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4 More Del Lords Albums

Such a quick response to my 1st Del Lords post I figured I'd dump the rest of my stuff in a winrar folder and post it here.
Two factory Cassette Rips, one vinyl rip, and one live CD from my collection.


Vinyl L.P. Rip

Produced By Neil Geraldo
Engineered By Michael Frondelli & George Tutko
Mixed By Michael Frondelli and Neil Geraldo


1 Heaven 2:58 Kempner
2 Love Lies Dying 5:50 Kempner
3 Drug Deal 3:34 Kempner/Ambel/Caiati/Funaro
4 Soldier's Home 5:34 Kempner
5 Saint Jake 5:23 Kempner
6 Dream Come True 5:00 Kempner
7 True Love 3:46 Kempner
8 Everlovin' 5:41 Kempner
9 Against My Will 4:48 Kempner
10 No Waitress No More 3:07 Kempner


Eric Ambel Guitar, Vocals
Scott Kempner Guitar, Vocals
Manny Caiati Bass, Vocals
Frank Funaro Drums, Vocals


Cassette Rip

Produced By Neil Geraldo
Engineered By Gordon Fordyce assisted by Bill Cooper, Angus Davidson, Scott Gordon
Mixed By Michael Frondelli


1 Crawl In Bed 3:56 Kempner
2 Judas Kiss 4:33 Kempner
3 Ashes To Ashes 4:16 Kempner
4 I'm Gonna Be around 3:01 Kempner
5 Poem Of The River 5:57 Kempner
6 The Cool And The Crazy 5:17 Kempner
7 Cheyenne 3:45 Kempner
8 A Lover's Prayer 4:43 Kempner
9 Whole Lotta Nothin' Goin' On 3:32 Kempner
10 River Of Justice 5:07 Kempner


Eric Ambel Guitar, Vocals, Lead Vocals (2,8) Keyboards (5,6)
Scott Kempner Guitar, Lead Vocals
Manny Caiati Bass, Vocals
Frank Funaro Drums, Vocals
Additional Musicians
Spyder Curtis James Keyboards (2,3,5)
Jimmy Powers Harp (8,10)
Frank Linx Vocals (2,7-10)
Syd Straw Vocals (2,3,10)
Pat Benatar Vocals (2,5)
Lenny Castro Percussion
Kevin Savigar Keyboards (5,9)
Kim Shattuck Vocals (6)
Karen Blankfield Vocals (6)
Rev. Mojo Nixon Sermon (10)
Sam, Captain TV (9)
Scotty Bem Gong


C.D. Rip

Recorded At Dr. Rockits, London, Ontario - Halloween 1988
Recorded By Comfort Sound Mobile, Toronto, Canada
Engineered By Doug McClement assisted by Ike Zimbel and Andy Skuse
Mixed By Gray Russell at Quantum Sound Studios, NJ
assisted by Frantz Verna, Mark Pawlowski, David Carpenter also Kevin Farley, Squege Clynes & Mike Meehan


1 True Love 3:56 Kempner
2 Jumpin' In The Night 4:33 Jordan/Wilson
3 Wastin' Time Talkin' 4:16 Kempner
4 The Cool And The Crazy 3:01 Kempner
5 Judas Kiss 5:57 Kempner
6 I Play The Drums 5:17 Kempner
7 Tallahassee Lassie 3:45 Slay/Crewe/Picarelo


Eric "Roscoe" Ambel Guitar, Vocals
Scott "Top Ten" Kempner Guitar, Lead Vocals
Manny "Manuelo" Caiati Bass, Vocals
Frank "Choo-Choo" Funaro Drums, Vocals

Roscoe's the one playin' that lowdown and dirty slide guitar on "True Love". He plays the second solo on "Jumpin'", and damned if he don't put the "T in Twang" on "Wastin' Time Talkin'". Top Ten does the total freakout jam in "The Cool And The Crazy". He also does the Byrds-style pickin' on "Judas Kiss". All of Scott's guitar work is panned left, while Eric be jammin' on your right. Frankie "Choo-Choo" Funaro can be heard gleefully pummeling his drums throughout and especially on "I Play The Drums". Manuelo rides shot gun right up the middle "with de bottom most bass". All songs were recorded on stage at Dr. Rockits except for "Wastin' Time Talkin'" which was actually recorded two nights earlier at Lee's Palace in Toronto.

Lovers Who Wander
Cassette Rip

1. Touch One Heart
2. You and I
3. I Need Love
4. Love on Fire
5. About You
6. Learn to Let Go
7. Stand in Your Light
8. Kiss Away
9. Hellbent
10. Rockabye
11. Stay With Me
12. Wild Boys
13. Lifetime of Trouble

Release Date: 1990
Label: Capitol

The band's most ambitious work, it has complex songs and a sound that expands on their previous attack. ~ John Floyd, All Music Guide

108MB, WMA 9.1


Anonymous said...

For those listening at home, it's songs 2 and 5 on Johnny Comes Marching Home. That is two of the best songs in the history of tunes.

WVKayaker said...

those are two good ones fer sure

eric said...

Thanks for posting these LP's/CD's.The Last Del Lords album is my favorite by them. Any fan of the Del Lords should grab a copy of Eric Ambel's first solo LP, Roscoe's Gang,it is one of my all time favorite lps.

WVKayaker said...

thanks for the awesome tip. I'll hunt it down!

WVKayaker said...

Go here for that Eric Ambel's LP

Anonymous said...

how can i get this?

WVKayaker said...

copy the link above and follow the instructions

Anonymous said...

I know I am late to this site, but... have a question...

anyone have a link to Eric Ambel's first solo LP? I wore out 2 vinyl copies of ROSCOE'S GANG....


jb said...

Thanks for the Del Lords. I had some of these on vinyl at one time. great band.

Camarillo Brillo said...

you're welcome jb

kevin said...

Hey thanks, I assisted on the live album, I'm Kevin Farley, did all the edits and such. Squege where are you?

Camarillo Brillo said...

Kevin Farley...thanks for your feedback

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