Thursday, January 3, 2008

David Crosby: The Beacon Theatre, NYC March 24, 1984 Bootleg

Bought this on e-pray a couple of years back. Sound is IMO, 8/10. It's good enough quality wise for an interesting listen for Crosby fans.

The Lee Shore
For Free
Carry Me
Mr. Tamborine Man
Eight Miles High
Deja Vu
Low Down Payment
Almost Cut my Hair
Wooden Ships
Long Time Gone

63MB, WMA 9.1, 71 Minutes


We're Late For Class said...

Hi Cam,

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We’re writing you in hopes that you might post our new album on your fine blog. It would mean a lot to us to reach your wider audience... and to just be acknowledged by other bloggers like yourself would be a treat. Here’s a link to get all of the codes for the cool animated cover and full album MP3 player, should you like to post them for your readers...

And you can see how all this looks on our own blog...

Of course... there’s nothing in this for you, except a “thanks.” We will, of course, be thrilled to include you in our blog’s link list, “Bloggers Kind Enough To Promote Us Even Though There's Zilch In It For Them.” And, we’ll even love you for it, too. Heck... maybe even some of your readers might appreciate something out of the ordinary. So you’re fully aware, however, we are also contacting a few other friends and blogs to get as much exposure as we can. Since we’re not profiting from this venture, we can only hope the blogging community will help out one of their own with much needed promotion. And... the cool animated gif (which works perfectly in Blogger) will look great on your page and draw plenty of attention. Even if you don’t want to make the space, a link would be most welcomed (and drop us a comment so we can reciprocate). Should you need anything else, just let us know.

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All the best...

WVKayaker said...

I give it a shot and if it fits in at all here I will post your links.
No problem here with folks that want to use this blog to help promote their music. Stay tuned and thanks

We're Late For Class said...

Great WV,
A million thanks. We appreciate the support.
Hope you get a chance to listen and love.
All the best in 08.

WVKayaker said...

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun is pretty cool!
You earned that link I posted!
Good luck!
Do a bong hit for me!

We're Late For Class said...

Cool... glad you liked it. As for the bong hit... it's... just about... done... skkcchhttt. Yeah... it's gone. Good idea.
Thanks again,

Josh said...

Hi, I would really love to get this but it doesn't seem available? Could you possibly post it again? Many thanks.

WVKayaker said...

try it again josh

zappahead said...

Almost......cut my hair.....well I had to living in deepest...darkest....rural Ireland and to hear this concert here....well, its something else....thank you very much sharing this.......long may you prosper....thank you.

Camarillo Brillo said...

live long zappahead

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