Wednesday, September 9, 2020

WAMU 88.5 FM Overnight Express tape from July 13, 1980 From Jim


 My Good buddy Jim, who taped lots of local radio way back in the day... Has shared another cool tape with us. Thanks again as always Jim!

Here's his email text to me.

I've switched computers so don't think I've sent you anything from this email address before but here I am with another find from the basement.

Here's a recording of the WAMU 88.5 FM Overnight Express show from July 13, 1980 which included Bruce Rosenstein's every other week new music show. I found it on the B side of a Live Gang of Four Concert that was played on WHFS a month later.  The concert spilled over a bit and unfortunately I taped over the first minute of Bruce but 25- 30 minutes of his show remains.  I don't remember any of these songs but luckily Bruce back announces all of them. After he signs off there's about 10 minutes of Kim playing the Slickee Boys and The Dark--at least I think the last few are from The Dark.  I have a couple of their tunes on Skip Groff's DC Connected Sampler (LIMP 1005), so it's nice to hear more from them.

Glad to see you still have the blog going and hoping you are in good health.
As always I'll share any additional nuggets that surface.

41 Minutes, MP3@320 Link

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Kinks - King Biscuit Flower Hour - Chicago 1986

Recorded Live at the Riviera Theatre, Chicago, Illinois 1986

Another one of my tapes that I thought had been posted here before. It's a good sounding over the air broadcast of the Kinks recorded Feb 17 1989 from 98 Rock, WIYY in Baltimore. Always blows my mind that these 30 plus year old tapes sound this good. Sadly there is a tape flip/splice on You Really Got Me. Shit happens.

 Do It Again / Low Budget / Come Dancing / Lost And Found / Lola / State Of Confusion / All Day And All Of The Night / You Really Got Me / Celluloid Heroes / Twentieth Century Man / Till The End Of The Day

Maxell UDS-I 60, 50 Minutes

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Johnny Van Zandt - Live at the Bayou WWDC 10-21-1980

I taped this off of WWDC, DC101 way back in 1980.

Keep On Rollin' 3:34
Statesboro Blues 3:51
Working Man Blues 3:24 
No More Dirty Deals 5:50
Coming Home 4:26
Put My Trust In You 3:16
Only The Strong Survive 4:05
Never Too Late 4:10
Standing In The Darkness 5:26

Both FLAC and MP3 in one file.
Get it Here

Monday, November 18, 2019

Billy Idol - King Biscuit Flower Hour 98 Rock 04-29-1990

Another tape I stumbled on while looking for some goodies to add to my iPod. It's an awesome sounding show taped off of 98 Rock and ripped today to share. I tried looking on line for a cleaner rip from an original KBFH CD, but the only one I found was a dodgy link for a download that I passed on. No matter, this one sounds fuckin' great! Steve Stevens is the real deal! Enjoy!

 Ready Steady Go, Baby Talk, Eyes Without A Face, White Wedding, Flesh For Fantasy, Rebel Yell, Hot In The City, Mony Mony, Dancing With Myself

MP3@320, 48 Minutes, 112MB

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

TEARS FOR FEARS - In Concert Westwood One, from WHFS 1990

I went ahead and ripped this 29 year old cassette today and figured, might as well post it here to share with my fellow 'HFS heads, and anyone else that can dig this.
It's an on the air recording of a Westwood One Radio Broadcast on WHFS circa 1990, recorded on my Akai Open Reel Tape Deck then transferred to this cassette tape. Can't seem to find anything on line about it. It sounds pretty sweet for a 29 year old TDK SA-76 Tape!

 1 Head Over Heels
 2 Change-Pale Shelter
 3 Woman In Chains
 4 Advice For The Young At Heart
 5 Mad World
 6 Famous Last Words Intro
 7 Famous Last Words
 8 Standing on the Corner of the Third World
 9 Sowing The Seeds Of Love
 10 All You Need Is Love
 11 Everybody Wants To Rule The World
 12 Year of the Knife
 13 Shout

74 Minutes, MP3@320, 175MB

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Dweezil Zappa - The Warehouse at the Fairfield Theatre Company in Fairfield, CT

Recorded at The Warehouse at the Fairfield Theatre Company in Fairfield, CT on October 28, 2016.

I ripped the audio from this excellent YouTube video. The audio source is soundboard. Enjoy.

Band line-up and setlist:
Dweezil Zappa - guitar, Cian Coey - vocals, Scheila Gonzalez - keyboards, sax, flute, vocals, Chris Norton - keyboards, vocals, David Luther - sax, keyboards, vocals, Kurt Morgan - bass, vocals, Ryan Brown - drums.

0:00 Incan Art Vamp - audio only
0:30 Help, I’m A Rock - live video starts at 1:13
1:33 Transylvania Boogie
3:16 It Can't Happen Here (with very brief snippets of "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Back In Black")
7:42 You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here
9:27 Harry, You're a Beast / The Orange County Lumber Truck
11:02 Lemme Take You To The Beach
13:53 intro to How Could I Be Such A Fool?
14:36 How Could I Be Such A Fool?
16:54 Who Are The Brain Police?
20:45 Dweezil discusses the Freak Out! album
22:44 What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?
25:46 She Painted Up Her Face
27:30 Half A Dozen Provocative Squats
28:51 Flower Punk
30:25 Inca Roads
42:50 Black Napkins (1988 arrangement)


51:43 Yo' Mama
1:02:12 Teen-Age Wind
1:05:16 Montana
1:14:00 Zomby Woof
1:22:44 Doreen
1:24:44 You Are What You Is
1:28:50 The Illinois Enema Bandit
1:38:42 Dweezil's ZFT (Zappa Family Trust) update
1:42:19 Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt
1:47:03 On The Bus
1:48:55 Keep It Greasey
1:55:14 Watermelon In Easter Hay

2:03:38 intro to Ride My Face To Fairfield, CT
2:04:00 Ride My Face To Fairfield, CT
2:08:55 Cosmik Debris
2:14:55 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
2:18:44 Muffin Man - with band intros

2 Hours 27 Minutes, MP3/VBR

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dweezil Zappa Plays Knuckleheads Garage Kansas City 04 April 2018

This is an audio rip from a YouTube video. Split into tracks with a few tunes combined to go with the flow so to speak. [Example: the Roxy Suite: Cheepnis-Son of Orange County-Trouble Every Day were combined] This looks and sounds to me to be professionally recorded. Enjoy!

The Purple Lagoon (Intro)
Lonely Little Girl
Suzy Creamcheese
Call Any Vegetable
Tell Me You Love Me
Rollo Medley
Dog Breath
Dog Meat
Cocaine Decisions
Florentine Pogen
Sleep Napkins
Camarillo Brillo
Dirty Love
The Black Page #1
The Black Page #2
Love Ride
Dragon Master
Peaches en Regalia
This Town Is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich
Keep It Greasey
Son of Orange County
Trouble Every Day
Remington Electric Razor Jingle
Sleeping in a Jar
Muffin Man
The Purple Lagoon (Reprise)

MP3/VBR, 2 Hours, 32 Minutes
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