Sunday, December 2, 2007

Seven Various Blues Sampler CDs

Here's a couple of out of print Blues Sampler CDs from my collection. Seven Discs here. When I get motivated I'll post more later.

A Celebration of Blues- The Great Singers, Vol. 2
"Seven Desires" by Coco Montoya
"Gave It All" by Luther Allison
"Don't You Feel My Leg (Don't You Get Me High)" by Maria Muldaur
"What's the Matter Baby" by Frankie Lee
"I Tried" by Duke Robillard
"You Mean More to Me Than Gold" by Nappy Brown
"Bring It on Home to Me/Old Folks Jam" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"No Nights by Myself" by Solomon Burke
"Spellbound" by Koko Taylor
"How Long Must I Cry" by Tommy Castro

Antone's 10th Anniversary Anthology, Vol. 1
"How'd You Learn to Shake It Like That" by Snooky Pryor
"Cotton Crop Blues" by James Cotton
"Built up from the Ground" by Sunnyland Slim
"Cold, Cold Feeling" by Albert Collins
"Walking by Myself" by Jimmy Rogers
"Sad Letter Blues" by James Cotton
"If You Don't Want Me Baby" by Eddie Taylor
"Bad Boy" by Eddie Taylor
"Look on Yonder's Wall" by Buddy Guy
"Things I Used to Do" by Buddy Guy
"Caldonia" by Pinetop Perkins
"Double Trouble" by Otis Rush
"You're Sweet" by Jimmy Rogers

Antone's 10th Anniversary Anthology, Vol. 2[cassette rip]
"Chicago Bound" by Jimmy Rogers
"Trouble Blues" by Pinetop Perkins
"Shake for Me" by Calvin "Fuzz" Jones
"Everything Gonna Be Alright" by Buddy Guy
"Natural Ball" by Otis Rush
"Moanin' at Midnight" by James Cotton
"Evan Shuffle" by James Cotton
"Black Cat Bone" by Albert Collins
"The Same Thing Could Happen to You" by Lazy Lester
"High Jack" by Matt "Guitar" Murphy

Black Top Blues-A-Rama- A Budget Sampler
"Chicken Fried Snake" by Ron Levy
"Ugh!" by Bobby Radcliff
"Dirty Work" by Nappy Brown
"Mary Joe" by Snooks Eaglin
"Out of Nowhere" by Snooks Eaglin
"Old Mr. Bad Luck" by Earl King
"Woman's Gotta Have It" by The Neville Brothers
"I Don't Want to Hear About Yours" by Hubert Sumlin
"If I Don't Get Involved" by Grady Gaines And The Texas Upsetters
"I Want to Shout About It" by Ronnie Earl
"Check-Out Time" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"Come by Here" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"Go Girl" by Tri-Sax-Ual Soul Champs
"Emmitt Lee" by Fran and Clarence Holliman Carol
"Pretty Woman" by Mike Morgan
"Boogie Woogie on MTK" by Snooks Eaglin
"If You Want to See the Blues" by Joe "Guitar" Hughes
"20 Miles" by Anson Funderburgh
"Buck's Nouvelle Jole Blon" by Buckwheat Zydeco
"The Hammer" by Greg Piccolo
"Life's Ups and Downs" by Earl King

Black Top Blues-A-Rama, Vol. 3
"Theme Song and Introduction [Live]" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"Next Time You See Me [Live]" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"Your Turn to Cry [Live]" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"Don't Want No Woman [Live]" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"When There's No Way Out [Live]" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"You Did Me Wrong [Live]" by James "Thunderbird" Davis
"Introduction [Live]" by Ron Levy
"Organ-Ism [Live]" by Ron Levy
"Tee Ni Nee Na Nu [Live]" by Ron Levy
"Introduction" by Bobby Radcliff
"Bonehead [Live]" by Bobby Radcliff
"Sex Machine [Live]" by Bobby Radcliff
"Bad Luck [Live]" by Bobby Radcliff
"Night Train [Live]" by Bobby Radcliff

Black Top Blues-A-Rama, Vol. 7- Live at Tipitinas
"I Don't Want You Hanging Around" by Crawl
"You Ain't Like You Used to Be" by Crawl
"Should've Done Better" by Crawl
"24 Hours of the Day" by Big Robert Smith
"Blind Man" by Lynn August & The Hot August Knights
"Tous Les Temps en Temps" by Lynn August & The Hot August Knights
"Tous Les Jours Ce N'Est Pas la Meme Chose" by Lynn August
"Railroad Blues" by Lynn August & The Hot August Knights
"Golden Girl" by Clarence Hollimon
"I Needs to Be Be'd With" by Clarence Hollimon
"Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere" by Clarence Hollimon
"Your Love Is Real" by Robert Ward
"Your Love Is Amazing" by Robert Ward
"Forgive Me Darling" by Robert Ward
"Something for Nothing" by Robert Ward
"Potato Soup" by Robert Ward

Blues Guitar Duels
"Girl You're So Nice And Clean" by Buddy Guy & Phil Guy
"West Side Soul" by Hubert Somlin & Ronnie Earl
"Corn Palace" by Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King
"You're Fine" by Mike Morgan & Jim Suhler
"She's Gone" by Philip Walker & Otis Grand
"Backstroke" by Ronnie Earl & Duke Robillard
"Full Gain" by Grady Gaines & Rod Gains, Clarence Holliman
"The Wasp" by Joe Coronado, Mark Pollock & Ray Jimenez
"Kick Out" by Guitar Shorty & Otis Grand
"You Got To Help Me" by Hubert Sumlin & Richard Studholme

275MB, WMA 9.1

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