxy Music, Thomas Dolby and a whole lot more good stuff

139MB, MP3@320, 85 Minutes

Download Here


Monday, October 19, 2009

WHFS 102.3 XIII Damian 01-25-1983 From DaveB

Sorry for so much time between posts. Had some other stuff going and just didn't really feel like messing with it.

So here goes a nice tape of Damian from January 25 1983. Just another outstanding slice of early 80's 'HFS and Damian.

The highest download so far for Dave's tapes is now sitting at 23...that's 23 folks out there going back in time for some WHFS Gold!
Thank YOU Dave!

Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townsend, True Fax and The Insaniacs, Derek and the Dominos, Slickee Boys, Squeeze, Pat Metheney, Jessica Wilson, Peter Tosh

150MB, MP3@320, 92 Minutes

Get It!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

01-1983 WHFS 102.3 XII Milo From DaveB

This is a cool 'HFS Tape of Dejay Milo.
No cover and no date but it's a good bet it's January of 1983.

March Violets, Psychedelic Furs, The Jam, The Kids, Brian Eno, Lords Of The New Church, Japan, Transcender, Grace Jones, Allen Burnham

163MB, MP3@320, 92 Minutes


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WHFS XI 01-20-1983 DAVID, WEASEL 02-11-1983 SARA

Tuesday brings us another tape shared by Dave. It starts out with David playing some cool tunes then Weasel comes on during a snow storm and plays related music. And Sara is on Side 2. Again the dates are a bit ambiguous...we'll let Dave chime in and explain himself. (-;

Pretenders, Lena Lovich, Dream Hog, Joe King Corascco, Lou Reed, Tony Basil, Beach Boys, Fad Gadget, Soft Cell, Gang Of Four, Souxie and The Banshees, Blancmange, Trio, Icehouse

147MB, MP3@320, 92 Minutes

Get It


Friday, October 2, 2009

WHFS 102.3 XV SUSAN 03-07-1983 From DaveB

Ok...this is the real deal. WHFS 102.3 from March 07th 1983. Lots of good stuff on this one from Deejay Susan! Taped 1:00 Am to 2:45 AM...

Tommy Keene, Monsoon, Eurythmics, Fat Gadget, Echo and The Bunnymen, Holly and The Italians, Bill Nelson, Simple Minds, Martha and The Muffins, Magazine, Teardrop Explodes, Comsat Angels, Japan

152MB, MP3@320, 92 Minutes


Thursday, October 1, 2009

WHFS 102.3 IX Susan 05-01-1983 and Sarah 01-21-1983

This tape from Dave starts out with a lame 10 minutes (no offense to Dave) DC-101 syndicated show about the history of Psychedelic music. I left it off of here...So the next 35 minutes or so is WHFS and Susan, then Side 2 is Sarah. The dates are a bit confusing so I'll let Dave expound in the comments section if he wishes.

Captain Sensible, Banarama, Tom Tom Club, Maximum Joy, David Bowie, New Asia, Blancmange, Da Da Da, Falco

138MB, MP3@320, 81 Minutes

Get It Here

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