Monday, March 5, 2018

The Rockets - Live Rockets, Needle Drop

Having mistakenly found and then downloaded The Rockets Live album, a vinyl rip@24bit 192khz 3GB flac file, no less, did I realize it was not The Rockets from Detroit, USA but some space rock band from France. Dang it.
So this got me to go ahead and rip my pristine Rockets Live L.P.

Perusing the interwebs, I saw a copy on eBay for sale at $75.00. Man, I'm gonna have to consider selling some of my stash.

Haven't heard this one in a while, and it's good ol' kick ass Rock'n Roll!
Here's a review I stole that says it all better than I can. Besides that, I'm just too fucking lazy and not articulate enough to say what this dude already said.

THE ROCKETS-LIVE ROCKETS: Detroit Rock City boasts an impressive rock & roll pedigree that includes ALICE COOPER, BOB SEGER, MC5, RARE EARTH, TED NUGENT and BROWNSVILLE STATION. LIVE ROCKETS is a slam-bang grab bag of boogie classics from that region's most underrated band, whose five album career has otherwise never been legitimized by a greatest hits compilation. DAVE GILBERT's raspy, "Saturday night out with the boys" screech, bolstered by ex DETROIT WHEELS legends JIM MCCARTY's careening axe salvos and JOHNNY "THE BEE" BADANJEK's solid stick-work, is augmented by guest sax blower CHUCK PERRAUT and a trio of soul-powered female backing vocalists. This is a made-loud-to-play-loud farewell party with sass to spare. Crash 'n burn BADENJEK originals like CAN'T SLEEP, TURN UP THE MUSIC and ROLLIN' BY THE RECORD MACHINE mix seamlessly with a suitably funky cover of LOU REED's slinky SALLY CAN'T DANCE and a ballbustin' version of bloozer PETER GREEN's classic OH WELL. As one of their better album titles suggested, there's NO BALLADS to get in the way of a good time. Brash, bloozey, and ballsy, once you give 'em a ride, LIVE ROCKETS is a hard platter indeed to take off your record machine.

Well, that just about covers all you need to know about this kick-butt album.

A1 Rollin' By The Record Machine 4:19
A2 Desire    3:55
A3 Can't Sleep 3:01
A4 Sally Can't Dance 3:46
A5 Takin' It Back 4:52
B1 Open The Door To Your Heart 3:47
B2 Oh Well 4:16
B3 Turn Up The Radio 6:32
B4 Born In Detroit 4:52

Get it in 24bit 48khz Flac [551mb] or MP3@320 [95mb]



Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Black Angels on Austin City Limits [Season 43]

From my DVR to you we have the audio rip of The Black Angels on Austin City Limits [Season 43]
It's a short and sweet set aired on my local PBS station.

The Black Angels bring their signature sound of menacing fuzz guitar and cutting wordplay, steeped in a murky hallucinatory dream back to Austin City Limits for a second time performing songs from their powerful new record Death Song.

Since forming in Austin in 2004, The Black Angels have become standard-bearers for modern psych-rock, and the New York Times has said they “play psychedelic rock as if the 1960s never ended, and they are absolute masters of it.” The band’s 2010 breakthrough Phosphene Dream launched the Austin collective onto the world stage.

Death Song is the psych rock masters’ first full-length release in four years. NPR raves, “The Black Angels have delivered an enormous and frighteningly timely fifth album full of uniquely trippy anthems to oblivion.” Written and recorded in large part during the recent election cycle, the music serves as part protest, part emotional catharsis in a climate dominated by division, anxiety and unease. Classic Rock says Death Song “is their heaviest to date, a toxic draught of garage- rock and booming psychedelia that buzzes with echo and reverb,” while A.V. Club claims “confirms there’s no end to the kinds of hurt and frustration that can be channeled into its cathartic music.”


The Prodigal Sun
Half Believing
Comanche Moon aka Waterloo


The Black Angels
Alex Maas - vocals, keyboards, bass
Christian Bland - guitar, bass, vocals
Kyle Hunt - guitar, bass, keyboards
Stephanie Bailey - drums
Jake Garcia - guitar, bass

MP3@320, 64MB, 23 Minutes
Get It Here

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters - Austin City Limits 2016, Audio Rip

I ripped this from my DVR this morning. Dang fine rendition of "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" clocking in at over 10 minutes...Artwork and ACL info included. Enjoy!

Enjoy new classics and fan favorites from music icon Robert Plant. The British superstar sings classics from the catalogs of Led Zeppelin, the blues canon and his solo Americana albums.


Lemon Song
Black Dog
Turn It Up
In the Mood
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
Little Maggie
I Just Want to Make Love to You/Whole Lotta Love


Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters
Robert Plant - vocals, tambourine, bendir
Justin Adams - guitar, bendir, tehardant
John Baggott - keyboards, Moog bass, piano, percussion
Juldeh Camara - kologo, ritti, vocals
Billy Fuller - bass, upright bass
Dave Smith - drums, percussion, bendir
Liam "Skin" Tyson - guitars, banjo

MP3@320, 50:55, 124MB
Get It Here

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Alejandro Escovedo – Austin City Limits [2016] Audio Rip

Short and sweet kick-ass set with guitarist Peter Buck (R.E.M.), bassist Scott McCaughey (R.E.M. The Minus 5), lead guitarist Kurt Bloch (the Fastbacks), drummer John Moen (The Decemberists) and singer Kelly Hogan (Neko Case)

Heartbeat Smile
Sunday Morning Feeling
Beauty and the Buzz
Suit of Lights
Thought I’d Let You Know

MP3@320, 27 Minutes


Thursday, January 19, 2017

CYNDI LAUPER – Austin City Limits, Audio Rip [Air Date 01-15-2017]

Fresh off my DVR to you. Pics and Info included. Enjoy!
Funnel of Love
She Bop
I Drove All Night
End of the World
Cowboy Sweetheart
Money Changes Everything
Misty Blue
Time After Time
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
True Colors

Thursday, October 20, 2016

CATERWAUL - The Nature Of Things, 1987 [Needle Drop]

I put in a request a few weeks ago for this album at Willard's. No one it seems has it to share, so I purchased it and ripped it today.
 Seems to be fairly obscure. Think of Romeo Void meets The Cult. That's my take anyway. Betsy Martin on vocals seems to have quite the following on the web. Fine, so called 'Alternative Rock' from the 80's. 

A1 A Flower And A Stone     4:04
A2 Yonder, A Honey Sky     3:01
A3 Moth To Rust     3:46
A4 Cinnamon Color Of My Heart     3:24
A5 Tickled Whale     3:22
B1 Way Beyond     4:35
B2 Hence The Hangover     4:07
B3 Butter And Eggs     3:45
B4 Maeven     4:57
B5 Diminutive Do Se Do     3:16

    Bass – Fred Cross
    Drums – Kevin Pinnt
    Engineer – Joe Carrao
    Guitar, Mandolin – Mark Schafer
    Producer – Caterwaul

    Vocals, Mandolin – Betsy Martin

 3 more vinyl rips can be found at downunderground's blog. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

MP3@320, 37:50, 87MB
Get it Here

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

George Thorogood Live At The Cellar Door 07-27-78 WHFS Re-Broadcast

I received an eMail requesting this fine recording be upgraded to FLAC.
Recorded by me, from WHFS 102.3 FM Bethesda MD, on a TDK AD-C120 cassette tape using my trusty Pioneer 3 head CT-F1000 Cassette Deck and Pioneer SX-980 receiver. Go HERE to the original post and search the comments for 3 new FLAC links (Zippy).

UPDATE 07-29-2016

New FLAC Links:
ftuvpio contacted me for FLAC files. I sent them to him and he fixed the various errors and incorrect tracking. Added some info and updated the artwork. Enjoy.

What This Is All About

I've been collecting live music from various sources since the mid to late 70's. Radio shows, TV broadcasts, radio show pre-FM CD's and vinyl LP's and some trades. Most of the shows posted here, I recorded and ripped myself. I always had top of the line stereo equipment and cassette and open reel recorders for those on air broadcasts.

I've downloaded plenty of bootlegged concerts from various blogs. As a rule I will only post stuff from my collection and not what is already available out there.

I also post out of print CDs and LPs from my collection.
I will repost from my readers anything someone sends me as long as it is either out of print or something that's not from someone else's blog. If you want to share a link for a cool item on your blog, or someone else's, please feel free to post it in the comments........

Enjoy and please leave a comment and pass this blog along.

Can you believe that so many out there are starving for the old WHFS? Amazing!

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