Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eight Prefab Sprout CD Singles

Here I am sharing my collection of Prefab Sprout CD Singles. Eight discs in all containg some unreleased and alternative and extended versions. 28 Tunes altogether.

This is how I discovered Prefab Sprout. I was totally into Thomas Dolby, Aliens Ate My Buick album and was thirsty for more. So I called Weasel at WHFS in Annapolis, MD USA(an extermely knowledgeable DJ) and asked him what else Mr Dolby was involved in. He hung up on me stating, he was running a contest and didn't have time. I was pissed, so when the contest was over, I called back and Weasel barked out something about Thomas Dolby produced some Prefab Sprout albums...WTF? Luckily he was right and I went out and purchased everything I could from Prefab Sprout.

Interesting fan website:

WMA 9.1 96kps; 79MB; 28 tunes


Anonymous said...

that's so great.

i am fans of Prefab Sprout and I almost got every album of them but it's hard for me to get any CD singles of them. thanks for the collection to explore the b-sides of their brilliant singles.

thanks !

DT (from Macau)

WVKayaker said...

Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!

LifePlus said...

This one is a stunning post. Thank you so much for bringing back the magic in our lives.

WVKayaker said...

lifeplus...You are too kind. Thanks for commenting and please pass it on.

Coca said...

thanks, I was looking for this for a long time.

WVKayaker said...

My pleasure coca.
Thanks for the comment!

blinder999 said...

Thanks for that! I just bought the Dolby-remastered version of Steve McQueen - it sounds even better, and the bonus CD of acoustic versions is just stunning.

WVKayaker said...


The RIpple Effect said...


You have a totally cool, eclectic taste in music. Thanks.

Todd (Racer)
The Ripple Effect

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks Todd Racer,
I'll be checking out The Ripple Affect for sure...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic share thanks, I have loads of music from this area but love to find the rareties that i was too young to buy back then ;)


Camarillo Brillo said...

You are welcome!

Rock Smith said...

I have a Prefab Sprout Blog at
i hope you find it interesting-cheers

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for the link Rock!.I've been downloading several tunes...thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much!
I too was a Dolby fan, and bought Two Wheels Good because He produced it (Hell, I even bought Foreigner 4 because he was on it!) Ever since then, I have been in thrall to Paddy's work. It sets standards that you can't just emulate, you have to ASPIRE to them, and hope that something you write will be thought of as something approaching their ilk.
This is GREATLY appreciated!
Eldon from Oregon

Camarillo Brillo said...

Eldon, Awesome feedback...we think alike....enjoy!

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