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George Thorogood Live at the Cellar Door 02-19-1979 WHFS 102.3 FM

This here Gem is from a live on the air broadcast of George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers from the Cellar Door in DC.

Broadcast live on WHFS 102.3 FM Bethesda, MD on FEB 19 1979.

Whatever you think about George these days, back in the day he was BAD TO THE BONE. This concert is the best, IMHO, recording of George I've ever heard. Download this even if you're just a casual fan. It won't dissapoint! George and the Delaware Destroyers were friends with Jimmy Thackery and the Nighthawks. The Destroyers and the Nighthawks happened to be playing shows in Georgetown (DC) at venues across the street from each other. The Destroyers were playing at The Cellar Door, the Nighthawks at Desperados. At midnight, by prior arrangement, while both bands played the same song ("Madison Blues") in the same key (E), George and Jimmy left their clubs, met in the middle of M street, exchanged guitar cables and went on to play with the opposing band. You can clearly hear Jimmy Thackery plug in his guitar, and Jam with the Destroyers.

01 Wanted

02 Ride on Josephine

03 Cocaine Blues

04 One Bourban, One Scotch, One Beer

05 It Wasn't Me

06 Madison Blues

07 I Grew Up With The Rock n Roll

08 Can't Stop Lovin'

09 No Particular Place To Go

10 Johnny B Goode

This was taped by me, live, on a TDK AD-C120 cassette tape using my trusty Pioneer 3 head CT-F1000 Cassette Deck.

WMA VBR, 72 Minutes

Krank this one!

Here's a CD cover sent to me via my email address...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Joe Jackson Live at the Bayou in DC 7-12-79 WHFS

This is a live show Joe Jackson did from the Bayou in Washington DC.
Broadcast live on WHFS 102.3 FM Bethesda, MD on July 12, 1979.
Taped by me on a Maxell UD120 Tape.
Recorded on My Pioneer CT-F1000 Tape Deck.
(There is no track one)
02 - One More Time
03 - Pretty Girls
04 - Look Sharp
05 - Geraldine & John
06 - Sunday Papers
07 - Stick Around
08 - Friday
09 - Fools In Love
10 - Is She Really Going Out With Him
11 - Happy Loving Couples
12 - I'm The Man
13 - Throw It Away
14 - Audience Ramble
15 - Still Got The Time
16 - Pressure Drop
17 - Come On
18 - Ain't That A Shame
WMA 9.1 64kps CBR
Really fine show....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Joe Jackson In Concert Westwood One WHFS

This is a rip from a TDK AD60 tape from my personal collection.

Recorded from WHFS 99.1FM Annapolis, MD on April 18 1991.

I have no idea when the concert was or where....

Sounds great though!

WMA 9.1 CBR @ 96kps

1. Breaking us In Two

2. Fools In Love

3. It's Different For Girls

4. Steppin' Out

5. Is She Really Going Out With Him

Joe Jackson was born on August 11, 1954, in Burton-on-Trent, England, but grew up in the South Coast naval port town of Portsmouth. An awkward, skinny, asthmatic child, he joined a violin class (aged 11) in order to escape from school sports, and soon fell in love with music. He claims that this saved his life. Pretty soon Joe switched to piano and started to compose. His teenage musical hero was Beethoven, but he also loved jazz and rock, and by age 16 he was playing piano gigs, trying to entertain drunken sailors and skinheads in local pubs, or diners in a Greek restaurant. By age 18, he was playing clubs, discos and naval bases in bands with embarassing haircuts and embarassing names ('Edward Bear,' 'The Misty Set'). He also won a scholarship to study Composition at London's Royal Academy of Music. In London, Jackson broadened his horizons further, collaborating on a Fringe theatre production called 'Schoolgirl Slaves of Soho' and playing piano in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. But he became disillusioned with the Academy and the prospects for a 'serious' composer, and plunged into the rock world, notably in the proto-punk band Arms and Legs, which self-destructed after releasing two unsuccessful singles. Jackson then spent a year and a half on the cabaret circuit (including a stint as Playboy Club pianist) in order to raise money to make demos and launch his own band. In the summer of 1978 those demos were heard by producer David Kershenbaum, who got Joe signed to A&M Records. The debut album, LOOK SHARP, was recorded right away, but not released until 1979, to be followed in the same year by I'M THE MAN, and in 1980 by BEAT CRAZY. The Joe Jackson Band were wildly successful and toured constantly for three years, getting up to all the usual mischief. After the breakup of that band, Jackson took a 'vacation' from his own music and made an album of old jump-blues and swing tunes, JUMPIN' JIVE. He then returned to songwriting with a style which was both more sophisticated and truer to his eclectic roots, and the next decade saw him constantly pushing the pop envelope without ever actually abandoning it. Joe recorded and toured throughout the 80s, releasing NIGHT AND DAY (1982), BODY AND SOUL (1984), BIG WORLD (1986) and BLAZE OF GLORY (1989). He also started to diversify into other areas, notably film scores, of which MIKE'S MURDER (1983) and Francis Ford Coppola's TUCKER (1988) were released by A&M. There was also an album of instrumental compositions, WILL POWER (1987) and the double album LIVE 1980-86, which contained many new versions of older songs. In 1991 Jackson signed to Virgin Records and made his last truly mainstream pop/rock album, LAUGHTER AND LUST. After a world tour which left him exhausted and in danger of 'just going through the motions', Joe took a couple of years off to re-think. The result was NIGHT MUSIC (1994), a gentle, soul-searching record and an artistic breakthrough. The pop envelope had been torn apart. Joe now describes himself as 'retired from the pop world . . . not so much in a musical sense, because I'll still write songs and everything I do will have pop elements. But I'm just not playing by the rules of the pop world any more, not thinking in terms of singles or charts or airplay or competing with anyone.' As a result, Joe says he is 'working with more freedom and enthusiasm than I've felt in years.' Joe's next album, HEAVEN AND HELL (1997) was released in an innovative new partnership with Sony Classical. This was followed in 1999 by the non-traditional, non-orchestral SYMPHONY NO. 1, and his debut as an author, A CURE FOR GRAVITY, a 'book about music thinly disguised as a memoir'. Joe has since then created his own label, MANTICORE, in association with Sony. Its first release was SUMMER IN THE CITY, featuring new versions of old songs and covers recorded live in New York. Jackson's next release will be NIGHT AND DAY II, a sequel to his classic 1982 album. Joe Jackson lives mostly in New York City but escapes regularly to a house in his home town of Portsmouth. I saw Joe play his home town of Portsmouth last week and the show was absolutely stunning. Of course the encore was his own song, 'Home Town,' which I once had the privilege to discuss with him as we judged a song contest in Portsmouth. The original band (Dave Houghton on drums, Gary Standing on guitar and Graham Maby on bass) is looking as sharp as ever and they can still show the kids how to play the punk rock of 25 years ago. The man's a genius and he knows good musicians when he sees them.Yours sincerely,Greg Watkins

Lucinda Williams & Elvis Costello, CMT Crossroads

Here's a short but sweet live set of Lucinda Williams & Elvis Costello, on CMT Crossroads.

01 - Changed The Locks

02 - Drunken Angel

03 - Indoor Fireworks

04 - Crescent City

05 - Wild Horses

06 - Blue

07 - Poisoned Rose

track 2 has been restored

57MB, MP3@320, 27 Minutes

Lucinda Williams and Elvis Costello hardly qualify as mainstream country artists, but each has absorbed traditional Southern music, written country songs and had a long affinity with Nashville. The stars of the debut episode sing two duets, Costello's "Poisoned Rose" and a fiery version of Williams' "Changed the Locks." They provide backing vocals for each other on four songs -- including a Rolling Stones cover -- and Williams' road band plays throughout.Williams, a native of Louisiana who lived in Nashville for several years, is an outsider on Music Row and mainstream country radio. However, she commands the highest respect in roots and rock music circles, and a handful of country artists have recorded her songs. Emmylou Harris has long championed Williams, recording "Crescent City" and "Sweet Old World." Mary Chapin Carpenter recorded "Passionate Kisses," earning Williams a Grammy for best country song in 1993. As a recording artist, Williams won the Grammy for best contemporary folk album for 1998's Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Upon the album's release, Rolling Stone called Williams "America's greatest songwriter" and described Car Wheels on a Gravel Road as a "masterpiece" and "heartbroken country classic."Based in Ireland by way of England, Costello emerged as a chief songwriting voice of the late '70s punk and new wave explosion. He quickly shed that tag, though, and evolved into a songwriting icon in the pop field. He is revered as one of the most innovative and influential songwriters since Bob Dylan.In 1981, Costello recorded Almost Blue in Nashville with legendary country producer Billy Sherrill. The album features Costello interpreting songs by Hank Williams, Don Gibson, Gram Parsons, Charlie Rich and other country greats. His version of George Jones' "Good Year for the Roses," from the same album, was a hit record in England.

New Link

Maria Mckee, Manchester University, UK March 23 1991

Excellent Quality Show.

I got this CD and others from an old MM forum years ago.

WMA 9.1 CBR @ 96KPS


Maria Mckee, Club Logo, Hamburg Germany 1993

Very nice set From Club Logo in Germany 1993

WMA 9.1 CBR @ 96kps

Excellent Quality, Excellent Show.


Corrected link for Hamburg:

Maria Mckee Philadelphia, PA March 22 1996

From the "Life Is Sweet Tour"

I saw this tour at the 9:30 Club in D.C.

This one rocks!

Excellent quality and Excellent show.

Artwork Included

WMA 9.1 CBR @ 96kps

Turn it up or turn it off!

Maria McKee Club Quattro Osaka, Japan 1994

A fine show back in 1994 of Maria Mckee at Club Quattro Osaka, Japan

Both Club Quattro CD's 02-17-1994

Artwork included

WMA 9.1 CBR @ 96kps

Lucinda Williams, Palms Playhouse, Davis 09-30-1992

Just back from the Lucinda Williams Concert at Wolf Trap Farm Park in Vienna, VA and thought I would post an excellent show from 1992.

As always Lucinda puts on a fine show.

4th row tonight...Sweet!


Any Lucinda fans out there?

Lucinda Williams & Kasey Chambers PBS's Soundstage July 2003

A few years back Kasey opened up for Lucinda at Wolftrap. I was blown away. A must have for any Country-Rock Fan.
Here's a good audio rip from PBS's Soundstage July 2003.
Excellent quality.

New Link in comments

Jonny Lang WESTWOOD ONE SHOW #97-31

Here's a live show from a Westwood One Radio Show CD I own.

Pre FM Broadcast of course.

1. Stomp

2. Love Me Tonight

3. Obodaedous

4. The Only Way

5 Cross The Line

6. Rack 'Em Up

7. Lie To Me

Jonny Lang Ft Worth Tx 01-08-1999

Here's an awesome sounding show and performance from Jonny Lang.

Quality most likely soundboard, perhaps FM broadcast.

Bought this CDR off of e-prey a few years back.



Jonny Lang Live At Red Rocks August 18-1998

This is a decent (IMHO) audience recording of Jonny Lang Live At Red Rocks August 18-1998. What lacks in quality is more than made up for in this serious kick ass show.Well worth the download.


No track list, but most fans will know the tunes....

Joe Bonamassa Live At Sweet Carolines, Winchester, VA October 2006

Here's a boot that Joe gave me when I caught him at the Ramshead in Annapolis, MD in October 2006. It had been recorded a day or two prior to the Ramshead show.

Decent audience recording 8/10

WMA 9.1 64kps

Corey Stevens Live on Westwood One 1997 Pre FM

Here's a cool show From Corey Stevens ripped from a Westwood One CD

1. Richman's Woman

2. Blue Drops Of Rain

3. My Neighborhood

4. One More Time

5. It's Over

6. Voodoo Chile

WMA 9.1 CBR @ 96kps

Excellent Quality Sound and Show

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Westwood One 2-CD radio show Pre FM

Broadcast 10th July 2000 show # 00-31

Commercials Ommited

01 - Two Step, Tripping Billies

02 - So Much To Say, Too Much

03 - Ants Marching, Don't Drink The Water

04 - All Along The Watchtower

05 - Wherehouse

06 - Recently, What Would You Say

Pre FM Ripped from Westwood One CD's 1 and 2 Show # 00-31

WMA 9.1 VBR Quality 75 ABR = 186

Excellent Quality soundEnjoy!


Here's a sweet little set of live tunes from a Westwood One Radio Show called "Mick Fleetwood's Classics"

1. Almost Cut My Hair 5:12

2. Long Time Gone 5:16

3. Just A Song Before I Go 2:44

4. For What It's Worth 5:29

5. Wooden Ships 9:04

WMA 9.1 64kps CBR

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Budgie Vinyl Rips

Breaking All The House Rules
Who Do You Want For Your Love
I Can't See My Feelings
I Ain't No Mountain
Napoleon Bona - Part
OneNapoleon Bona - Part Two

Anne Neggen
If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules
You're Opening Doors
Quacktors And Bureaucats
Sky High Percentage
Heaven Knows Our Name
Black Velvet Stallion

In For The Kill
Crash Course In Brain Surgery
Wondering What Everyone Knows
Zoom Club
Hammer And Tongs
Running From My Soul
Living On Your Own
ABOUT BUDGIE (special thanks to Axel Thomas)Late 1967 in Cardiff, John Burke Shelley bass/lead vocals) met up with Raymond Phillips (drums) and guitarist Tony Bourge to form Budgie establishing a substantial following within the South Wales college and club circuit.After a journalist commented Budgie's sound was more akin to a 'Six Ton' Budgie, their name became as heavyweight as their delivery. In 1970, Roger Bain was impressed by their raw energy and promise and via his company 'Hummingbird Productions', Dave Howels from MCA signed the band. Budgie were now back as Budgie with a five album deal.Many claim The MCA albums were arguably their finest work, with openers Budgie and Squawk providing the backbone of heavy riffs and melodic interludes which was to characterise the bands' style. Shelley's high-pitched vocals were first aired on the charmingly titled single 'Crash Course In Brain Surgery'. Their sense of humour was often reflected in their song titles, 'Hot As A Docker's Armpit' proving Budgie didn't take life too seriously. 1973's Never Turn Your Back On A Friend with its Roger Dean designed gatefold sleeve boasted some classic moments, from the thoughtful 11 minute epic 'Parents' to the blistering 'Breadfan', to be covered some 20 years later by Metallica. Ray Phillips departed in late '73. Pete Boot was brought in quickly to honour a Spanish touring schedule and record In For The Kill, Budgie's first to chart. Once Steve Williams on Drums stepped in, Budgie were once again in full flight. In 1975 we provided their fans with the astounding Bandolier, considered by many to be the pinnacle of their achievement. With additional Welsh guitarist Myf Issacs touring with the band, their stage sound was also fuller.Retrospectively a bad decision, their management elected to take a deal offered by A&M rather than re-sign with MCA. The more melodic If I Were Britannia I'd Waive The Rules followed, but it didn't chart. In 1977 Budgie re-located to Canada to crack the North American market and Impeckable became their most mainstream effort. In 1978 after the 'Hide Your Pussy' tour and Tony Bourge quit.Back in Britain Budgie enlisted Rob Kendrick (ex-Trapeze) and flew out to Texas, a trip paid for by Don Smith who would later produce their final album. In 1979 John Thomas repleced Rob on Guitar. An ex-George Hatcher player, "JT" injected the band with a new lease of life. Signing to RCA, their momentum was accelerated by the birth of NWOBHM which lead many younger rock fans to discover their back catalogue. In the next 3 years, Budgie released an EP, 3 albums (Power Supply / Nightflight / Deliver Us From Evil), headlined the Reading Festival and took Poland by storm.Budgie's next album was a brave commercial attempt with Lindsay Bridgewater on keyboards. Incredibly, 1983 saw the band without a record deal and without a live album to encapsulate their stage delivery. They soldiered on until our last gig in 1988 with Jim Simpson (ex-UFO), Williams having departed in late '86.Interest in Budgie continued as Iron Maiden, Soundgarden and Metallica covered songs and all their LPs became available on CD. In 1995, Shelley re-formed Budgie with Thomas and Robert 'Congo' Jones (ex-Love Sculpture) to headline the San Antonio music festival in front of 25,000 screaming Texans. Again, thanks to promoter Bill Lee, they returned to Texas in 1996 for another one-off show to celebrate 25 years since their first album.A lavish double CD anthology, An Ecstacy Of Fumbling came out in 1996. Via New Millennium Communications, a double live CD We Came, We Saw featuring the entire Reading Festival Performances from 1980 and 1982 was released. To be fair, this material should have come out as a live album at the time of their popularity in the early 80's.1997 and 1998 was a period of inactivity touring wise, and many fans thought Burke had called it a day once more. However, Heavier Than Air was released, a double CD of rare live recordings spanning their career from 1972 to 1978. It gave fans the first official release of live guitar work by the hugely popular Tony Bourge.Thanks to promotion from Ray Cordell and Alan Howard and management from Paul Cox, Letchworth 1999 and featured their first UK live performance in 11 years and the return of Steve Williams on drums. This was a warm-up show for the annual rock festival held in Sweden, with Budgie headlining on 12th June 1999. The 80's classic reformed line-up then played San Antonio for the 3rd time in April 2000.Tragedy then struck with John Thomas suffering a cerebral aneurysm in June 2000. For a period, no one knew whether he would ever play guitar again. For those fans who were aware of John's illness, his return to the stage at the Legends of Welsh Rock was an emotional one. Budgie headlined this gig in Wales in September 2001. JT, whilst not back to 100% top form, played a great show considering the treatment and recuperation he'd gone through.At the start of 2002, Burke Shelley was in the mood to get back on the road once more and to engage the band into some serious touring. Andy Hart, a Birmingham based guitarist well known to JT was enlisted to replace JT. In 2002, Burke, Steve and Andy played over 30 dates, two of these being in the States. The show at San Antonio on 2nd August was recorded and released as a live CD entitled Life In San Antonio in November 2002. Due to commitments outside of Budgie, Andy Hart left the band in Feb 2003 to be replaced by Simon Lees who toured the US, Sweden, Holland, Poland and the UK with Budgie and also played on, and co wrote, much of the bands first studio album in over twenty years entitled You're All Living In Cuckoo Land.Simon left in July 2007 and will be sadly missed. His replacement is now being sort and, when the three man line up is fully reinstated, Budgie will once again be in full flight.

Livin' Blues Blue Breeze (1975) Vinyl Rip

Here's a vinyl rip from my collection of a great band LIVIN' BLUES
Shylina 5:38
Back Stage 5:54
Midnight Blues 3:18
Pisces 1:27
Bus 29 3:36
Blue Breeze 8:24
Pick Up On My Mojo 3:16
That Night 5:19
Black Jack Billy 3:42

Laughing Colors- What's So Funny?

Here's a great unknown band from the Baltimore area.


They put on a great show of retro 70's style of music, but not out of date or stale.
Very cool.
Give it a shot.

1. Intro 0:49
2. I 4:04
3. Cherry 4:19
4. Shadow Child 5:18
5. Stone of my Ways 2:31
6. Let Them Shine 4:09
7. 10,000 Miles 4:03
8. Down by the River 3:51
9. No Such Thing 2:44
10. Mercy 4:11
11. Youngstown 5:08
12. Where's My Pick 2:09
13. Autumn 5:32
14. The Uptown Trailer Park Funk Jam 4:24
15. Someday We'll Fly 5:24

WMA CBR, 58 Minutes

Download Here:

Official Website:


several bootlegs here

Backstreet Crawler, The Band Plays On

Here's a vinyl rip from my collection of Paul Kossoff's band,
Awesome guitarist from the band FREE.

Hoo Doo Woman
New York New York
Stealing My Way
It’s A Long Way Down To The Top
All The Girls Are Crazy
Jason Blue
Train Song
Rock & Roll Junkie
The Band Plays On

44 Minutes, WMA 9 28MB

New Link with last 2 songs added.
Download Here:


What This Is All About

I've been collecting live music from various sources since the mid to late 70's. Radio shows, TV broadcasts, radio show pre-FM CD's and vinyl LP's and some trades. Most of the shows posted here, I recorded and ripped myself. I always had top of the line stereo equipment and cassette and open reel recorders for those on air broadcasts.

I've downloaded plenty of bootlegged concerts from various blogs. As a rule I will only post stuff from my collection and not what is already available out there.

I also post out of print CDs and LPs from my collection.
I will repost from my readers anything someone sends me as long as it is either out of print or something that's not from someone else's blog. If you want to share a link for a cool item on your blog, or someone else's, please feel free to post it in the comments........

Enjoy and please leave a comment and pass this blog along.

Can you believe that so many out there are starving for the old WHFS? Amazing!

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