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The Stray Cats Live at the Ritz NYC 11-28-1982 WHFS

This is The Stray Cats Live at the Ritz NYC 11-28-1982 Taped from WHFS on a TDK D90 cassette on 03-11-1983. My friend Sully's tape. Playback with my Nakamichi cassette deck, Dolby B.

“Rockabilly was more than the blues. It had style. It had an outfit you could wear with it and a haircut and a dance you could do. It's flamboyant, tough and colourful. All the elements were right for us to fall in love with.” — Brian Setzer —

The Stray Cats, schoolmates from New York City, are the most popular and the best-known revival band in the world. They were young, lovable hoodlums offering carefree fun, singing about teenage frustrations and release, playing intensely, and goofing off, too, riding the bass and playing shirtless to show their skin and their tattoos. As befitted the recessionary times, the Stray Cats were simple: their stage setup was one amplifier and two drums (using wireless technology, the bass went straight into the PA system). Despite their youth, they were polished, professional, and steeped in 1950s music, favoring the harder side: Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and the Rock'n'Roll Trio. Their stated goal was to bring recognition for rockabilly as British bands such as the Rolling Stones had for blues in the 1960s.

Rocker and Phantom had been a team since they were thirteen.

Summer 1979 Long Island town of Massapeaqua, NY, they founded the Stray Cats together with their schoolfriend Brian Setzer.

19th June 1980 the Stray Cats moved to London. After scuffling and sleeping in parks, they found acclaim. Their music was approved by Jeff Beck, Robert Plant and the Rolling Stones, and a recording contract came within three months. Dave Edmunds produced their recordings.

1st Single: Runaway Boys (No.9 in the UK charts)

Breakthrough with “Rock this town” (No.9 in the UK charts)

From 1982 they toured Europe and Japan and opened dates on the Rolling Stones 1982 U.S. tour.

1982 The Stray Cats' second album, Gonna Ball, recorded in the West Indies, was mostly self-produced.

Summer 1982 their first North American album, Built for Speed, was released. Aside from including the newly recorded title track, it was compiled from tracks off both U.K. albums. A U.S. tour was following (04.July 82 - 16.Sept. 82).

1982 With their videos on MTV and a fifty-five city tour, sales steadily continued, and 'Rock This Town' and 'Stray Cat Strut' both made the American top ten. The media gave them lots of coverage, including the covers of Rolling Stone, New Musical Express and Guitar Player.

August 1983 the release of their next album 'Ran't and Rave'
the songs 'Stray Cat Strut' and 'Sexy + 17' hit the charts .

1984 the band splintered. Setzer went for a solo carrer, exploring songwriting on an album.

Phantom and Rocker teamed with Earl Slick (Guitarplayer of David Bowie). Phantom played a full drum kit and Rocker played electric bass.

1986 the Stray Cats got back together and put out the album Rock Therapy.

1987 The Stray Cats did a U.S. tour.
1988 Reunion

1989 The Stray Cats reiterated their rockabilly stance with the self-produced Blast Off , singing about the music in 'Gene and Eddie' and 'Rockabilly Rules'.

1992 they were touring again in the United Kingdom and released ChooChoo Hot Fish, with Dave Edmunds again as producer.

05th July 2003 the Stray Cats are back - for one night onlyt he first joint concert since 10 years Hootenanny, California

July 2004 the cats are back again - Stray Cats Europe Tour

Track list:
01 Baby Blue Eyes
02 Double Talkin' Baby
03 Rumble in Brighton
04 Drink That Bottle Down
05 Built For Speed
06 Rev It Up and Go
07 C'mon Everybody
08 Stray Cat Strut
09 Lonely Summer Nights
10 Fish Net Stockings
11 Rock This Town
12 Jenny, Jenny-Wasn't That Good
13 Wasn't That Good
14 Runaway Boys, Cant Hurry Love

WMA 9.1 @96kps CBR.

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Tex Rubinowitz, Hot Rod Man

This audio rip is from my vinyl LP of Tex Rubinowitz, "Hot Rod Man".
This album smokes from begining to end. If you like your rock and roll with hot guitars, great singing and flat out awesome good time lyrics, then give this LP from 1986 a shot. A great artist from the DC area music scene of the late 70's and mid 80's. Anyone around in those days knows how cool the music scene was way back when.

05 - BAD BOY
09 - NO (NO WOLF)

Nice article about Tex from 1987:

WMA 9.1 CBR @96kps

Saturday, September 22, 2007

SCANDAL 5 Song Vinyl EP

This five song album was the best selling EP in Columbia Records' history.
"Goodye To You" released 1982, #65 on Billboard charts
"Win Some, Lose Some" - released 1983
"Love's Got A Line On You" - released 1983, #59 on Billboard.
Also used on the Soundtrack to Easy Money
"She Can't Say No"
"Another Bad Love" - B side to "Love's Got A Line On You" and "Win Some Lose Some..."

Short but sweet compilation from Scandal....

Guitarist Zack Smith formed Scandal in the early 1980s, hiring vocalist Patty Smyth, bassist Ivan Elias, guitarist Keith Mack, keyboardist Benji King, and drummer Frankie La Rocka (Frankie later played drums for Bryan Adams). Scandal released their debut single, "Goodbye to You" in 1982. Their self-titled album, released soon afterwards, became the largest selling EP in the history of Columbia Records. The group's second album was released in 1984. The title track, "The Warrior", peaked at #7 on the Billboard "Hot 100" chart ... In 1985 Smyth quit Scandal to launch a solo career, however she didn't enjoy any significant success until her 1992 duet with Don Henley, "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough", which peaked at #2 on the Billboard chart. In 1997 Patty married tennis star John McEnroe. They have three children, including a daughter from Patty's previous marriage.

WMA 9.1 @96kps


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Natalie Merchant - Lone Justice - Lucinda Williams, Live

Simply put, this is a live compilation tape of Natalie Merchant, Lone Justice, and Lucinda Williams from various TV shows that I taped from assorted VHS HI FI Tapes . It sounds great and it's got some hard to find stuff on it. Enjoy!

01 San Andreas Fault, Natalie Merchant, Hard Rock Cafe
02 Carnival, Natalie Merchant, Hard Rock Cafe
03 Ophelia, Natalie Merchant, Hard Rock Cafe
04 Last Goodbye, Natalie Merchant, Hard Rock Cafe
05 Kind And Generous, Natalie Merchant, Hard Rock Cafe
06 I Found Love, Lone Justice, SNL
07 Shelter, Lone Justice, SNL
08 Pineola, Lucinda Williams, Hard Rock Cafe
09 Drunken Angel, Lucinda Williams, Hard Rock Cafe
10 Changed The Locks, Lucinda Williams, Hard Rock Cafe
11 2 Kool 2 B 4fgotton, Lucinda Williams, SNL
12 Can't Let Go, Lucinda Williams, SNL
13 Ways to Be Wicked, Lone Justice, Live At The Ritz

Maxell UD90 Cassette WMA 9.1 CBR @96kps

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Direct Current, The 2nd Annual Homegrown Music Festival 1977

This is a vinyl rip of my LP "Direct Current", "Washington Comes Alive, The 2nd Annual Homegrown Music Festival."
Live recordings from Washington DC bands that mostly are white boy blues and roots acts from 1977. They include "The Nighthawks", "The Catfish Hodge Band", "Root Boy Slim", "Powerhouse", and "Bill Holland and Rent's Due". WHFS DJ Weasel hosts this event. One very cool LP from the days when music in the DC area was as good as it gets. "Hamburger Heaven" from Bill Holland is just one of my favorite tunes of all time, and always brings a smile. "Fever" from Powerhouse is a standout tune, with Tom Principoto on lead guitar. Do yourself a favor and check this ultra rare LP out. Download it, if you don't like it delete it! It don't cost a thing but bandwidth...Enjoy!
01 Cogito Ergo Sum Ne, Bill Holland and Rent's Due
02 Hamburger Heaven, Bill Holland and Rent's Due
03 Sailin' Shoes, The Catfish Hodge Band
04 Holiday, The Catfish Hodge Band
05 My Babe, Powerhouse
06 Fever, Power House
07 Ubangi Stomp, The Nighthawks
08 Pretty Girls and Cadillacs, The Nighthawks
09 Express Train, Rootboy Slim and the Sex Change Band
10 Ya Can't Quit My Club, Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band
WMA 9.1 VBR ABR 115kps
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Henry Paul Band "Grey Ghost" and "Live From The Bayou in DC 1979"

Combined in one zip file is Henry Paul Band "Grey Ghost" LP and "Live From The Bayou in DC 1979" Bootleg CD. The Grey Ghost LP is a vinyl rip from me and the Live at the Bayou is a CD I got from e-bay several years back.

In 1972 the Outlaws were still just a small local 4 piece band that toured for about 8 months. Then in 1973, Billy Jones, joined the group and the Outlaws were complete. They tour the local club scene until the spring of 1975 when Arista Records president Clive Davis signs them to their first record deal. In March of 1975 the group released their first self titled album "Outlaws". On the album Henry does lead on 3 of the more countryish songs including "Knoxville Girl" among others. The next year they released their follow-up album "Lady In Waiting" in which Henry did lead vocals on 3 more songs. Then in August of 1977 after the release of their third album "Hurry Sundown", Henry left the band to start a solo career.
Soon after he left the Outlaws, the Henry Paul Band is signed to a four record deal with Atlantic. Their debut album's title track "Grey Ghost" is unofficially dedicated to Lynyrd Skynrd's lead singer Ronnie Van Zant who had died in a plane crash in 1977. In 1980, Monte Yoho leaves the Outlaws and joins the Henry Paul Band for their second album called "Feel The Heat" which has a much harder edge than their previous debut album which was much more southern rock. It's on the second album in which the band had their biggest hit "Longshot" (which by the way does not have Henry doing lead vocals). Monte then leaves the group, and in 1981 they released their third album "Anytime". This album has a mixture of almost every type of music; from the rock songs like "Hollywood Paradise" to the pop songs like the cover of the old Van Morrison song "Brown Eyed Girl" to the country sounding "Distant Riders". The last album put out by the band was the self titled album "Henry Paul" in 1982, but unfortunately it receives very little air play.
After the Henry Paul Band breaks up, Henry reunites with Hughie Thomasson in 1986 and they release the Outlaws reunion album "Soldiers Of Fortune". The tour to promote the album is rather unsuccessful; they are unable to fill the arenas. This is the beginning of the end for the Outlaws. Henry leaves in 1989, however they continue to tour until 1996 when the band breaks up completely and Hughie joins Lynyrd Skynrd as a lead guitarist.

Track Listing- "Grey Ghost"
• So Long
(By Henry Paul)
• Crossfire
(By Max Paul Shwennsen)
• Foolin'
(By Henry Paul, Dallas Moore)
• Wood Wind
(By Henry Paul, Jim Fish)
•Grey Ghost
(By Henry Paul, Barry Rapp)
• I Don't Need You No More
(By Billy Crain, Bill Hoffman)
•Lonely Dreamer
(By Henry Paul, Jim Fish, Wally Dentz)
• One-Night Stands
(By Billy Crain)
• You Really Know (What I Mean)
(By Jim Fish)
• All I Need
(By Barry Rapp)
Plus two Bonus tracks I added from the "Feel The Heat" Album
"Running away" and "Night City"
Track Listing- "Live At The Bayou"
01 Track 1
02 You Really Know What I Mean
03 Lonely Dreamer
04 All I Need
05 So Long
06 Crossfire
07 Knoxville Gold
09 Freeborn Man
10 Song In The Breeze
11 It Get's Worse Before It Get's Better
12 South Carolina

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jake Einstein, WHFS-FM founder died Sept. 12 at his home in Potomac

The following article is from the Washington Post:

Jake Einstein, 90; Took Area Radio From Pop to Rock

By Matt SchudelWashington Post Staff WriterSunday, September 16, 2007;

Jake Einstein, a colorful radio innovator who launched the Washington area's first alternative rock station, WHFS-FM, which left a lasting mark on the region's music scene in the 1970s and 1980s, died Sept. 12 at his home in Potomac from emphysema and complications from an aneurysm. He was 90.
Mr. Einstein had been a newspaper columnist, speechwriter and advertising salesman before becoming general manager and part-owner of the low-rated 2,300-watt Bethesda station in 1967. Within a year, he introduced rock-and-roll to a staid musical lineup, and the station's fortunes began to rise.
In 1971, WHFS -- then broadcasting at 102.3 FM -- became Washington's first 24-hour rock station and quickly blossomed into a cultural force. Mr. Einstein gave his young DJs freedom to broadcast whatever they wanted, and for the next 12 years WHFS was at the center of Washington's progressive music scene, attracting a loyal following of students, musicians and young urbanites.
It was the first local station to play such bands as REM, U2, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and the Cure. It furthered the careers of then-undiscovered stars Bruce Springsteen, George Thorogood and Emmylou Harris, who sometimes showed up at the studio. WHFS played the records of many local groups as well, including Tru Fax & the Insaniacs, the Bad Brains and Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band.
"It seemed like an unlikely place to be the center of Washington's music culture, but Jake took a chance, and it paid off for him," said Mike Schreibman, president of the Washington Area Music Association and a part of the D.C. music scene since the 1960s. "He gave voice to a type of radio that, without him, wouldn't have happened. It was a real sense of community."
When Mr. Einstein became general manager of WHFS, the station had been on the air for six years and was lucky to draw 800 listeners a night with its format of pop, light classical and jazz.
"Then a guy named Frank Richards came in one day wearing cutoffs and a leather vest, played me a tape of rock music from Los Angeles," Mr. Einstein told The Washington Post in 1983. "We were losing so much money that another couple of dollars couldn't hurt, right? So we put him on. My God, the calls! I never knew we had an audience!"
In 1969, three would-be DJs -- Joshua Brooks, Sara Vass and Mark Gorbulew -- approached Mr. Einstein with an idea for a free-form rock-and-roll program. They went on under the name Spiritus Cheese (derived from a cheese company in New York), and a new era was born.
"It was Jake's vision that FM radio and rock-and-roll were about to collide," said Mr. Einstein's daughter, Rose, who briefly worked at WHFS. "He saw it as an all-night format that would sustain a station."
Within months, WHFS was drawing an average nightly audience of 32,700 listeners. Spiritus Cheese lasted just a year -- someone complained about a four-letter word in a Firesign Theatre skit broadcast on the air -- but by then the station had found its niche.
The station's rock-and-roll DJs -- who included Mr. Einstein's sons David and Damian as well as Tom Grooms, Adele Abrams and Josh, Cerphe and Weasel -- became known for their shrewd and esoteric musical selections drawn from the station's 20,000-volume record library. They explored the byways of rock, blues, jazz, reggae and even classical music but seldom included tunes from the Top 40.
"There were no restrictions," said Jonathan Gilbert, who began broadcasting as Weasel on WHFS in 1972. "We would play everything from [experimental composer Karlheinz] Stockhausen to bluegrass -- sometimes in the same set."
The station promoted local clubs and concerts and invited musicians to drop by for late-night interviews and impromptu performances.
"Jerry Jeff Walker took his whole band to the studio," recalled Joshua Brooks, who was part of the Spiritus Cheese trio and later broadcast as Josh. "We had to put the drummer down at the end of the hall. They were on from 12:30 till 6 o'clock in the morning."
The hard-rocking Thorogood played an after-hours acoustic set in the studio, and on another night, members of a San Francisco all-star band got into a fistfight on the air. Once, when Jamaican reggae star Peter Tosh was being interviewed, Mr. Einstein found the studio filled with billowing clouds of marijuana smoke. He walked away, and the interview continued.
"Jake got it," Brooks said. "He didn't know about the music, but he trusted the DJs."
"It wasn't just about spinning records," Rose Einstein added. "It was about the community of music."
Jacob Einstein Jr. was born in Baltimore on Aug. 5, 1917, and grew up in Catonsville, Md., as one of 13 children.
He found his first job in radio in 1939, selling advertising at WINX-AM in Rockville. He worked for a newspaper in Flint, Mich., before moving to Annapolis in 1942. He sold advertising for a radio station, wrote speeches for a state senator and moved to Denton, Md., on the Eastern Shore, in 1953. For several years, he wrote a local newspaper column called "Einstein's Theory."
In 1964, he became an advertising salesman at WHFS, the area's first stereo FM station. (The call letters stood for Washington High Fidelity Stereo.)
Described in news accounts as "cantankerous and quarrelsome" and "crusty and ebullient," Mr. Einstein had a powerful personality.
"Jake had many different sides," his daughter said. "He'd tell you, 'If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you.' "
A sign on his door read, "If he ain't yellin', he ain't sellin.' "
A strong believer in local programming, Mr. Einstein never ran a syndicated show on WHFS. On Sundays, the lineup included a smorgasbord of ethnic programs in Greek, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic, as well as Jewish and German music shows.
In 1983, despite a grass-roots campaign that elicited 17,000 letters of protest, Mr. Einstein sold WHFS for $2.2 million. He took the call letters to a station he had bought in Annapolis (broadcasting at 99.1 FM) and rehired many of his old DJs. In 1987, he sold WHFS and WNAV-AM for $8.2 million.
Mr. Einstein later owned a low-wattage alternative rock station (WRNR-FM) in Annapolis, as well as WYRE-AM, before selling them in 1998 to game-show host Pat Sajak and retiring.
He was married for 35 years to Rosamond Einstein befo re they were divorced in 1977.
His second wife was Rena Einstein.
Survivors include his wife since 2001, Teresa Tizon Einstein of Potomac; seven children from his first marriage, Timothy Einstein of Sterling, David Einstein of Cape St. Claire, Cass Collier of Baltimore, Jake Einstein III of Salisbury, Damian Einstein of Potomac, Rose Einstein of Los Angeles and Mimi Husser of Frederick; 23 grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren.
In 1997, seeking to explain his unexpected rock-and-roll radio success, Mr. Einstein said, "I've always been an alternative guy."

Website of archived WHFS Articles from 1970 to 1989

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This out of print, and as far as I know, not available on CD, LP, is one completely kick ass album from Leslie West. Released on Passport records in 1988. Would love to see this released on CD.
Not much info out there on this. Some of the cuts appear to be live, and the guitar playing is completely awesome. Jack Bruce kicks it on Spoonful. Much harder than the Cream original. Just do yourself a favor and download this awesome album. If anyone knows of a better rip, please post it here.

01 - Talk Dirty

02 - Motherlode

03 - Theme From An Imaginary Western

04 - I'm Cryin

05 - Red House

06 - Love Is Forever

07 - I Ate It

08 - Spoonful, Love Me Tender

WMA 9.1 @64kps

Kathleen Edwards Austin City Limits 06-20-2005

This audio rip of Kathleen Edwards is a great example of live music at it's best. Short but sweet, it really delivers! Download this, highly recommended!

Edwards, a classical violinist by training, was influenced early on by Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Petty... then later by Ani DiFranco. The New York Times described her as a writer whose songs can "pare situations down to a few dozen words while they push country-rock towards its primal impulses of thump and twang." AllMusic.com lists Aimee Mann, Lucinda Williams and Shawn Colvin as similar artists. Add Suzanne Vega to that list.
Spring 2005 saw the release of Edward's newest CD, Back to Me. Her touring band (Colin Cripps - guitar/producer, Kevin McCarragher - bass, Joel Anderson - drums) provided core support. Guests on the record include My Morning Jacket's Jim James as well as keyboardists Benmont Tench (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan) and Richard Bell (The Band, Janis Joplin).

01 In State

02 Independent Thief

03 Good Things

04 Back To Me

Sarah McLachlan MEGAPOST of CD Singles, EP's, VHS Concerts and TV Live Shows

This post is a collection of CD Singles, EP's, VHS Concerts and TV Live Shows of Sarah McLachlan. The two downloads contain the following:

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy- Live [VHS], 10 Track Audio Rip
Afterglow Live on INHD2, 15 Track Audio Rip
Live Acoustic, 5 Track EP
Possession, 4 Track EP
All Access (Live), 7 Track Radio Show CD

Any fan of Sarah will dig this assortment of live music. There is some serious kick ass jamming and fine intiment tunes as well.

Kasey Chambers, Live Tracks, Concert Boots, CD Singles MEGAPOST

This is a megapost of all my Kasey Chambers, CD Singles, CD-EP's, Live tracks, and bootleg concerts. Awesome download for any fan of Kasey or her former band, "The Dead Ringer Band".

Folk music has been stylish since the '60s as an embodiment of the hippie values of naturalism and activism. Then, the field was dominated by male artists such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and James Taylor, with only a few females like Joan Baez and Sandy Denny gaining fame.
Our generation prefers a folk market dominated by female vocalists. In recent years, artists like Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco and Alison Krauss have gotten attention for their distinct brands of folk and bluegrass. Singer/songwriter Kasey Chambers represents the latest addition to this growing list of female folk artists.
Chambers, 23, decided to become a folk artist at the age of 12, after seeing Lucinda Williams perform in concert. Yet one obstacle stood between Chambers and her dream: she comes from Australia, a land that boasts relatively few folk and bluegrass musicians. Chambers easily overcame this hindrance, finding immediate success in the United States with her 2000 album "The Captain." The television show "The Sopranos" even made the album's title track its theme song. After promoting "The Captain" in the States and playing to sold-out audiences, Chambers had escaped the confine of the Australian outback to find international success.
Chambers' second album, "Barricades & Brickwalls," represents a continuance of the elements that made "The Captain" successful. The opening title track features a distorted slide guitar with Chambers' high-pitched voice an octave above it. Displaying her debt to the blues-rock of the '60s, the song resembles material on Johnny Winter's "The Progressive Blues Experiment," although Chambers' voice is more melodic than Winter's.

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Cyndi Lauper Live From PBS's Soundstage and VH1 Classics "Decades Rock Live"

Posted tonight are two separate shows of Cyndi Lauper Live From PBS's Soundstage and VH1 Classics Live. Both shows are great and sound geat too. A must for any Cyndi Lauper fan. As a bonus I included "Money Changes Everything" Live, of Cyndi back in the day, from a video aired on VH1 Classic.

VH1 Classics "Decades Rock Live" with The Hooters, Ani Difranco, and Scott Weiland:

True Colors
And We Danced
Sisters Of Babylon
Tune With Scott Weiland
Money Changes Everything
Time After Time
Girls Just Want To Have Fun

PBS's Soundstage:

Missing You
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Funny Side Of The Street
True Colors
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Money Changes Everything
Time After Time

Scandal Live WWDC Radio Broadcast 05-13-1983

What we have here is a live radio show of Scandal broadcast from WWDC, DC-101, Wash, DC. on May 03 1983. It was taped by me onto open reel tape and burned to CD and ripped to my hard drive. The quality is excellent and the show completely rocks! Enjoy!

Scandal was formed in New York in 1981 by guitarist Zack Smith, who also wrote most of the band's hits. The other members included bassist Ivan Elias, guitarist Keith Mack, guitarist Jon Bon Jovi (briefly), keyboardist Benjy King, drummer Thommy Price, and vocalist Patty Smyth. The band had much success early on but due to struggles within the group and their record company, it slowly dissolved -- losing member after member. By the time "The Warrior" tour hit the road in 1984, all that remained of the original lineup were Smyth and Mack. Scandal broke up shortly after the tour ended. The group (minus Ivan Elias, who died of cancer in June 1995) reunited in 2004 for VH1's Bands Reunited show and did a string of concerts on the United States East Coast culminating in a show at Irving Plaza in their home city (New York) on February 9, 2005. During the summer of 2006, the band (excluding Thommy Price) reunited again for VH1's "We Are The 80's" tour, playing a string of large - mainly outdoor - venues and earning critical acclaim. During the summer of 2007, they're touring again (this time without Zack Smith).

01 - Line On You
02 - Child Of The Night
03 - Tonight
04 - Another Bad Love
05 - Can't Say No
06 - Win Some Lose Some
07 - Hold On To Our Love
08 - Goodbye To You

71MB, MP3@320, 32 MINUTES

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds Live From The Texas Connection on TNN 09-08-1992

The Fabulous Thunderbirds Live From The Texas Connection on TNN 09-08-1992
This is a post from the, much missed show, "The Texas Connection" on TNN (The Nashville Network). In 1991 and 1992 Jerry Jeff Walker hosted the weekly TV show. This show's audio was taped by me on a TDK D90 cassette. At the end of the tape is some filler bonus tracks.
01 Introduction
02 Can't Tear It Up Enuff
03 Keep On Rockin
04 Ain't That A Lot Of Love
05 Cross My Heart Blues
06 All I Can See Is You (W.C. Clarke)
07 Rocket In My Pocket (Lou Ann Barton)
08 Fine And Healthy Thing (Delbert McClinton)
09 Got My Mojo Workin' (Outro)
10 Back In L.A. (BB King on David Letterman)
11 Turn the Lock on Love (Lou Anne Barton, Dreams Come True CD)
WMA 9.1 @ 96kps CBR

What This Is All About

I've been collecting live music from various sources since the mid to late 70's. Radio shows, TV broadcasts, radio show pre-FM CD's and vinyl LP's and some trades. Most of the shows posted here, I recorded and ripped myself. I always had top of the line stereo equipment and cassette and open reel recorders for those on air broadcasts.

I've downloaded plenty of bootlegged concerts from various blogs. As a rule I will only post stuff from my collection and not what is already available out there.

I also post out of print CDs and LPs from my collection.
I will repost from my readers anything someone sends me as long as it is either out of print or something that's not from someone else's blog. If you want to share a link for a cool item on your blog, or someone else's, please feel free to post it in the comments........

Enjoy and please leave a comment and pass this blog along.

Can you believe that so many out there are starving for the old WHFS? Amazing!

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