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Stone Temple Pilots: Westwood One Show #96-29 For Broadcast The Week Of July 15, 1996

This is a rip from my Pre-FM CD of STP, Westwood One Radio Show #96-29 For Broadcast The Week Of July 15,1988. Live from The Centrum in Worcester, MA. See attached image for playlist. Commercials omitted. Sweet!

70MB, MP3@320, 36 Minutes

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Golden Palominos: A History (1986-1989)

This is a great introduction for those folks out there not familiar with the Golden Palominos. A band made familiar to me by WHFS.

1. I've Been The One
2. Something Becomes Nothing
3. The Push And The Shove
4. (Something Else Is) Working Harder
5. Angels
6. Diamond
7. Faithless Heart
8. Work Was New
9. Strong, Simple Silences
10. Wild River
11. Shattered Image
12. Angel Of Death
13. Lucky
14. Darklands
15. A Letter Back

MP3@320, 146MB, 74 Minutes

Biography by Jason Ankeny (AMG) All Music Guide
The Golden Palominos were not a group per se, but rather the revolving-door project of drummer, programmer, and bandleader Anton Fier. Born June 20, 1956, in Cleveland, OH, Fier first made his mark as the drummer on the Feelies' seminal 1980 debut Crazy Rhythms. After leaving the group, he joined the punk-jazz unit the Lounge Lizards before returning home to Cleveland, where he was recruited by the legendary new wave band Pere Ubu for the album Song of the Bailing Man.

After exiting Ubu, Fier again relocated to downtown New York City, where he founded the first Golden Palominos lineup in 1981. In its primary live incarnation, the band was an avant-funk supergroup comprised of Fier and another drummer, David Moss, saxophonist John Zorn, guitarist Arto Lindsay, and a pair of bassists, Bill Laswell and Jamaaladeen Tacuma; on their self-titled 1983 debut, the Palominos were augmented by Fred Frith, Nicky Skopelitis and Mark Miller.

Over the next few years, Fier moved away from the first record's experimental noise into far more traditional pop territory; simultaneously, he largely jettisoned the first album's lineup in favor of an ever-changing collection of punk legends, post-punk superstars, up-and-comers, and N.Y.C.-scene vets. After enlisting ex-Raybeat Jody Harris to help him co-write much of the music, Fier recruited vocalists ranging from R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and Cream's Jack Bruce to PIL's John Lydon and newcomer Syd Straw; rounded out by musicians like former dB Chris Stamey, guitar greats Richard Thompson, and Henry Kaiser, and P-Funk alumni Bernie Worrell and Mike Hampton, the revamped Golden Palominos reached an early peak with 1985's Visons of Excess, a diverse yet cogent collection highlighted by a cover of Moby Grape's "Omaha" and the original "Boy (Go)."

With 1986's Blast of Silence, the group flirted with elements of country and folk; while Stipe and Lydon were noticeably absent, many of the other players featured on Visions of Excess remained, along with new additions including guitarist T-Bone Burnett, Numbers Band singer Robert Kidney, artist/producer Don Dixon, singer/songwriter Peter Blegvad, Matthew Sweet and Flying Burrito Brothers alum Sneaky Pete Kleinow. On 1989's moody A Dead Horse, Fier again shifted gears, settling on a constant lineup of Laswell, Skopelitis, Kidney, and ex-Information Society vocalist Amanda Kramer along with a handful of guests, including former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor.

1991's Drunk With Passion returned to the all-star format; Stipe and Thompson again rejoined the fold, welcoming newcomers like Sugar's Bob Mould. This Is How It Feels, a sophisticated concept album inspired by the Graham Greene novel The End of the Road followed in 1993; along with core members like Laswell, Skopelitis, Worrell, and Kramer, the record spotlighted vocalists Lori Carson and Lydia Kavanaugh as well as bass great Bootsy Collins. 1994's Pure featured many of the same principal players, while 1996's Dead Inside, essentially from a trio comprised of Fier, ex-Psychedelic Furs guitarist Knox Chandler, and vocalist/lyricist Nicole Blackman, explored electronic and ambient soundscapes. Dead Inside would be the final album by the Golden Palominos with various compilations being the only additions to the discography.

Syd Straw- War and Peace

Here is a Syd Straw CD from my collection. A truly fine album from one of the great vocalists from the awesome band The Golden Palominos. The review from Amazon below is spot on. Enjoy!

One of my recurring fantasies is imagining Syd Straw in the no-rules wrestling ring with Alanis Morissette, Shirley Manson, and Sheryl Crow, wiping the floor with their self-important butts and showing them how a real woman makes hard-rockin' art out of her relationship woes. Never easily pigeonholed or tied down, singer, songwriter, and wandering spirit Straw wound up living in Chicago, recording her category-defying sounds in Missouri, and putting them out on the Nashville-based Capricorn Records. But the label that made Southern rock famous was as unlikely home, and War and Peace never connected with either the modern-rock or roots-rock crowds that it should have appealed to. Poignant, passionate, it's powered by the world's greatest garage band, the Skeletons. It's also filled with songs such as "The Toughest Girl In the World" (a moving declaration that Straw is anything but), "CBGB's" (a tale of a one-night stand that began at the infamous punk club), and the love-lost ballad "All Things Change. " They're unforgettable-just like Straw herself. Jim Derogatis

1. The Toughest Girl In The World
2. Million Miles
3. Time Has Done This
4. Love And The Lack Of It
6. All Things Change
7. Madrid
8. Almost As Blue
9. Water, Please
10. X-Ray
11. Howl
12. Static
13. Black Squirrel
14. The Train That Takes You Away...

Vocalist, singer/songwriter, and guitarist Syd Straw first made a name for herself as part of the Golden Palominos, a band led by Anton Fier that enjoyed a cult following in the 1980s. Her Capricorn Records debut, War and Peace, was released in 1996, and since then her unique blend of folk-rock and blues-rock have found a home with Triple A (adult album alternative) radio stations and their audiences around the country. Straw has only one other solo album, Surprise, released in 1990 to good reviews. That recording chronicled Straw's emergence as a songwriter, which as she had thought of herself primarily as a song interpreter before that. On Surprise, Straw was joined by Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), John Doe (X), Ry Cooder, Daniel Lanois, Don Was, Richard Thompson and Marshall Crenshaw.

Straw was raised in Los Angeles, the daughter of Hollywood film and TV actor Jack Straw, best known for his starring role in The Pajama Game. She was drawn to a life as a performer, and after high school, she headed straight for Manhattan, arriving in New York in 1978. Shortly after that, she landed her first job singing harmonies for Pat Benatar, and later joined the Golden Palominos' ever-changing lineup, which also included Michael Stipe and Matthew Sweet. Straw can be heard on the Palominos' Visions Of Excess and Blast of Silence albums. She also toured the U.S. and Europe with the band, performing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival one year.

In the midst of promoting and touring for War and Peace, Straw has kept up her profile as a scenemaker, sitting in at clubs and lending her gifted musical sensibilities to records by Vic Chesnutt, Wilco, Rickie Lee Jones, David Sanborn and Evan Dando. A version of her song "Howl,'' served as the title cut for a film by Eric Stoltz, Sleep With Me. Straw was the first female singer signed by Capricorn, a roots-rock and blues label now based in Nashville. On War and Peace, she's accompanied by a gifted bar band from Missouri, Lou Whitney and the Skeletons, and she recorded the album without a lot of extras at their studio off Route 66 in Springfield, Mo. On the album, Straw addresses themes ranging love and the lack of it on a track by the same name, "Love and the Lack of It,'' as well as loneliness, as on "All Things Change.''

Although Straw may only have two albums out, she's an enormously gifted vocalist and songwriter who has her own distinct musical vision, as evidenced on her self-produced War and Peace. That vision is a rootsy one, with lots of country and blues influences. Her 14 originals on the record prove it. Although she didn't set out to, she also plays rhythm guitar on many of the tracks on the album. Straw says with the biography accompanying War and Peace that she doesn't see the album as a "comeback'' at all, "because things have been constantly busy and changing for me since Surprise came out. But I really threw myself into the new record in a way that I haven't been inspired to do for a long time.'' Great records and a wider following are in the offing for this unique, multi-genre vocalist and songwriter. ~ Richard Skelly, All Music Guide


Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Big D.C. Jamboree Vol. 3

Here's a great compilation CD of Washington Area artists featuring lot's of Rock-a-Billy tunes. Good luck finding this CD, but try tracking down some of the artists and go see them or buy their music! It's another gem from my collection I'm sharing with my fellow music lovers. Click any of the images to enlarge...Enjoy!

84MB, WMA 9.1 VBR, 74 Minutes

Tribute to Judas Priest- Legends of Metal

I love this Tribute to Judas Priest- Legends of Metal CD. It's from my collection and I have had it for at least ten years. What can I say. I grew up on Hard Rock from the 70's and always get a kick out of this CD.

1. The Hellion/Electric Eye - Helloween
2. Rapid Fire - Testament
3. Saints In Hell - Fates Warning
4. The Ripper - Mercyful Fate
5. Exciter - Strapping Young Lad
6. Burnin' Up - Doom Squad
7. Love Bites - Nevermore
8. Tyrant - Overkill
9. Grinder - Kreator
10. The Ripper - Iced Earth

31MB, WMA VBR, 42 Minutes

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The The, Hanky Panky

Speaking of Tribute Albums...This tribute CD from The The is THE Shit!
When I popped this CD into the listening station at CDepot in College Park, MD a few years back, I was like OMFG! This thing completey F'n rawks! It's short but man it kicks major butt!

1. Honky Tonkin' 3:37
2. Six More Miles 0:58
3. My Heart Would Know 3:31
4. If You'll Be A Baby To Me 1:02
5. I'm A Long Gone Daddy 4:40
6. Weary Blues From Waitin' 2:47
7. I Saw The Light 2:39
8. You're Cheatin' Heart 3:43
9. I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind 2:58
10. There's A Tear In My Beer 3:23
11. I Can't Escape From You 4:16

34Mb, WMA VBR, 34 Minutes

get it

Sweet Relief- A Benefit for Victoria Williams

This is one of my first "Tribute" albums and it is one of my favorites. Most everyone on here are some of my favorite artists. I know a lot of folks don't care for tribute albums, but I like 'em. Different takes, on old favorites.'s "Sweet Relief", 'A Benefit For Victoria Williams'.

1. Summer of Drugs- Soul Asylum 4:08
2. Main Roads- Lucinda Williams 3:12
3. Crazy Mary- Pearl Jam 5:40
4. Merry Go Round- Buffalo Tom 3:11
5. Weeds- Michael Penn 3:50
6. Animal Wild- Shudder To Think 2:26
7. Tarbelly And Featherfoot- Lou Reed 3:18
8. Opelousas- Maria McKee 3:56
9. This Moment- Matthew Sweet 4:47
10. Frying Pan- Evan Dando Of Lemonheads 3:11
11. Lights- The Jayhawks 5:27
12. Why Look At The Moon- The Waterboys 2:16
13. Big Fish- Giant Sand 4:15
14. Holy Spirit- Michelle Shocked

106MB, MP3@320, 55 Minutes

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Last WHFS Tapes From Bob, CD 17

This is the last post of classic WHFS shared by Bob. It has several tapes of the "Last Day" of July 14th 1983. And several tapes from 1983 and 1984 post Bethesda.

CD17 Part 1, 231MB, MP3@160

CD17 Part 2, 315MB, MP3@160

What This Is All About

I've been collecting live music from various sources since the mid to late 70's. Radio shows, TV broadcasts, radio show pre-FM CD's and vinyl LP's and some trades. Most of the shows posted here, I recorded and ripped myself. I always had top of the line stereo equipment and cassette and open reel recorders for those on air broadcasts.

I've downloaded plenty of bootlegged concerts from various blogs. As a rule I will only post stuff from my collection and not what is already available out there.

I also post out of print CDs and LPs from my collection.
I will repost from my readers anything someone sends me as long as it is either out of print or something that's not from someone else's blog. If you want to share a link for a cool item on your blog, or someone else's, please feel free to post it in the comments........

Enjoy and please leave a comment and pass this blog along.

Can you believe that so many out there are starving for the old WHFS? Amazing!

If you leave a comment, how about using a nickname instead of Anonymous. At least make up something please. Thanks!

I have reconsidered my position...and will re-upload dead links, so long as you go to that particular post and make the request from the comments page...

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