Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tommy Keene: Songs from the Film

Tommy Keene was a young, indie-label-associated power-popper from the cusp of the South--the suburbs of Washington, D.C., to be exact--when he signed with Geffen and hooked up with former Beatles engineer and Elvis Costello producer Geoff Emerick for 1986's Songs from the Film. The songwriter and roiling lead guitarist commenced to make one of the era's more sadly overlooked albums, belatedly issued on CD a dozen years on with a passel of EP and previously unreleased tracks added. Propulsion, tune, and heart come together gloriously on "Places That Are Gone," "Gold Town," "As Life Goes By" and "Back Again." --Rickey Wright

1. Places That Are Gone
2. In Our Lives
3. Listen To Me
4. Paper Words And Lies
5. Gold Town
6. Kill Your Sons
7. Call On Me
8. As Life Goes By
9. My Mother Looked Like Marilyn Monroe
10. Underworld Listen Listen
11. Astronomy Listen Listen
11. The Story Ends

18MB, WMA, 40 Minutes, Cassette Rip


Anonymous said...

My wife and I took in Tommy Keene in Chicago a good 8 years back. He hit the stage around 2 a.m. Still, he did a great job. Another great post, I must add. Is this really your full-time job?

WVKayaker said...

seems like it, but i don't make any $$$$ doing it.
thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

great blog. thanks for the Keene.

Camarillo Brillo said...

thanks for the kind words

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