Sunday, December 9, 2007

WHFS 99.1 1993-1994 Johnny Riggs, Zoltar

02-06-1993 WHFS Johnny Riggs Sat Feb 6th 1993, 91 Minutes

10-23-1993 WHFS Zoltar Sat Oct 23 1993, 31 Minutes

01-30-1994 WHFS Johnny Riggs, Under The Covers, 46 Minutes

02-12-13-1994 WHFS Johnny Riggs, Sat and Sunday, 91 Minutes

198 MB, WMA 9.1

WHFS by this time period was definetley moving to a more commercial format. Good tunes here, but as I say, more commercialized.
This should be my last post of WHFS tapes taped by me. I was pretty much done with WHFS from here on out. So much self promotion and so on. It was clear the WHFS we all knew and loved was turning into DC-101 or 98 Rock tho maybe still leaning toward the progressive side.
No matter, because, that same time period WRNR came on the scene and it was a breathe of fresh air. With some of the same DJ's, and ownership, from the old 'HFS, we were treated to almost a decade of quality "Freeform, Progressive" radio once again.
Of course 'RNR would follow in 'HFS's steps and go commercial too. Sadly I guess that's how it goes.
On a side note, I would urge all you WHFS fans to see my other posts for WXCL, the predecessor of WRNR and downoad those 18 tapes. All from 1994, they were a bit more leaning towards hard rock, and a bit commercialized in my opinion, yet they were a damn fine radio station in my opinion. And if you like 70's hard rock, then you MUST download the WGTB tapes I have posted in here. And yes, please listen to them and leave feedback.
Next up, my WRNR tapes...I will still post other WHFS tapes shared by my readers and if I stumble across anymore, or get motivated enough, I still have a handful of open reel tapes that still need to be ripped to my hard drive. Including the last WHFS tape from 102.3 FM, when I watched my signal strengh meter on my tuner drop to zero when Weasel played the last song. I almost cried!
Whew...what a work out. Now, don't just download 'em, listen to them, and post some feedback please.

edit: I still need to post the rest of the WHFS tapes shared by Bob...I've only shared 2 of the 17 CD's so far of these. Each CD contains almost 700MB of tapes ripped to MP3 @ 160kbps.


Anonymous said...

please tell your wife, you are providing an incredible service to the music lovers across the land. I was ready to go to sleep when more HFS was posted. Thanks

WVKayaker said...

wife? me? Not!

Nick S. said...

Hey, have you ever thought about uploading these tapes to YouTube? I would love to hear them, but I don't trust torrent sites and YouTube has a depressing lack of classic HFS airchecks.

Camarillo Brillo said...

I never thought of that. What's the longest clip they allow?...these are often 45 minutes and larger

Nick S. said...

There's no time limit on YouTube anymore. I've seen videos that run for several hours.

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