Friday, November 16, 2007

The Escape Club Live from the Paradise Theater Boston- King Biscuit

I love this band. Got this off of a WWDC DC-101 radio broadcast on 03-31-1989. It sounds great and the show kicks butt! This show was recorded while the band was in their performing and recording prime. They play with incredible passion and seem genuinely grateful that American new wave audiences had so warmly accepted them. Steel offers an outstanding vocal performance and should have had the goods to be a successful solo artist after Escape Club disbanded.

01 So Far Away
02 Shake For The Sheik
03 Jealousy
04 Walking Through Walls
05 Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West Lyrics

Forty seven dead beats living in the back street
north east west south all in the same house
sitting in a back room waiting for the big boom
I'm in a bedroom waitng for my baby

She's so mean but I don't care
I love her eyes and her wild wild hair
dance to the beat that we love best
heading for the nineties
living in the wild wild west
the wild wild west

Mandy's in the backroom handing out valium
sheriff's on the airwaves talking to the D.J.'s
Forty seven heartbeats beating like a drum
got to live it up live it up
Ronnie's got a new gun


Now put your flags in the air and march them up and down
you can live it up live it up all over the town
and turn to the left, turn to the right
I don't care as long as she comes tonight

Wish I had This CD but a broadcast tape will have to do for now.

WMA 9.1 @ 64kbps


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for uploading this! Wild, Wild West was the first song I ever musically recognized. I was one and a half when it came out on the radio and I drove my parents nuts with baby talk saying "wa wa wa" after the first time I heard it. They had no idea what I was talking about until they brought me into a record store and the song came on and I tweaked out and started dancing around and pointing at the speakers. Then they bought the record and the rest is history.

I've never heard them perform live before, but now I'm glad to see that they were really a great band all around when it came to performing.

And Trevor Steel should have made it solo afterwards. The bass player should lead some sort of revolution.

Anyway, effin' awesome upload.

I have one for you too if you want it. It's an MP3 of their cover of 20th Century Fox. Email me at or IM me at l11l1VeNoM1l11l (aim) if you're interested. I'm willing to bet that I'm one of maybe 4 people on the internet that have it.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Cool feedback!
Scroll down the main page. You'll find my email addy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Camarillo Brillo! my name is Alejandro,i'm from Argentina,excellent your blog any chance can you repost The Escape Club "Live in King Biscuit"?.



Camarillo Brillo said...

New Link:

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! great work.


Camarillo Brillo said...

You're welcome...enjoy!

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