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The Assassins with Jimmy Thackery and Tom Principoto

Here are two Vinyl LP's of The Assassins from my collection recorded to one CD and then ripped to my hard drive. I got these from Joe's Record Paradise a couple of 5 years ago or so.

No Previous Record
Talk To Me
I'll Come Running Back
Dear Dad
It's So Hard
Boogie Woogie Man
Love To Ride
Remmington Man
Honey Hush

Partners In Crime
Still Talkin' About You
He's Mine
Partners In Crime
You Can Leave The Light On
Hopes Up Hight
Later Train
oday I Started Loving You Again
Everybody Needs Love
Tuff Lover
Lonesome Train
Girl From Impanema

Tom Principoto has done brief stints with various acts including Billy Price And The Keystone Rhythm Band, Big Mama Thornton, Sunnyland Slim, James Montgomery, and The Assassins with Jimmy Thackery, former guiatrist with The Nighthawks. Tom Principoto appears on two albums with the Assassins, "No Previous Record" (1986) and "Partners In Crime" (1987) which won a "Wammy Award".

Jimmy Thackery became widely known as the innovative guitarist with the Nighthawks, one of the hardest-working and most popular blues bands of the '70's and '80's. Starting in 1974, the group recorded over twenty albums and constantly toured the U.S., Europe, Canada and Japan. Jimmy was the heart, soul, and adrenaline of the Nighthawks sound during his fourteen year tenure with the Washington, D.C.-based band, creating a distinctively raw, powerful guitar style and establishing a reputation as a spectacular soloist.

Thackery comes by his six-string brilliance honestly, having learned from the very best sources. Besides Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix, Thackery cites Chicago axe master Otis Rush as a primary influence. Moreover, he learned quite a bit from playing on stage alongside such blues legends as Muddy Waters, James Cotton and Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson.

Thackery left the Nighthawks in 1987, needing a break from a grueling 300-night-a-year touring schedule. He also felt a need to try something new musically, so Thackery founded a six piece R&B band called The Assassins. The popular and critically-acclaimed group recorded three albums before disbanding in 1991.

The artwork is pretty poor. I have a small flatbed scanner and had to take 4 scans of each side of the album covers, reconstruct them in Publisher, print to Adobe Acrobat Distiller, then took a screen shot, saved to Paint, then cropped the rough edges and saved again. All this because noone is going to find these album covers in cyberspace. But if by chance you do please send me a link and I'll repost better covers.
These are two ultra rare LPs, never released on CD. And these two are mint!

98MB, WMA 9.1 VBR, 79 Minutes


Anonymous said...

Damn i've been wanting to listen to these albums since i heard about them over ten years ago.....i thank you

WVKayaker said...

Thanks for the feedback!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am writing an article about the Nighthawks and I was thinkin that it´d be nice to say sumthin about these records too, but they are REALLY hard to find (=impossible) here in Finland. So your mp3´s helped a lot. Muchos thanks!

Camarillo Brillo said...

Impossible to find here too...Thanks for checking in!

Joe said...

As the road manager for the Assassins from '86-88, I'm glad to see your comments and your posting of these LPs.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for the feedback Joe!

Conspiracy Theologian said...

can't wait to listen the these at work tomorrow. many, many thanks.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Conspiracy Theologian,
It's a rare one...Enjoy!

Muddy said...

Thackery and Principato sound great on both of these. I have three Nighthawks albums. These are different but just as good, if not better. I just wish I had the sense to go see the Assassins when I lived in D.C. in the later 80s.

Thanks for posting these, and thanks to Joe's Record Paradise.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for checking in Muddy! Your feedback is appreciated...

Anonymous said...

principato has played with some heavy company.
there's also a series of discs that principato did with danny gatton called 'blazing telecasters'...i actually had the luck of having one turn up in a search of the south suburban chicago library system here.
it's called 'oh no! MORE blazing telecasters' which sure implies there was a prior 'blazing telecasters' No 1 album, but i honestly haven't gotten around to searching for it.
tho gatton has been one of my absolute faves.
this 'oh no!' is from april 27th, 1984 at adam's rib in d.c.

thanks a ton for these 2! i'm downloading them while listening to the live chickenlegs show you posted.

thanks all around!

chicago ray

Camarillo Brillo said...

chicago ray
thanks for the the feedback...I have a Blazing Telecasters CD...If I haven't posted it maybe I'll get it on here soon..

Anonymous said...

Hello guys I'm the lucky one, I foud all the records of The Nighthawks : 14 vinyl Lp's : one with John Hammond, Mark Wenner has 2 LP's & I have the 1st of The Assassins ( Herman from Belgium )
I have the 18 Cd's of Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers ( only the last one )

Herman Verheyen said...

Hello guys, I have the complete collection of Jimmy Thackery : 14 vinyl LP's, + one with John Hammond,the first of The Assassins, the first of Mark Wenner, & 19 CD's Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers. I'm still looking at the Partners in crime album of The Assassins & the 2nd of Mark Wenner ( Herman from Belgium )

Camarillo Brillo said...

That's awesome Herman

Simon said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've been searching for these for 20 years. I can die a happy man now.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Glad you found them Simon...Enjoy!

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