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Michelle Shocked Live VHS Audio Rip and CD Singles

Here is a post of various Michelle Shocked CD Singles, CD EPs and an audio rip from the Captain Swing Revue HI-FI Video Tape from my collection. I checked and none of these CD singles and EP's are available, so here they are.

Captain Swing Review (audio rip)
VHS 1990 USA PolyGram PMV 081977 (60min)
1. When I Grow Up
2. God Is A Real Estate Developer
3. On The Greener Side
4. (Making The Run To) Gladewater
5. Looks Like Mona Lisa
6. The Cement Lament
7. Streetcorner Ambassador
8. Memories Of East Texas
9. 5a.m. In Amsterdam
10. The Ballad Of Penny Evans
11. Sleep Keeps Me Awake
12. Must Be Luff
13. If Love Was A Train
14. Anchorage
15. (Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister

Recorded live at the Apollo Theatre, Oxford, England on 12 Dec 1989.

All songs written by Michelle Shocked except "The Ballad Of Penny Evans" written by Steve Goodman and "God Is A Real Estate Dewveloper" written by Michelle Shocked / M. Fox

Captain Swing Band: Duane Jarvis - guitar; Jeff Donavan - drums; Lee Thornberg - trumpet; Jim Pollack - saxaphone; Skip Edwards - keyboards; Pete Anderson - lead guitar; Dusty Wakeman - bass guitar

Come A Long Way Single
CD 1992 GER Mercury 866 603-2 (s/l j/c)
1. Come a Long Way [edit] 3:58 4:04 *
2. Over the Waterfall [live] 2:42 2:45
3. Worth the Weight [live] 3:20 3:21 **

Live tracks recorded for the Mountain Stage radio show, Jones C. Edwards Playhouse, Huntington WV on 6 May 1991.

Credits: All tracks written by Michelle Shocked
Michelle Shocked - guitar & vocals
Special guest Dan Creary - guitar on **
* Produced by Michelle Shocked
* Co-produced by Don Was

Come a Long Way; Limited Edition Disc 2
1. Come A Long Way [edit] 4:03 *#
2. Over the Waterfall [live] 2:37
3. Contest Coming (Cripple Creek) 3:33 *
4. Jump Jim Crow 3:32 *

Live track recorded for the Mountain Stage radio show, Jones C. Edwards Playhouse, Huntington WV on 6 May 1991.

* Produced by Michelle Shocked
# Co-produced by Don Was

33rpm Soul CD Single
CD 1992 UK London LONCD 321 / INT 864 001-2 (yellow disc)
1. 33rpm Soul 3:44
2. Blackberry Blossom [live] 2:51
3. Over The Waterfall [live] 2:51
4. 33rpm Soul [live] 2:00

Live tracks recorded on The Cutting Edge Radio Show on ? 1992.

All tracks written by Michelle Shocked
Track 1 produced by Michelle Shocked
Tracks 1,2,3 produced by Rob Stevens

CD 1992 USA Mercury CDP 642 (g/f)
1. Jump Jim Crow & Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah 3:30
2. Contest Coming (Cripple Creek) 3:31
3. Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy) 3:21
4. 33 RPM Soul 4:11

On The Greener Side CD Single
1. On The Greener Side 2:53 2:54 +
2. The Titanic 3:42 3:45 *
3. Old Paint 2:34 2:38 **

+ Written by Michelle Shocked
* Written by Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter
** Traditional (arranged by Pete Anderson)

THE HARD WAY Promo 1996
CD 1996 US Private Music PDJ81042-2 (promo, std j/c)

1. The Hard Way [remix] 3:32

Words and music by Michelle Shocked
Produced by Bones Howe
Remixed by Barry Goldberg

WMA 9.1 @128kps 112MB


ian said...

Thanks so much for the Michelle Shocked post. Lovely to finally hear some of these non-album things. Now if only you had - and were prepared to post - the original Kind Hearted Woman album - the white cover one available only on cassette???

Camarillo Brillo said...

Sorry Ian, That's all there is and there ain't no more...

Highlander said...

Thanks for sharing a spiffy collection and all the hard work that goes into that. Diving deeper into your blog I came across this, a blast from the past with plenty of good memories. Do you still have these to share?

Camarillo Brillo said...

Here's a couple new links for ya, enjoy.

Camarillo Brillo said...

I think I missed The Facts and the Fiction EP.
Here it is in FLAC.

Highlander said...

Wow, not only generous, super quick too. Much, much appreciated.

Or, to quote the lady: "keep on rocking Cam', keep on rocking"!

Camarillo Brillo said...

I re-ripped the singles, added scans, and posted to Willards Wormholes.
All in MP3@320...Might be a worthy upgrade...or not.

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