Sunday, December 9, 2007

WHFS 99.1 Tapes Shared by Josh: Summer/Fall 1985 and January 1987

I just got finished posting my last WHFS tape, then Josh sends me another great batch of his tapes. Josh, you are THE Man!

Josh Wrote:
"Here are three tapes. The first is from Summer, Fall 85. The last two are January 87. There was a big snow storm that day, so I stayed home and made tapes. Every once and a while the DJs will reference the snow.

I have another unidentified song, if anyone can help. Not entirely sure about the lyrics, you'll hear it on tape 13 B.

I watch TV and I talk to the animals
I rule the world as I watch That's Incredible
I can't see my future, but I do know my fate
And when I get there, it will be worth the wait.

Nothing is special anymore
Nothing is easier for sure

Very sad to hear about Tom T. I have a couple of tapes with him, one in particular where he goes on a rant: "I don't do no request shows." The quality is pretty dismal, but I'll upload them later this week.

Squeeze, Talking Heads, The Alarm, Roger Daltry, The Who, Lou Reed, Jim Carroll (doing Lou Reed),
Neil Young, Little Feat, Dave Edmunds, The Ramones, Greg Kihn, Cure, Tom Waits, Delbert McClinton, Jackson Brown, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, REM, Grateful Dead

Minimal Compact, XTC, Roxy Music, Peter Himmelman, The English Beat, U2, Weasel Theme, Blondie, Cure, Weird Al, DEVO, Dave Edmunds, Kirsty MacColl, Robert Palmer, Go Gos, Elvis Costello, Big Dish (brief appearance by Tom T), Johnny Sportcoat, Hooters, Rootboy Slim

Whack Attack, U2, Tirez Tirez, Grateful Dead, BoDeans, Beatles, Bangles, Pretenders, Pete Townshend, Barone and Mastro, Peter Case, The Rave Ups, Zappa, Jo Boxer, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, New Order, REM

Thanks for all the incredible shares. It's driving my wife crazy, but I'm having a great time."

Thanks again Josh!

261MB, MP3 @128kbps

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WVKayaker said...

Hope someone sooner or later takes a listen and responds to Josh's request for help

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