Friday, November 16, 2007

WHFS from March 85 shared by Josh

Josh sent me a comment and mentioned that he had some WHFS he wanted to share. WHFS had moved to Annapolis by this time. So here it is with his comments from the e-mail. Thank Josh for sharing! Can anyone help him with his artist search?

"Thanks for the tips. They helped get me going. I sent the first four files, taken from two cassettes. Let me know if you receive them.

A few words on the process. I put these together by doing a series of random tapes and pulling off the bits I liked from those tapes. I decided to sacrifice quality by going down another generation to get exactly the music I wanted. I also include random PSAs and other debris. Somewhere on Tape 2 there's a DJ messing up on the concert calendar, accompanied by Shadowfax. Tape 2 is one of my favorites, with Brian Eno, Bonzo Goes to Washington, obscure Stranglers, etc. More to come.

I don't always capture the song titles and artists, which is a bit frustrating. I've been trying to find MP3s of my favorites, mostly with good success. However, there is one song on tape 1 that you might be able to help me with. Here are some lyrics

Saw you having breakfast
Down at the campus cafe
You were there with your new man
Babe I didn't know quite what to say

Anyway, when you hear it, let me know if you recognize the tune or the artist. I've Googled, I've checked, I've tried the message boards on New Wave Outpost and had no luck.

Anyway, thanks again for your blog. I recognize the many hours of work that went into it.


185MB 180 Minutes MP3 @128kbps

Download Link:

Brief History Of WHFS:


jebaxt said...

Chorus to unknown song

Baby you've been good to me
You only did the best that you could
But I'm travelling with this heart on the highway
and I guess you always understood

WVKayaker said...

Hope someone figures tis out Josh...

jebaxt said...

I'm with you, but it's okay if it doesn't happen here. I'm sure I'll run into it sooner or later, and the journey's half the fun.

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