Friday, December 11, 2009


Dave caught the transistion from WHFS in Bethesda, MD to WLOM in Annapolis before they aquired the WHFS call letters for what would become 99.1 'HFS. They called themselves 'Progressive 99'. Deejays Adelle and Sarah are recorded on this tape playing some damned fine tunes from 1983. It's a good one!

Warren Zevon, Elvis Costello, Willy Nile, Ian Gomm, Depeche Mode, Fingerprints, Simple Minds, Tim Scott, N.Y. Dolls, Slickee Boys, Stiv Bators, Echo & The Bunnymen, Dream Syndicate, Let's Acive, Bongos, 84 Rooms, R.E.M.

Until I get the MP3 Lame codec installed on my recording software you will just have to deal with Windows Media Audio...Sorry.

One 64MB File, WMA 9.1 VBR, 92 Minutes

Link Here



Anonymous said...

How Perfect is this!

After a long hiatus, HFS is back on... (with the tape, HFS was resurrected as 99.1) and here on CB's site, CB makes a spectacular return with this GREAT Tape... This is a SUPER Tape... Damn, like I said earlier, they just keep getting better!!!! WHooo Hoo... and Definitely an enjoyable piece of music history... :)

Thanks again CB... These are great to listen to... regardless of format.

Glad to see you are back online.

Merry Christmas to all!

Dave B.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for capturing the moment Dave!
Still haven't figured out to get the MP3 Lame Codec installed in my Total Recorder Software...Might be a lost cause... )-:

Eric said...

What version of Total Recorder are you using? I can give you instructions if you are using 8.0 (and probably a few versions before that if I can remember).

Camarillo Brillo said...

Version 8 Eric...Thank you!

Eric said...

Download Lame from here:

Copy the file "lame_enc.dll" out of the ZIP file you have downloaded and into the folder "C:\Program Files\HighCriteria\TotalRecorder".

Open Total Recorder and go to the menu "Options", choose "Settings". In the Settings window there should be an area on the left that says "Formats" and under that "MP3". Click "MP3".

Under "Select program for encoding to MP3" choose "Lame encoder (Dll)". Lame should now be set up for you. Click "OK".

Now when you save as an MP3 it should encode the file using Lame. When you go to save the MP3 file just name the file with the ".mp3" extension and click "Change..." in the "Save" dialog to adjust your MP3 options (set quality to 320kbps, etc).

And you are done! That should work fine. Sorry if the instructions seem a little basic at times, I wanted to make sure anyone can follow them and I'm not sure your familiarity with these different functions of the various pieces of software.

If you want, you can also make MP3 files in a different MP3 encoding method known as VBR which has 99% of the quality of a full 320kbps MP3 in about 60% of the file size. Let me know if you want instructions on how to set that up as well. The files produced with that method will still play in any player or on any iPod, etc.

Camarillo Brillo said...

That was so freakin' easy, I can't thank you enough! And I am sure all those WMA haters will too!
I have the codec downloaded but didn't know how to apply it...Total Recorder's tech support was no help...they just told me T.R. uses the codex installed in Windows Media Player...
Thank you again! It is much appreciated!

Camarillo Brillo

Eric said...

As one of those who prefers MP3 to WMA, I am more than happy to help!

Though I still suggest VBR so you don't have to spend so much time uploading to rapidshare :P

Camarillo Brillo said...

The next post will be VBR...thanks again Eric!

Eric said...

Actually looks like they've made VBR support more confusing in the newer versions of Total Recorder and Lame. It's kind of complex to get the setup correct (to match the quality of 320kbps). Might I suggest:

Sample rate: 44100

Bit rate settings:
Variable bit rate
minimum: 32kbps
maximum: 320kbps

Quality: Very High Quality
VBR Method: New method
VBR Quality: best (0)

Should make the files a bit smaller for uploading without losing any quality. Total Recorder is a little wonky with VBR though it looks like and keeps resetting those settings every time you save a new file, so if you feel like just using 320kbps still, I don't mind at all. Looks annoying to do over and over!

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for all the tutorials and suggestions Eric! Greatly appreciated. Ripping a tape now with VBR...hope it does what it's supposed to...(:

Camarillo Brillo said...

new link:

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I've downloaded plenty of bootlegged concerts from various blogs. As a rule I will only post stuff from my collection and not what is already available out there.

I also post out of print CDs and LPs from my collection.
I will repost from my readers anything someone sends me as long as it is either out of print or something that's not from someone else's blog. If you want to share a link for a cool item on your blog, or someone else's, please feel free to post it in the comments........

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Can you believe that so many out there are starving for the old WHFS? Amazing!

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