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Lyle Lovett AUSTIN CITY LIMITS 3 Shows in one

This is an audio rip to CD from a couple of Lyle Lovett, Austin City Limits shows I taped off of PBS on VHS. The first part is with his Large Band and will get you boogieing for sure.
I did not include the entire 2nd show from 1997, only tunes that weren't played on the the 1990 show.
Part 2 is the entire broadcast of the 2004 show...a bonus.
Below the track listing are write ups from the ACL homepage, showing original track lists.
Part 1

Tracks 1-13 Recorded 11-13-1989 (complete show)

Tracks 14-18 Recorded 11-19-1996 (partial show)

02 - HERE I AM
07 - L.A. COUNTY
13 - HOT TO GO

Part 2

Recorded 08-30-2004
01 - Cute As A Bug
02 - My Baby Don't Tolerate
03 - In My Own Mind
04 - You Were Always There
05 - I'm Going To Wait (With Gospel Choir)

1990 Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band jazz up the country swing in an hour-long Austin City Limits. Rolling Stone magazine names Lyle Lovett as “perhaps the most important singer/songwriter to come out of the country music scene in the past decade.” Expounding on the jazz influences of the 1930s Texas swing bands, Lovett is broadening the definition of country music and the tastes of country audiences. Lovett grew up in Klein, Texas, a small farming community named for his great-great grandfather. In high school, Lyle played in his first band along with fellow members of the Future Farmers of America (“with the amp turned down real low”). He listened to Texas radio, hearing Hank Williams, the Eagles and all the Texas singer/songwriters from Guy Clark and Towns Van Zandt to Willie Nelson. After high school, he entered Texas A&M University and started performing solo in coffeehouses and bars. Lovett graduated in 1980 with a degree journalism. He later returned for graduate studies in German. In 1983, Lovett was invited to play a four-week-long country music festival in Luxembourg. “I was playing solo,” Lovett said. “Sort of a between-acts deal, and the crowd was not interested.” Fortunately, J. David Sloan and the Rogues, from Phoenix, Arizona, were also on the bill. They took a liking to Lovett and started accompanying him onstage. They also played on some of Lovett’s song demos and when he was signed to MCA Records, he asked the Rogues to record with him. “They are just incredible musicians,” he said. “And more importantly, they have a fine-tuned sense of pity.” 1986’s MCA/Curb release, Lyle Lovett, established his country radio credentials with hits like “Cowboy Man” and “Farther Down The Line.” The album’s most talked about songs, however, were the ones nearer the edge. The philosophical questions raised by “God Will,” a traditional waltz with a direct and unforgiving message, made critics and fans snap to attention. At the other end of the spectrum, the finger-popping groove and sly lyrics of “An Acceptable Level of Ecstasy (The Wedding Song),” hinted at the direction of much of Lovett’s future recordings. On his second outing, Pontiac, which was universally acclaimed as one of 1988's finest albums, Lovett broadened his stylistic approach. At one end, “Give Back My Heart” represents the honky tonk tradition, while the swing feel of “She’s No Lady (She’s My Wife),” quickly replaced “God Will” as Lovett’s most talked about song. With the 1989 release of Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, Lovett and his co-producers, Tony Brown and Billy Williams, have once again stretched his boundaries with an even more adventurous push. From a big band (or large band, rather) instrumental version of Clifford Brown’s “The Blues Walk,” to a surprising gender-bender rendition of Tammy Wynette’s classic, “Stand By Your Man,” the music is most definitely and quite unmistakably, Lyle Lovett.

Lyle Lovett

“Cookin’ At The Continental”
“Here I Am”
“Cryin’ Shame”
“I Know You Know”
“Good Intentions”
“If I Had A Boat”
“L.A. County”
“Skinny Legs”
“Nobody Knows Me”
“The Wedding Song”
“What Do You Do?”
“Wild Women”
“Hot To Go” Recorded: 11/13/1989

1997 Lyle Lovett and his Large Band
Photo by Scott Newton for Austin City Limits
In all of popular music there is nobody like Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. Austin City Limits presented a full hour of Lovett's original jazz-inspired country music during Season 22 There are few musicians whose albums are found in both "country" and "pop" record store bins, who record and tour with a 15-piece orchestra and whose influences range from Cole Porter to Porter Wagoner. An imaginative songwriter, Lovett draws on an assortment of roots music from Texas swing and gospel to big-band jazz and honky-tonk country, earning high praise from critics while roaming beyond the boundaries of conventional music. His sixth album, The Road to Ensenada, is heralded as one of his finest to date. Reviewing one of Lovett's live shows, The New York Times critic Neil Strauss observed that "[i]n Mr. Lovett's band, fragments from a century of popular music lay in small pieces on the stage. The Cotton Club and the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall and the Palomar Ballroom came together as the group played arrangements culled from American folk forms that have been polished for the concert hall." Lovett and His Large Band, including acclaimed cellist John Hagen and legendary vocalist Sweet Pea Atkinson, filled the Austin City Limits stage with a sophisticated air. With the versatility of the Large Band, essentially three interlocking groups, Lovett and company went from brassy tunes such as "That's Right, You're Not From Texas" to country two-steppers including "Don't Touch My Hat." The latter proving Lovett the songwriter a master of comedic juxtaposition. Highlighting songs from The Road to Ensenada on Austin City Limits, Lovett also performed "Long Tall Texan," a hit for Murry Kellum in 1963 and the first song Lovett ever performed in public (in elementary school). Raised in Klein, Texas, outside of Houston, Lovett attended Texas A&M University, playing gigs in coffeehouses while pursuing his journalism degree. His gigs also offered him opportunities to interview many of the songwriters who influenced him including Townes Van Zandt, Nanci Griffith and Guy Clark. After graduation he played in Europe and returned to the States in 1984. That year Griffith recorded his song "If I Were the Woman You Wanted" for her album Once in a Very Blue Moon. Also in '84, Lovett cut a demo tape and his offbeat songs caught the attention of music publishers. A subsequent recording contract led to his self-titled debut album in 1986, which produced the country hit "Farther Down the Line" and showcased his wry humor in songs such as "God Will." In 1988 he released his second album, Pontiac, spawning a country hit with "She's No Lady (She's My Wife)." In 1989 he introduced his Large Band on his third album, aptly titled Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. With that release he highlighted his flair for clever songs and bold, jazzy musical interpretations, earning a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance. Subsequent releases, Joshua Judges Ruth in 1992, and I Love Everybody in 1994, further solidified his reputation as a premier songsmith and musical innovator. The critical accolades for Lovett, the most recipient of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) Texas Governor's Awards in October 1996, are daunting. In the 1990s he collaborated on two Grammy award-winning projects including 1993's Rhythm, Country and Blues on which he dueted with Al Green on "Funny How Time Slips Away." In 1994 he earned another Grammy for his contribution to a tribute to Texas swing pioneer Bob Wills, singing "Blues for Dixie" with Asleep at the Wheel. At the behest of director Robert Altman, Lovett made his big screen debut in Altman's 1992 film The Player. That led to roles in subsequent Altman projects, Short Cuts and Pret-A-Porter.

Lyle Lovett

"That's Right, You're Not From Texas"
"Don't Touch My Hat"
"Private Conversation"
"Who Loves You Better Than I"
"Her First Mistake"
"I Can't Love You Anymore"
"It Ought To Be Easier"
"Road To Ensenada"
"The Girl in the Corner"Recorded: 11/19/1996

10/30/2004 Lyle Lovett followed by Jamie Cullum
Multiple music genres fuse together as crooner Lyle Lovett and pianist Jamie Cullum perform on Austin City Limits. Singer-songwriter Lovett has long mixed elements of jazz, blues and pop into his unique country sound. Cullum, a 24-year-old from England, is working to change contemporary jazz music in the States by infusing the genre with rock and dance sounds.

Lyle Lovett

Cute As A Bug
My Baby Don't Tolerate
In My Own Mind
You Were Always There
I'm Going To Wait (with gospel choir)Recorded: 08/30/2004

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Big Head Todd & The Monsters Westwood One Show#94-48

This is a rip from my Westwood One CD #94-48. It is a short but sweet show.
All the commercials were faded out. Pre-FM Quality A+

WMA 9.1 @ 64kps

02 - MOOSE

Lindsey Buckingham and Little Big Town CMT Crossroads

This is an audio rip of the CMT Crossroads Show of Lindsey Buckingham and Little Big Town. Wow, this really sounds fantastic. The performance was taped in Nashville before an invitation only audience on Oct 5 2006. If you like Lindsey and Fleetwood Mac this show is a must! Excellent, quality sound and show.

Chain lightning
Getting to hear one of your heroes playing a song you wrote is a privilege few artists can claim, but one breakthrough country quartet Little Big Town received Thursday night. In the opening moments of their CMT Crossroads taping with Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham at The Factory at Franklin, Buckingham plucked the ringing guitar figure announcing Little Big Town’s “Bones,” a haunting number clearly modeled on the Mac’s “The Chain”—a connection made explicit when the songs were then married in a tour de force medley. The aggregate proceeded through a democratically balanced set list of LB and LBT numbers, and both parties seemed thoroughly elated—the Little Big Towners at the opportunity to belt out songs like “Go Your Own Way” with the guy who wrote ’em, and Buckingham (who played a solo show at The Ryman two days later) at being surrounded by the distinctive, perfectly honed blend of male and female harmonies that Fleetwood Mac have been missing since Christine McVie retired. (The show debuts on CMT Dec. 2.) “We oughta start a band!” yelped an excited Buckingham at one point. Damn straight.
Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham teams with Little Big Town for Country Music Television's `Crossroads'

By JOHN GEROME Associated Press December 4, 2006
NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) - Internal romances and breakups, backbiting, drug-fueled excesses _ Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham could write the book on what tears bands apart.With that, he has some sage advice for the country quartet Little Big Town: keep communication open."We never really had peace and closure," Buckingham said of Fleetwood Mac, whose internal drama was a constant backdrop to their music in the 1970s and '80s. "It was all about deferring and walling up our emotions and living in various states of denial."Buckingham, who spoke by phone recently from his Los Angeles home, joins Little Big Town for an episode of Country Music Television's popular "Crossroads" show, which airs on Saturday night.The show teams country acts with artists from other genres, from Elton John and Ryan Adams to John Mayer and Brad Paisley.This pairing was more obvious than most. Little Big Town drew immediate comparisons to Fleetwood Mac when they broke onto the country charts with "Boondocks" and "Bring It On Home."With a mix of men and women, lush harmonies and a 1970s pop sensibility, the similarities are striking. Like Fleetwood Mac, the quartet _ Kimberly Roads, Karen Fairchild, Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook _ also co-write their songs and trade off on lead vocals.Sweet, 32, said that although they have many influences, the Fleetwood Mac imprint is undeniable."It would be hard to have grown up in the era that we did and not be influenced by Fleetwood Mac," he said. "They were such a powerful force musically. They had a unique sound, a unique brand so to speak. I loved to hear Christine sing and then Stevie sing and then Lindsey sing."Sweet is referring, of course, to Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and Buckingham _ the group's principal writers and singers.They had a long run of rock and pop hits like "Rhiannon," "Go Your Own Way" and "Little Lies" before the classic lineup unraveled in the late '80s.Over the years, they have reformed in various reincarnations to record and tour. Buckingham, a gifted guitarist as well as a songwriter and producer, released his fourth solo disc, "Under the Skin," in October.Meanwhile, Little Big Town have had their own ups and downs. They were dropped by Mercury and Sony before finally landing on the independent label Equity Music Group. Along the way, Westbrook's father died, Sweet and Fairchild went through divorces, Roads' husband died of a heart attack, and Westbrook and Fairchild were married."We never said `I don't think this is going to work _ let's quit,'" Roads said. "It seems that when one was down the other three would carry them along."Lindsey said that that is one of the things he noticed about our band," she said. "We get along and admire and love each other."Buckingham, 57, spent a few days hanging out with the group in Nashville before taping the special in October.When CMT first contacted him with the idea, he was hesitant. "My initial attitude was 'How do I fit into this? Does it really work on an integrity level?'"Then he listened to their music and heard the parallels."It was not some unholy alliance in terms of being such a stretch," Buckingham said. "And the funny thing was, once I got there I had a ball."___

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This post is a rip from my double CD, of R.E.M. WESTWOOD ONE RADIO SHOW# 97-07. Concert recorded at Milton Keynes, UK, July 30, 1995 during the Monster tour.

01 - What's The Frequency Kenneth
02 - Crush With Eyeliner
03 - Drive
04 - Bang And Blame
05 - I Don't Sleep, I Dream
06 - Strange Currencies
07 - Man On The Moon
08 - Country Feedback
09 - Half A World Away
10 - Losing My Religion
11 - Pop Son '89
12 - Get Up
13 - Star 69
14 - Track 14
15 - Fall On Me
16 - Departure

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Danny Gatton Featured on these Vinyl LPs Excellent!

This a post of a couple of great albums that the late great Danny Gatton played on.
These are from my vinyl collection and ripped by me.

Leslee "Bird" Anderson "Running Wild" (1988, Renegade Records, RR-104) Danny plays on most if not all the cuts. Danny considered the title track his best recorded work ever. He lays down 11 tracks of Les Paul style guitars. He also plays bass, steel and banjo on this record.

Johnny Seaton, "Uptown" (Renegade Records, RR101) Danny plays on all but two cuts for this rockabilly revivalist.

Johnny Seaton "Reaction" (1986, Rounder Records 9004) As part of Rounder's New American Series, Danny and Johnny laid down 11 great tracks proving that rockabilly was not dead, but it was also not confined to a nostalgia act. The recording and mix quality is beautiful, Danny can be heard well and plays great. Danny did the arrangements as well. Johnny and Danny should have made more records like this. Can't say enough about these records. Highly Recommended!!!!

If you are any kind of fan of Danny Gatton or kick ass Rockabilly, download these ultra rare LP's!

WMA 9.1 @96kps and 128kps

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Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Westwood One Show 95-32

This is a rip from my SRV, Westwood One Show 95-32. A two disc CD I purchased about ten years ago. Pre-FM show. Totally awesome sound quality. Originally broadcast Jan 15 & 16, 2005

83.7 MB

01 - If The House Is Rockin'...Tightrope
02 - Little Sister, Texas Flood
03 - Leave My Girl Alone, When This Wall Comes Down
04 - Superstious, Cold Shot
05 - Life Without You, Crossfire
06 - Voodoo Chile

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YES, Big Generator Tour, Houston FEB 1988

This Westwood One Yes show was taped by me from WWDC, DC-101 on May 7 1988. It sounds great and a cool setlist.
Maxell UDS-II90
01 Rhythm Of Love
02 Hold On
03 Heart Of The Sunrise
04 Big Generator
05 Changes
06 Instrumental
07 Shoot High Aim Low
08 Owner Of A Lonely Heart
09 And You And I
10 Yours Is No Disgrace

54MB, WMA 9.1 VBR, 78 Minutes

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Joe Ely on Austin City Limits 2 shows on one CD 1991 and 1996

Here is a post of one of my favorite Texan's, Joe Ely live from Austin City Limits. I combined the 1991 and 1996 shows onto one CD. Just a wonderful performance from Joe. If you get the chance to see him, do so!

My Eyes Got Lucky
Rich Man Poor Man
Honky Tonk Masquerade
Row Of Dominoes
For Your Love
Settle For Love
Gallo Del Cielo ly
Run, Preciosa
Letter From Laredo

From the Austin City Limits Website:

Joe Ely's unofficial fan club reads like a list of the entertainment world's elite. Members of U2 danced in their chairs when they caught his act in Ireland. Ely sang "Amazing Grace" in three-part harmony with Willie Nelson and Bon Jovi. He crossed paths with Linda Ronstadt and recorded what Ely refers to as a "great slow, drunken country waltz" duet. Ely grew up in the dusty Texas towns of Amarillo and Lubbock. He put his first band together when he was 13, and before he finished high school he grabbed his guitar and hit the road for eight years, following in the paths of his literary idols Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller. Jumping freight trains from town to town, he ended up stranded in New York City. He found work with a group of Austinites who were producing a rock and roll theater show and followed them to Europe. Later, back in Texas, Ely joined forces with two now-legendary songwriters, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock, and formed the country-folk group The Flatlanders. Ely finally settled in Austin and established himself as a true Texas rocker with his debut album Joe Ely. He went on to record seven more critically-acclaimed albums, reinforcing his solid presence in the international music scene. Renowned for the energy of his live performances, Ely credits his band (bassist Jimmy Pettit, drummer Davis McLarty, and electric guitarist David Grissom) for inspiring his music.

On Austin City Limits, Lone Star Joe Ely showcased his latest work, the critically acclaimed Letter To Laredo, featuring the lilting flamenco guitar of Dutch musician Teye Winterp. From the Marty Robbins' favorite "Gallo del Cielo" to Ely's own love story "Ranches and Rivers," he delighted the audience with his fresh takes on familiar themes. An intelligent and well-read man, Ely vividly described faraway lands in songs such as "Run Preciosa," inspired by the works of Spanish poet Garcia Lorca. Ely credits his West Texas upbringing for his musical style and tastes. "It goes back to when I was 10-years-old," he said, "my daddy put me to work in a used clothing store where a lot of Mexican laborers would come. It was right down in a part of town where there was tons of music that would come up from Mexico....So I really grew up with a great love of the kind of rancheros and conjunto kind of norteno [northern] music that came from the ranches, the working class music of Mexico." From the West Texas flatlands to the Netherlands, Ely has garnered a loyal, international following. The nomadic musician may sing of a romantic world of days gone by, but he keeps a keen eye on the future. Since the early 1980s he's kept all his songs on a computer and now maintains a World Wide Web site to keep fans apprised of his comings and goings. This Renaissance man in cowboy boots never misses a beat.

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Thomas Dolby Extended Remixes (not 12x12 CD)

This is an assortment from my collection of extended remixes and alternative versions from Thomas Dolby. This is not the Thomas Dolby CD "12X12", (that contains a few of these remixes). All sources are from 12" glorious vinyl. 19 tunes in all. If your into much much more than "Blinded By Science", then check these out. If I get any responses from this I'll rip the audio of a Thomas Dolby concert I have circa 1983 or so.
As a request from the comments section, below is a link for Hyperactive that was not included because the 12" is not a remix. Since I included the Hyperactive single photo I thought I would rip it today and add it, as well as "Windpower [High Power Extended Play]" and "Flying North [High Altitude Extended Play]" (from the 12x12 CD) since I don't have that vinyl and it is pictured as well.

The Smithereens, Vinyl and CD EP's

Thought I would put together a post of my collection of Smithereens vinyl and CD EP's and Singles. Some pretty hard to find stuff these days. I purchased most of this stuff in the late eighties from the Record and Tape exchange in College Park, MD. Another great music store long gone. Cool singles with rare live cuts. 32 Tunes in all Enjoy!

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Roxy Music Live WHFS 05-13-1983 Open Reel

I have this post of an open reel tape I made of Roxy Music taped off of WHFS 102.3 FM on May 13 1983. I believe it was a live broadcast. During the taping, a thunderstorm rolled through the area and a couple of close by lightning strikes caused a little bit of static. The tape starts in the middle of "Both Ends Burning". Maybe I was late tuning in or just stumbled in on the broadcast. It's been almost 25 years so what can I say. Anyway, sound is excellent and of course, Bryan Ferry and the band sound great.

01 - Both Ends Burning
02 - A Song For Europe
03 - Take A Chance With Me
04 - Can't Let Go
05 - While My Heart Keeps Beating
06 - Phil Manzanera Jam
07 - Avalon With Instrumental Intro
08 - My Only Love
09 - Dance Away The Heartache
10 - Love Is The Drug
11 - You Are Like A Hurricane
12 - Editions Of You
13 - Do The Strand
14 - Jealous Guy

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Georgia Satellites Live at the Ritz 1987 Taped by Me KBFH

Looking at some of the comments from the Hear Rock City blog I figured it was time to post my tape of the Georgia Satellites Live at the Ritz 1987, taped by me from the King Biscuit Flower Hour. It certainly has less tunes then the post on Hear Rock City, but it may contain a tune or two not on that post. Anyways, it's from a Maxell UR90 taped off of WWDC DC-101 on April 22 1987. Some of the 7" cuts from KBFH are included here since that's how I burned the CD a few years back....Since I've seen a lot of interest in the Satellites I figured some pics of the double 7" EP would be of interest.

11 HARD LUCK BOY (7' 45)

33MB, WMA 9.1 96kbps, 47 minutes

New Link Repost:

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The Jayhawks CD Single and E.P. Megapost

For all the Jayhawks fans out there, here is a post of seven CD Singles and CD EP's. 32 Tracks altogether. These CD singles come with bonus live tracks and are a real treat! Sit back, relax and check this awesome Alt-Country group out!

Two Links:

The Jayhawks from the World Cafe WXPN 04-21-2000 and Live From NPR's Weekend Edition

This post is two cool rips from PBS's World Cafe WXPN on 04-21-2000. And NPR's Weekend Edition. I believe the "Sound Of Lies" album had just come out. Laid back performance. Very nice for any Jayhawks fan out there. Enjoy!

World Cafe
01 - Break In The Clouds
02 - I'd Runaway
03 - What Led Me To This Town
04 - Somewhere In Ohio
05 - Trouble
06 - Waiting For The Sun
07 - Mr Wilson
08 - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
09 - Sound Of Lies
10 - Blue

The 2nd folder here is from NPR's Weekend Edition. The "Rainy Day" CD had just been released.

Weekend Edition
Both folders included in one Winrar File...

Michelle Shocked Live Vinyl E.P.

This is a promo 12" live E.P. of Michelle Shocked from 1990.

Mercury Cat No. PRO797-1

The Sound of this limited edition promo E.P. is as good as it gets.

Any fan or casual fan of Michelle will want to add this to their compressed music collection.

1. [Don't You Mess Around With] My Little Sister

2. On The Greener Side

3. Silent Ways

4. Sleep Keeps Me Awake

5. 5am In Amsterdam

American Music Shop Tribute to Jimmie Rogers- Performed by Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Marty Brown, Van Williams, and Marc O'Conner

This is an American Music Shop Tribute to Jimmie Rogers. The artists performing this show are Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Marty Brown, Van Williams, and Marc O'Conner. Jimmie Rogers is considered to be the father of country muisc. The real deal. This tribute is totally awesome and should be heard by any fan of Jimmie Rogers music. Taped from TNN's American Music Shop show in 1992 on my VHS HI-FI deck and copied to cassette, and ripped in WMA format.

14 Tracks in total. Excellent quality sound. Let me know what you think. If you know the tiltes to the tunes and feel ambishish, leave a comment and help me out.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lucinda Williams, & Tim O'Brien, American Music Shop On TNN 09-30-1992

What we have here is an audio rip of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lucinda Williams, & Tim O'Brien, recorded from the American Music Shop On TNN 09-30-1992. Source is from my VHS HI-FI tape. Transfered to cassette, then put on CD and then ripped to my computer. Sound quality is excellent! The American Music Shop band featured Mark O'Conner and Jerry Douglas. They provide back up for this very very nice show.

01 I Feel Lucky, Mary Chapin Carpenter
02 Rhythm Of The Blues, Mary Chapin Carpenter
03 Something About Happens When We Talk, Lucinda Williams
05 One Way Street, Tim O'Brien
06 Like I Used To Do, Tim O'Brien
07 I Am A Town, Mary Chapin Carpenter
08 He Thinks He'll Keep Her, Mary Chapin Carpenter
08 Little Angel, Little Brother, Lucinda Williams
09 Lilly Of The West, Tim O'Brien
10 Passionate Kisses, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lucinda Williams, & Tim O'brien

Some of the tracks are misnumbered but are accurate as far as playing order goes.

Rosanne Cash, Lucinda Williams, Bruce Cockburn, Live On Austin City Limits 1992

This is a fine audio rip from an Austin City Limits VHS tape I taped back in 1992. 3 of my favorite artists, Rosanne Cash, Lucinda Williams, Bruce Cockburn, perform together and solo. Beautiful show. Cool guitars and awesome vocals by all. If you're a fan of any of these artists down load this. As a bonus is some tasty Mary Chapin Carpenter from TNN, From a great now defunct show called The American Music Shop, Circa 1992.
01 HALFWAY HOUSE, Rosanne Cash
02 SEE HOW I MISS YOU, Bruce Cockburn
03 SOMETHING HAPPENS, Lucinda Williams
04 WHAT WE REALLY NEED, Rosanne Cash
05 ROCKET LAUNCHER, Bruce Cockburn
07 SEVEN YEAR ACHE, Rosanne Cash
08 KIT KARSON, Bruce Cockburn
09 HOT BLOOD, Lucinda Williams
10 LONELY HEARTS, Rosanne Cash
11 DREAM LIKE MINE, Bruce Cockburn
12 HAPPY WOMAN BLUES, Lucinda Williams
13 DON'T THINK TWICE, Rosanne Cash, Lucinda Williams, Bruce Cockburn
14 I FEEL LUCKY, Mary Chapin Carpenter (TNN)
15 RYTHMN OF THE BLUES, Mary Chapin Carpenter (TNN)
16 I AM A TOWN, Mary Chapin Carpenter (TNN)

From The Austin City Limits Website:

Austin City Limits presents the unique talents of Rosanne Cash with two of her favorite songwriter friends, Bruce Cockburn and Lucinda Williams, for an evening of intimate acoustic music. Rosanne Cash has been making great music for more than a decade. She has scored 11 No. 1 country singles since 1981. In 1985, she was honored with a Grammy Award for best female vocal performance and BMI’s prestigious annual Robert J. Burton Songwriting Award. She also won the 1988 Billboard Award for top singles artist. The oldest child of country music legend Johnny Cash . watched as fame took its toll on her father’s life and marriage. “When you put your fame where the self-esteem should be, it can be worse than heroin,” she said. Her mistrust of stardom sometimes kept her at arm’s length from her own career. When Ariola Records offered Cash her first record deal, she stayed in bed and cried. When her music was at the top of the charts, she only toured sporadically. But the same anxieties that threatened her success also propelled her music. As a writer, Cash meets her demons head-on. Starkly, sometimes brutally honest, she explores her own subconscious to paint revealing portraits of love and life. As she once said, “Most country songs go something like ‘Oh, honey/You left me/And now I’m so sad.’ I’m more interested in the hidden agenda: ‘Oh honey/You left me/And why did I want to get you to do that?’ You know on life’s surface things look placid and normal, but unseen there’s this whole life that’s evolving…that’s what I really want to write about and explore.” Bruce Cockburn may be the best-kept secret on the continent. After more than two decades in the business, 10 Juno Awards (The Canadian version of Grammys), an Edison Award (Holland’s Grammy), the Order of Canada, which is the highest civilian honor a Canadian can receive, nine gold records, two platinum records and numerous other awards, Cockburn is still virtually a secret in the United States. Fortunately, that’s about to change. His most recent release is his first to be recorded on a United States label. Cockburn chronicles his life, spiritual faith and political beliefs in fresh, vital music that echoes his love of early blues and reflects a myriad of other influences including folk, rock, jazz, world music rhythms and Native American traditions. The result is intelligent, poetic, deeply felt music laced with superb guitar work. Austin resident Lucinda Williams spent almost two decades on the coffeehouse circuit, recording two albums of her blend of country, Delta blues, folk and rock for Folkways Records. Her eclecticism cost her a record deal in 1983 when a major record label signed her, realized they couldn’t pigeonhole her, then dropped her. Undaunted, Williams closed her ears to industry nay-sayers in 1988 and produced a low-budget record with her own band, penning all but one of the cuts herself and nurturing her musical diversity. In 1988, Rough Trade records released Lucinda Williams to a growing and loyal audience. The press fell in love. So did country and alternative radio. Phrases like “compelling, no-nonsense honesty,” “resilience and beauty” and “sensitivity and good humor” pepper her reviews. The album’s overwhelming success prompted Rough Trade to release the LP’s hit single, “Passionate Kisses,” in an extended play format with four other cuts. The next year, Williams made her Austin City Limits debut. Despite her success, Williams is far from complacent. “I have this real fear about selling out,” she said. “Or sounding too slick. Not being me. To me, that would just be a nightmare.”


What This Is All About

I've been collecting live music from various sources since the mid to late 70's. Radio shows, TV broadcasts, radio show pre-FM CD's and vinyl LP's and some trades. Most of the shows posted here, I recorded and ripped myself. I always had top of the line stereo equipment and cassette and open reel recorders for those on air broadcasts.

I've downloaded plenty of bootlegged concerts from various blogs. As a rule I will only post stuff from my collection and not what is already available out there.

I also post out of print CDs and LPs from my collection.
I will repost from my readers anything someone sends me as long as it is either out of print or something that's not from someone else's blog. If you want to share a link for a cool item on your blog, or someone else's, please feel free to post it in the comments........

Enjoy and please leave a comment and pass this blog along.

Can you believe that so many out there are starving for the old WHFS? Amazing!

If you leave a comment, how about using a nickname instead of Anonymous. At least make up something please. Thanks!

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“Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST…”---Frank Zappa

The Equipment Used For All Those Rips

The Equipment Used For All Those Rips
Old School!

The Home Office

The Home Office
It Rocks!

All this fits on a little 'ol Hard Drive?

All this fits on a little 'ol Hard Drive?
kayaker729 at yahoo dot com, Maryland, United States

Project Object

Project Object

Crack The Sky

Candye Kane

Candye Kane

Quay Lude

Quay Lude

Chimney Slide

Chimney Slide
Smoke Hole Canyon