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Audio Rip From the 25th Montreux Music Festival

I'm not sure who aired this, but back in 1991 I taped this off the TV and this is an audio rip from that VHS HI-FI Tape. It's only 30 minutes in length, but the performance and sound is awesome.

"Nick Of Time" by Bonnie Raitt
"Tangled In The Dark" by Bonnie Raitt
"Love Came To Town" by BB King
"Allison" by Elvis Costello
"Every Breath You Take" by Sting

21MB, WMA 9.1 96kbps, 30 Minutes

CMT Crossroads, Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, Ryan Adams, Elton John

Compined together here are two shows from CMT Crossroads, Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett, and Ryan Adams and Elton John. Bonnie and Lyle is a logical paring, but Elton and Ryan? Yes, it actually works out very nice. Some really cool tunes performed here and the sound quality is 1st rate!

"If You Love Me Say I Love you" by Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette
"The Thing Called Love" by Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette
"My Baby Don't Tolerate" by Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette
"I Don't Want Anything To Change" by Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette
"Angel From Montgomery" by Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette
"If You Want A Do Right All Day Woman" by Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette
"Oh Girl" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"Daniel" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"Maybe Be Your Baby Tonight" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"Tiny Dancer" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"My Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"Sweet Daddy and Conversation" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"He'll Have To Go" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"Great Balls Of Fire" by Ryan Adams and Elton John
"Rocket man" by Ryan Adams and Elton John

52MB, WMA 9.1 VBR, 66 Minutes

Download Here:
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Elton, Adams Unite On 'cmt Crossroads'
Publication: Billboard
Date: Saturday, April 20 2002

At 8 p.m. ET/PT May 26, CMT will air its much-anticipated (and
once-postponed) CMT Crossroads featuring a joint performance by Elton John and Ryan Adams. The rock-meets-country concert series has the two artists playing such songs as John's "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" from 1972's Honky Chateau and Adams' "Oh My Sweet Carolina" from 2000's Heartbreaker.

During the taping of the show—which includes interview and behind-the-scenes footage—John said, "What really attracted me to Ryan's music was Heartbreaker. I saw an incredible review in Billboard ["Ryan Adams' Healing 'Heartbreaker,' " Music to My Ears, Billboard, Nov. 4, 2000] by Timothy White, who's the editor, and I thought, 'I've gotta check this out.' And I bought it, and I was completely and utterly floored by the simplicity and beauty of it." So he sent Adams a note.

"For the [1970] Elton John album," John added, "I got a similar kind of thing from George Harrison, saying 'Congratulations, loved the record.' As All Things Must Pass was going down the chart, mine was going up. It's always stuck with me that if you ever hear something you like from someone new, you should make an effort to go out of your way." Later in the taping (done April 2 at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House), John said songs such as "Carolina" inspired him "to go back to basics and do [Songs From the West Coast]."

By JOHN GEROME, Associated Press Writer
Fri Jan 6, 2:45 PM ET

Twenty years ago a lanky young country singer from Texas headed to Milwaukee to open a concert for a raspy-voiced blues rocker.

Lyle Lovett arrived a day early for the show with Bonnie Raitt and got a call in his hotel room.

"She and her road manager and the fellow playing bass guitar with her were all up in Bonnie's room playing cards, and they called me and said, `Hey, come on up. You want to play?'"

The two have been playing together ever since, even as their music and careers have veered in different directions.

They were in Nashville recently to tape an upcoming episode of the Country Music Television series "Crossroads," a show that pairs country singers with performers from other genres, usually rock and pop.

For Lovett, 48, and Raitt, 56, it was more a celebration of long roads than of crossroads.

"We've toured together many times with various bands and incarnations. We've seen each other through love affairs, breakups, many, many albums and here we are," Raitt reflected as they sat backstage.


Indeed, both have had remarkable longevity — Raitt since 1971 and Lovett since 1986. While Raitt is grounded in rock and Lovett in country, each incorporates blues, gospel, jazz and folk into their music.

When they first met and began touring, Lovett had just released his self-titled debut album and was being promoted by MCA/Curb as a mainstream country singer. The album produced three top 20 singles, including "Cowboy Man."

It was the closest he would come to the mainstream. By his second album, 1988's "Pontiac," Lovett, who writes most of his own songs, was experimenting with a jazzier, big-band sound, and country radio began to lose interest.

Raitt, on the other hand, was intrigued.

"He's an absolute original," she said. "I love his sensibilities in terms of how unique a point of view he has as a writer. He naturally brings in so many elements of music that I cling to, like blues and gospel and his kind of country and Texas music."

Despite scant radio airplay, Lovett, whose songs possess a wry, offbeat sense of humor, has had gold records and won Grammys, including one for best country album for 1996's "The Road to Ensenada."

He became a celebrity, perhaps reluctantly, when he married actress Julia Roberts in 1993. They met on the set of director Robert Altman's 1992 film, "The Player," the first of several movie appearances for Lovett. The marriage lasted about two years and drew intense publicity. To this day, Lovett won't discuss it in interviews.

Ironically, as Lovett was moving away from the mainstream, Raitt was moving toward it. For much of the 1970s and '80s, Raitt, the daughter of the late Broadway singer John Raitt, interpreted the classic blues of musical heroes like Robert Johnson and Sippie Wallace as well as contemporary songwriters such as John Prine.

With her soulful voice and raw, bluesy guitar playing, she became a cult favorite. Her albums sold modestly and she had a hit in 1977 with a remake of Del Shannon's "Runaway."

"I was a huge fan of Bonnie's before I'd even dreamed I'd ever get to go out and really play anywhere besides just around my home," Lovett said. "She had that effortless, powerful voice and that searing slide guitar."

She also was active in environmental and social issues, such as stopping the war in Central America, apartheid in South Africa and the spread of nuclear energy.

But by the mid-1980s, while battling alcoholism and lackluster sales, Raitt lost her contract with Warner Brothers Records.

She struggled a few years and sobered up before signing with Capitol Records for 1989's aptly titled "Nick of Time." The album teamed her with producer Don Was and took a more polished, pop sound. It shot to No. 1 and became the first in a string of hugely successful albums for her, yielding hits such as "Thing Called Love," "Something to Talk About," and the ballad "I Can't Make You Love Me."

In 1991 she married actor Michael O'Keefe; they divorced in 1999. She also won several Grammys and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.

As her commercial streak waned, Raitt continued releasing albums and lending her music to social causes. She and Lovett teamed in 2002 for her "Green Highway" tour to promote alternative energy sources. Lovett had to perform shows with a cast on his leg after being trampled by a bull on the family homestead where he still lives.

When CMT asked Raitt about doing "Crossroads" she didn't have to think much about a musical partner. (The show airs Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. EST.)

"Of all the people I would have chosen, he was the only one I felt a connection with," Raitt said.

Live8 from AOL 2005 Audio Rip 83 Tunes

It took forever, but I captured the audio from a shitload of Live8 videos that were streamed from AOL's website shortly after 2005's Live8 worlwide concert. I doubt I could have the patience to sit and do this kind of thing again. 83 it was tedious but enjoyable. Nice thing about this is no interruptions like what was broadcast, and no censored F bombs...Sound quality is quite good.

"Annie Lennox- Sweet Dreams"
"Audio Slave- Black Hole Sun"
"Blue Rodeo- Are You Ready"
"Blue Rodeo- Heart Like Mine"
"Blue Rodeo- Try"
"Bon Jovi- Have A Nice Day"
"Bon Jovi- It's My Life"
"Bon Jovi- Livin' On A Prayer"
"Brian Adams- Open Road"
"Brian Adams- This Side Of Paradise"
"Bruce Cockburn- Call It Democracy"
"Bruce Cockburn- Rocket Launcher"
"Bruce Cockburn- Waiting For A Miracle"
"Cold Play- Bittersweet Symphony"
"Cold Play- Fix You"
"Cold Play- In My Place"
"Dave Matthews- American Baby"
"Dave Matthews- Don't Drink The Water"
"Dave Matthews- Dream Girl"
"Dave Matthews- Too Much"
"Deep Purple- Highway Star"
"Deep Purple- Smoke On The Water"
"Def Leppard- No Matter What"
"Def Leppard- Pour Some Sugar On Me"
"Def Leppard- Rock Of Ages"
"Elton John- Children Of The Revoltion"
"Elton John- Saturday Nights Alright"
"Elton John- The Bitch Is Back"
"Green Day- American Idiot"
"Green Day- Holiday"
"Green Day- Minority"
"Jann Arden- Good Mother"
"Jann Arden- Where No One Knows Me"
"Jann Arden- Willing To Fall"
"Motley Crue- Dr. Feelgood"
"Motley Crue- Home Sweet Home"
"Motley Crue- Kick Start My Heart"
"Neil Young- Four Strong Winds"
"Neil Young- Rockin' In The Free World"
"Paul Mccartney- Drive My Car"
"Paul Mccartney- Get Back"
"Paul Mccartney- Helter Skelter"
"Paul Mccartney- The Long And Winding Road"
"Pink Floyd- Breath"
"Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb"
"Pink Floyd- Money"
"Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here"
"R.e.m.- Everybody Hurts"
"R.e.m.- Imitation Of Life"
"R.e.m.- Man On The Moon"
"Roxy Music- Do The Strand"
"Roxy Music- Jealous Guy"
"Roxy Music- Love Is The Drug"
"Roxy Music- Virginia Plain"
"Sarah Mclauchlin- Angel"
"Sarah Mclauchlin- Fallen"
"Sarah Mclauchlin- World On Fire"
"Snow Patrol- Chocolate"
"Snow Patrol- Run"
"Stereophonics- Bartender & The Thief"
"Stereophonics- Dakota"
"Stereophonics- Local Boy In The Photograph"
"Stereophonics- Superman"
"Stevie Wonder- Higher Ground"
"Sting- Driven To Tears"
"Sting- Every Breath You Take"
"Sting- Message In A Bottle"
"The Killers- All The Things I Have Done"
"The Who- Who Are You"
"The Who- Won't Get Fooled Again"
"Travis- Side"
"Travis- Sing"
"Travis- Why Does It Always Rain On Me"
"U2- Beautiful Day"
"U2- One"
"U2- Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"
"U2- Unchaned Melody"
"U2- Vetrigo"
"Ub40- Food For Thought"
"Ub40- Reasons"
"Ub40- Red Wine, Can't Help Falling In Love"
"Velvet Revolver- Do It For The Kids"
"Velvet Revolver- Fall To Pieces, Slither"

185MB, WMA 9.1 64kbps, 412 Minutes

Get It Here

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Dave Edmunds "Cheap Talk Patter & Jive" Bootleg CD

I got this CD from e-bay a couple of years back. It's been a while. Anyways, pretty good bootleg. Anything Rockpile related seems pretty popular here.

34MB, WMA 9.1 64kbs, 75 Minutes

Black Sabbath Vinyl Bootleg "Gr'ndlepole"

This is a vinyl rip of my Buddy Wizz's Black Sabbath Vinyl Bootleg "Gr'ndlepole". I recorded this a couple of years ago from his LP and there is virtually no information on it. The weird title means nothing to me, and I could find nothing on the web for it's meaning. It is from the early 70's and the sound is raw and excellent condsidering the era.

1. Home In The Sky
2. Snowblind
3. Killing Yourself To Live
4. War Pigs
5. Children Of The Grave

13.4MB, 30 Minutes, WMA 9.1 64kbps

Jonny Lang Live Cuts From Napster 32 Tunes

32 Tunes 176 Minutes of Jonny Lang taken fron Napster back in the day. This is 3 CD's worth of music, downloaded off Napster, burned to CD, then ripped to my hard drive. Quality is very good to excellent. Some volume differences between tracks. Heck of a collection.

1) "Still Rainin, (KFOG live From The Archives)" 5:22)
2) "The Levee (Live at the Bass Performance Hall)"4:30)
3) "A Quitter Never Wins, (Austin City Limits)"(7:11)
4) "Still Rainin' (Austin City Limits)"(5:31)
5) "There's Gotta Be A Change (Live)(6:13)
6) "Breakin Me (Austin City Limits)"(4:59)
7) "Breaking Me (Live Acoustic)(4:19)
8) "Gamblers Blues"(14:27)
9) "Lie To Me (Austin City Limits)"(4:15)
10) "When I Come To You"(4:58)
11) "Good Morning Little School Girl (Live)"(4:56)
12) "Second Guessing (The Tonight Show)"(4:12)
13) "Won't You Love Me Tonight"(5:27)
14) "A Quitter Never Wins"(7:08)
15) "Darker Side (Live)"(5:43)
16) "It's The Same Old Blues (Live 97)"(6:24)
17) "A Quitter Never Wins (Live At The Whitehouse)"(4:17)
18) "Breakin Me (Live In Brazil)"(5:23)
19) "If I can't Find My Baby (live 97)"(5:55)
20) "Nobody's Fault But Mine (live 97)"(3:15)
21) "Cross The Line (live)"(6:01)
22) "Home In The Blues (live)"(4:27)
23) "I Am"(5:33)
24) "Paint It Black"(3:34)
25) "If I can't Find My Baby (Live)"(9:39)
26) "Back For a Taste of Your Love (Live 97)"(6:58)
27) "If This Is Love"(2:57)
28) "Missing Your Love (Live)"(4:12)
29) "Tobacco Road w/Edgar Winter"(4:05)
30) "Matchbox"(3:29)
31) "Midnight Train"(5:21)
32) "Sign On The Door"(5:58)

80MB; WMA 9.1 64kbps; 176 Minutes

Robin Trower Live From Open Reel Circa 1978

This a short live radio broadcast, probably WWDC DC-101. I have no idea where or when the show took place, or if it's KBFH or whatever. It sounds great tho.

01 Too Rolling Stone
02 Smile
03 Fool And Me
04 Bridge Of Sighs

WMA 9.1 96kbps, 24 Minutes

Eight Prefab Sprout CD Singles

Here I am sharing my collection of Prefab Sprout CD Singles. Eight discs in all containg some unreleased and alternative and extended versions. 28 Tunes altogether.

This is how I discovered Prefab Sprout. I was totally into Thomas Dolby, Aliens Ate My Buick album and was thirsty for more. So I called Weasel at WHFS in Annapolis, MD USA(an extermely knowledgeable DJ) and asked him what else Mr Dolby was involved in. He hung up on me stating, he was running a contest and didn't have time. I was pissed, so when the contest was over, I called back and Weasel barked out something about Thomas Dolby produced some Prefab Sprout albums...WTF? Luckily he was right and I went out and purchased everything I could from Prefab Sprout.

Interesting fan website:

WMA 9.1 96kps; 79MB; 28 tunes

More WHFS Shared by Josh

Josh Wrote:
These two were actually taped at different times. Seven was in April and 8 was sometime towards the end of the summer. Mostly Weasel and Bob

Talking Heads; Randy Newman; Julie Brown; Police; X; Billy Bragg; Reckless Eric; The Who; Depeche Mode; Stevie Ray Vaughn; Pole Cats; Warren Zevon; New York Dolls; Little Feat; Flaming Groovies; Beatles; Dave Edmunds; ZZ Top; Clapton; Squeeze; The Strand; Marshall Crenshaw; Bangles

Donovan; Status Quo; Rain Parade; Lou Reed; Lloyd Cole; U2; Al Dimeola; REM; Robyn Hitchcock; Bob Weir; George Harrison; George Thorogood; Steve Miller Band; Del Fuegos; Marti Jones; Grateful Dead; Byrds; Husker Du


I'm guessing this is from 1985?
Thanks again for sharing Josh!

MP3 @128kbps; 171MB; 190 Minutes

THREE WHFS TAPES FROM 1977, 1980, 1983

The responses to my WHFS postings have been, quite frankly, very suprising. Instead of picking and choosing, I am going to post what I have from beginning to end, good or great, and in between. This post is for 3 tapes from WHFS. The 1977 and 1980 tape may dissapoint a bit because I ommited all DJ chatter and contains music only. In those days I wasn't thinking of preserving anything for nosatalgic reasons, just wanted some variety music to listen to in my VW van. The 1983 tape has commercials, news and PSAs. An interesting news item broadcast from UPI here is a piece on the future of banking, that one day believe it or not we could pay our bills from home on a personal computer. Pretty cool.

1977 TDK D90, 93 Minutes, unknown date
Roomful Of Blues, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters, The Doors, Jerry Lee Lewis, Robert Gordon, Blues Brothers, The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, Springsteen

1980 03-21-1980, TDK D60, 30 Minutes, Unknown DJ
The Stones, Little Feat, The Beatles, Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Little Feat, Neil Young

1983 Weasel 01-07-1983, Open Reel, 95 Minutes
Marshall Crenshaw, Buddy Holly, Dave Edmunds, Cowboy Jazz, Rockpile, Incredible Casuals, Eddie Cochran, NRBQ, T-Birds, Jimmy Reed, Huey Lewis, David Lindley, Beth Bride, Arthur Lee, Steve Stills, Dave Edmunds, Stray Cats, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, NRBQ, Switchblade, Joe King Carossco

154MB, WMA 9.1

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WHFS, Milo 01-07-1983 96 Minute Open Reel Tape

By request, sorta, is an Open Reel tape of WHFS DJ Milo from January 7 1983.

1) Placebo, Magazine, Robin Hitchcock, Agent Orange
2) Jah Wobble, Certain Ratio, David Holland
3) Depeche Mode, The Hicksons
4) The Weather, Commercials
5) The Jam, Joy Division, Modern English, The Fall
6) Concert Connection
7) The Shoes, X, The Havenots, Pere Ubu, Public Image, Mission of Burma

127MB, 96 Minutes, WMA 9.1 VBR

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Fabulous Thunderbirds Live At The Bayou, September 30 1979 WHFS Tape Archives

Here are The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Recorded Live At The Bayou in D.C., September 30 1979 , from the WHFS Tape Archives, broadcast on 01-16-1989. This is a good show of the T-birds I taped from WHFS. Recorded to CD then ripped to my hard drive today. Sound is excellent. Boogie Woogie full tilt Rock-n Roll!

Sony HF90 Cassette, MP3 320kbps, 155MB, 80 Minutes

Lone Justice "Cowpunk Adolescense", The Early Sessions and "Live At The Paradise Theatre 1985"

The great pics below were purchased off of e-bay several years back.

Here are a couple of Lone Justice CD's I received from the Little Diva fan website in the late 90's.
"Cowpunk Adolescense":

Early Demos 1983-84 Fan CD, distributed by the Little Diva Mailing List in the late 1990s. "The true sound of Lone Justice - these demos, some of which were probably recorded in late 1983 just after the band signed to Geffen, are what LJ were really about. They are obviously not demos for the debut album as they have a raw, unpolished quality that was (to a certain extent) expunged when recording for the album commenced in mid-1984 and the big-names were brought in to commercialise the band." Ex SBD stereo.

"Live At The Paradise Theatre 1985"

WMA 9.1 64kbps 50MB

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Maria Mckee CD EP and Single post and Songs from the Little Diva

Posted here is my collection of Maria McKee CD Singles and EP's that include alternate versions of her music. Included here are two CD's I got from the old MM fan website. Songs from the Little Diva (1987-1993) and (1992-1996). A collection of demos and outtakes.

Sweetest Child:
Sweetest Child (7" version)
Sweetest Child (full moon mix)
Accapella Sweetest Child
Sweetest Child (Trans Tribal Ritual Stomp)

Life is Sweet:
Sweetest Child (alternative version)
Panic Beach
I'm Awake

I Can't Make It Alone:
I Can't Make It Alone (LP version)
My Girlfriend Among The Outlaws (LP Version)
I Wish I Was Your Mother

I'm Gonna Soothe You:
I'm Gonna Soothe You (LP Version)
Why Wasn't I More Grateful (When Life Was Sweet) [LP Version]
This Thing (Don't Lead To Heaven)

I'm Gonna Soothe You:
I Can't Make It Alone (LP version)
If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) [Acoustic Demo Version]
Show Me Heaven (Acoustic Demo Version)

Absolutely Barking Stars
Absolutely Barking Stars
Her I Shred

This Perfect Dress
This Perfect Dress
Her I Shred

Show Me Heaven, "Days Of Thunder" Movie Soundtrack

Never Be You, "Streets Of Fire" Movie Soundtrack

Songs from the Little Diva (1987-1993)[Bootleg]
1) "A Good Heart" by Maria McKee (3:24)
2) "Promise You Anything" by Maria McKee (2:29)
3) "Much Too Good At Goodbye" by Maria McKee (3:55)
4) "Friends For A While" by Maria McKee (4:39)
5) "The Silver Age" by Maria McKee (3:53)
6) "He's Right On Time" by Maria McKee (2:12)
7) "Wading In The Water" by Maria McKee (2:51)
8) "Hold Me Master" by Maria McKee (2:16)
9) "Bring 'Em On In" by Maria McKee (3:24)
10) "A Real Life Story" by Maria McKee (4:12)
11) "Little Diva & Sugar Jones" by Maria McKee (3:44)
12) "Taxi" by Maria McKee (0:09)
13) "I've Got A Feeling" by Maria McKee (4:01)
14) "Over Me" by Maria McKee (4:11)
15) "Into The Mystic" by Maria McKee (2:56)
16) "Things I Shouldn't Do" by Maria McKee (4:09)
17) "Break It Up" by Maria McKee (3:26)
18) "Bending & Craving" by Maria McKee (2:53)
19) "Put It Off Until Tomorrow" by Maria McKee (2:52)
20) "Hickory Wind" by Maria McKee (3:38)
21) "I'll Be Your Shelter" by Maria McKee (4:33)
22) "I Need A Man" by Maria McKee (3:01)

Songs from the Little Diva (1992-1996) [Bootleg]
1) "The First Time" by Maria McKee (3:38)
2) "When You Were Mine" by Maria McKee (4:08)
3) "Pray For Me" by Maria McKee (3:30)
4) "My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy" by Maria McKee (4:22)
5) "My Old Flame" by Maria McKee (2:50)
6) "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" by Maria McKee (2:57)
7) "Out Of Left Field" by Maria McKee (3:24)
8) "Silver & Gold" by Maria McKee (4:21)
9) "Shake A Hand" by Maria McKee (3:31)
10) "Little Paperboy" by Maria McKee (3:20)
11) "Sister Anne" by Maria McKee (4:07)
12) "Amsterdam" by Maria McKee (2:30)
13) "Troubled Waters" by Maria McKee (1:18)
14) "New Pony" by Maria McKee (5:21)
15) "Anathema" by Maria McKee (3:59)
16) "Nothing Takes The Place Of You" by Maria McKee (3:36)
17) "Jupiter & Teardrop" by Maria McKee (5:12)
18) "Free Money" by Maria McKee (4:03)
19) "One Hand, One Heart" by Maria McKee (2:28)
20) "If You Were Still Around" by Maria McKee (3:04)

172MB WMA 9.1


Here is another WHFS Post shared again by Josh! Looks like an awesome set list for sure. I do remember the late Friday afternoon Party weekend rundown, but can't recall the artist Josh is looking for. If I recall I'll post it. In the meantime, can any HFS Heads help us out?
Having Josh share his HFS tapes form 1985 is a real treat for me. One of the reasons that I have posted so many from 1983, is (1) it was announced that WHFS @ 102.3FM would be closing down. And (2) I had a job with days off during the week, and would do some excellent taping in the morning and afternoon. In 1985 WHFS was now @ 99.1FM and broadcasting with 50k watts. That same year, I got a job working M-F 8:30-5:00 and that was it for me taping in the afternoon. I did have a portable Sony Boom box and listened to WHFS all day everyday. It wasn't surprising how many people I worked with never heard the station before. I did do a tape or two on my portable but the quality is not so hot.

Below is the e-mail from Josh:

"Some more HFS tunes from Spring '85 and another request for help

Weasel and Bob had a weekend set they played every Friday. It was:

Dave Edmunds-Here Comes the Weekend
Joe King Carrasco--Party Party Weekend

And a third tune:

Well I go to school from 9 to 3
Every chance I get
They try to teach me the golden rule
But I ain't learned nothing yet

Thanks God it's Friday
Lord, I'm here to say
Thank God it's Friday
Lord, it's been a long long day


Also on this:
Love Tractor
Thomas Dolby
Malcolm Mclaren
Lowell George
Wall of Voodoo
Talking Heads
The DBs
The Monks
The Elevators
Joe King Carrasco
Martha and the Muffins
Julie Brown
Aztec Camera
Lou Reed
Nick Lowe
The Bangles
The Who
Tears for Fears
T-Bone Burnett

Enjoy, more to come."

Thanks again Josh. This is a real treat for me and anyone else out there that remembers quality radio.
Now if I could only find my "Is There Music After WHFS T-shirt".

MP3 @128kbps, 4 files, 178MB, 195 Minutes

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'WHFS' 102.3FM and 99.1FM TWELVE TAPES FROM 1979, 1982, 1983 AND 1985

Another post of WHFS tapes I got in a trade from Bob.
Thanks again Bob!

654MB, MP3 @160kbps, 12 Files, 585 Minutes Total


This is the last of my WGBT tapes. One is an hour long Ampex open reel tape of the Hard Implosion Show from 1978. An hour of 70's hard rock-n-roll. The other is one side of a TDK D60 tape of fusion featuring Pat Metheny, Keith Jarret, John Ambercrombie, Brand X along with a rant about the then current Montgomery County police chief. Priceless. The 2nd cassette is one side of a TDK D60 tape with the following: Trooper, Gale Force, Noel Redding Band, Foreigner, Rory Gallegher

If only I had the funds to buy more blank tapes. But my money was at a premium in those days, so didn't tape as much as I would have wanted to. Whatever, it is what is.
Hope someone out there finds these archives interesting and will give them a listen and leave some feedback here.

WMA 9.1 3 folders 186MB

Rock 103 WXZL Annapolis Maryland, 9 Ninety Minute Tapes from 1994 Part 2

These are the rest of the Rock 103 WXZL tapes. As mentioned before...Progressive Underground Radio!

Tape 1
Melissa Etheridge, Genesis, STP, Traffic, Bruce Cockburn, Davin Byrne, Morphine, The Doors, The Band, Phish, jimi Hendrix, Bo Deans, Counting Crows

Tape 2
Firesign Theater, Nirvanna, Teardrop Explodes, Richard Thompson, Robin Hitchcock, Here Today, STP, Little Feat, Counting Crows, Jimmy Buffett, Faith No More, David Byrne, Deconstruction

Tape 3
Richard Thompson, Michael Penn, Peters Cathedral, Kelly Hunt, Jimmy Thackery, Ronnie Hawkins, The Paladins, Midnight Oil, Bruce Cockburn, Paul Westerburg, Debbie Davies, Joanna Conner

Tape 4
World Party, Bryan Ferry, The Stones, The Black Crows, Blues Brothers, Hendrix, Catfish Hodge, Canned Heat, Crack The Sky, Free Wheelers, Frank Zappa, SRV, Tom Pricipoto, Melissa Etheridge

Tape 5
Pavement, Jah Wobble, Sinead O'Conner, Juliena Hatfield, Eric Clapton, The Cramps, Buddy Holly, Flaming Lips, Frank Zappa, Butthole Surfers, Morphine, The Blasters, John Hiatt, House Of Freaks, R.E.M., The Germs, Johnny Thunders, The Tones, Jack O'Pearce, Mazzy Starr, Jefferson Airplane, Liz Phair, Richard Hell

Tape 6
The Posies, Gong, Pink Floyd, Jeffrey Gaines, Widespread Panic, Stephen Stills, STP, Drivin' and Cryin', NRBQ, Beat Farmers, Deanna Bogart, Kemper Van Beethoven, Timbuk2, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Subdudes, The Youngbloods, Jesse Colin Young, Frank Zappa

Tape 7
Timbuk3, Beck, Michael Peetack, Grant Lee Buffalo, The Band, Willie Deville, Clarence White, Suzanne Vega, Steve Miller, John Wobble, Neville Brothers, The Band, Ry Cooder, Subdudes, Blues Traveler, Big Head Todd, Van Morrison

Tape 8
Bovox Clown, Richard Thompson, Hot Tuna, Phil Manzenara, Screaming Trees, Collective Soul, Phish, Los Lobos, Canned Heat, Junk House, NRBQ, Stray Cats, Syl Sylvane

Tape 9
The Stones, Black Crows, Bo Deans, Gin Blossoms, Nirvana, Blues Traveler, Steve Miller, Midnight Oil, David Byrne, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Boingo, Ramones, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Blues Traveler, Jimmy Vaughan, Collective Soul, Melissa Etheridge, The Badlees, Rough Cut

541MB WMA 9.1 9 tapes

Rock 103 WXZL Annapolis Maryland, 9 Ninety Minute Tapes from 1994

WXZL was a hard rock-progressive station in Annapolis that was taken over by WRNR. WRNR Owner Jake Einstein was the owner of WHFS back in the day. Too bad I didn't know about this station sooner, before WRNR took over. I have several tapes, 9 of them too be shared in this post. Most are in mono because the signal was so weak. But this was an awesome radio station. Long setlists and progressive in nature, leaning toward hard rock. As mentioned before, I taped these tapes, and always used either my Pioneer CT-F1000 3 head deck, or later with my Nakamichi CR1A 3 head deck. So they sound great. The fact most of these are in mono, really takes nothing away from the great music. Just elimintes the hissing due to the weak signal. Pretty cool station. Hope to hear some feedback on this post. Standy by soon for more WHFS, WGTB, and WRNR.

Tape 1
Van halen, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Living Color, Metallica, G Love, Tom Petty, Danzig, Ozzy, Alice In Chains, Counting Crows, Frank Zappa, My Sisters Machine, The Cure, Bad Habits

Tape 2
Maggie East, Van Halen, Faith No More, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Afghan Wigs, Pearl Jam, Nirvanna, Collective Soul, Helmit, STP, The Cult, Kings X,

Tape 3
The Slickee Boys, Phantom Surfer, Pee Wee Herman, The 77's, The Breeders, The Clash,

Tape 4
Blind Melon, Pearl Jam, Meat Puppets, Buffalo Springfield, Nirvanna, NIN, The Polics, Yes, The Breeders, Beautiful People, The Church, The Spin Doctors, Frank Zappa, The Band, Boingo, David Bowie, Chris Isaac, Subdudes

Tape 5
John Hiatt, Phish, Melissa Etheridge, Talking Heads, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Crack The Sky, Meat Puppets, G Love and Special Suce, Pink Floyd, The Pretenders, Gin Blossoms, ZZ Top, Candlebox, Yes, The Waterboys, Big Head Todd, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen

Tape 6
Big Head Todd, Thin Lizzy, Melisaa Etheridge, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, The Greys, The Kinks, Blind Melon, Soundgarden, Living Color, Freddie Jones, Slaughterhouse, Tom Petty, The Doors, Waterboys, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Cockburn, Van Morrison

Tape 7
Bonnie Raitt, Counting Crows, Eric Clapton, Boz Scaggs, Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlin, Queen, Jackson Brown, Denzel, Alice In Chains, Traffic, David Bowie

Tape 8
Ted Hawkins, Deep Purple, Dog Society, Phish, Bruce Springsteen, Alice In Chains, Gary Moore, Counting Crows, The Clash, The Black Crows, Crash Test Dummmies, UFO, Chris Isaac, Freddie Jones, Melissa Etheridge, Spin Doctors, Led Zeppelin, The Pretenders, Van Morrison

Tape 9
Sarah Mclauchlin, Sheryl Crow, Phis, Lenny Kravitz, Van Morrison, Jackson Brown, Smithereens, Joe Satriani, Ted Hawkins, Lou Reed, Melissa Etheridge, Pink FLoyd, Hole, Pretenders, Bruce Cockburn

WMA 9.1 @96 and 80kbps, 469MB, 9 Tapes

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Josh sent me another folder full of WHFS From 1985.
Thanks Josh, and if you can, tell us more in the comments section.

MP3 @128kbps, 177MB, four files, 195 Minutes

What This Is All About

I've been collecting live music from various sources since the mid to late 70's. Radio shows, TV broadcasts, radio show pre-FM CD's and vinyl LP's and some trades. Most of the shows posted here, I recorded and ripped myself. I always had top of the line stereo equipment and cassette and open reel recorders for those on air broadcasts.

I've downloaded plenty of bootlegged concerts from various blogs. As a rule I will only post stuff from my collection and not what is already available out there.

I also post out of print CDs and LPs from my collection.
I will repost from my readers anything someone sends me as long as it is either out of print or something that's not from someone else's blog. If you want to share a link for a cool item on your blog, or someone else's, please feel free to post it in the comments........

Enjoy and please leave a comment and pass this blog along.

Can you believe that so many out there are starving for the old WHFS? Amazing!

If you leave a comment, how about using a nickname instead of Anonymous. At least make up something please. Thanks!

I have reconsidered my position...and will re-upload dead links, so long as you go to that particular post and make the request from the comments page...

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