Friday, October 12, 2007


This is a vinyl rip of The Good Rats- Live at Last (Ratcity, RCR 998, 1980), a double LP recorded at My Father's Place in Roslyn, NY. This album is one of the best live albums out there. I love this band! Flying just under the radar, The Good Rats really play a wide varity of music. But it's all uniquely their own. Mix up Frank Zappa, Crack The Sky, AC-DC, Van Halen and anyone else that is creative, fun, and kick ass. If you like this rip, go get the CD. It's available on

1. Taking It To Detroit
2. Does It Make You Feel Good
3. You're Still Doing It
4. School Days
5. Cherry River
6. Injun Joe
7. Let Me
8. Tasty
9. Fred Upstairs And Ginger Snappers
10. Klash-Ka-Bob
11. Fireball Express
12. Victory In Space
13. Reason To Kill
14. Local Zero


Chris Baker said...

hi there, grabbing this now and looking forward to hearing it...I can kick myself for the amount of time I lived in the NYC metro area and never saw these least I saw lots of BOC and Dictators :-)


WVKayaker said...

From what I can tell, you can still catch 'em. Check out their website.

Anonymous said...

I love the Rats, i have this one as a double vinyl LP. Man, i dl'd your archive, half of it is empty, ie blank mp3s.

Too bad...

Joe the cab driver

Anonymous said...

I have got to see these guys live. Great Post, Thanks.

eric said...

I saw these guys a couple of times back in err, 1980 or 1981. They were a big band in the tri-state area and put on a very energetic live show.

WVKayaker said...

What do you mean half of it is empty?

WVKayaker said...

If they ever make it around here, I getup that way I will see them.

djbeast said...

Too bad it's only disc one.Thanks

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