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Chicken Legs and the Nighthawks, Live at the Warner Theater

Here is my open reel tape of Chicken Legs and the Nighthawks, live at the Warner Theater. My tape is labeled Nov 21 1980 and states that the show was taped off of WWDC DC-101. The date could be inaccurate as I have Googled this show and found a similar show without as many Nighthawks tunes as I have here, and it is dated Nov 18 1980 and states that the show was taped off of WAVA. I believe there was a 3 or 4 night stand at the Warner Theater, so it's possible I'm correct in the shows date and radio station I taped it from. Also this sounds like the last night, because Paul Barerre mentions how much fun they have had here with the Nighthawks and how much they love DC. It's also possible it could have been re-aired. Hell it's been 27 years since I recorded this show off the radio so who knows for sure. The poster above shows the date of the 17th of November.
Whatever....This sounds great! It starts off a bit shaky for a minute or so then everything settles down and the sound is very good for the next 94 minutes. I ran out of tape during "Down On The Farm"...bummer. But hey, you get 95 minutes of The Nighthawks and Chicken Legs from 1980!

1) "Love Me Or Leave" by The Nighthawks (6:49)
2) "Back To the City" by The Nighthawks (3:36)
3) "You Got To Live For Yourself" by The Nighthawks (2:20)
4) "Pretty Girls And Cadillacs" by The Nighthawks (5:05)
5) "Little Sister" by The Nighthawks (6:44)
6) "I Wouldn't Treat A Dog" by The Nighthwaks (6:35)
7) "Tripe Face Boogie" by The Nighthawks (3:23)
8) "Holiday" by Chicken Legs (4:10)
9) "Down Over The Border" by Chicken Legs (3:49)
10) "I Got That Record Executive Blues Again" by Chicken Legs (5:19)
11) "Drown In A Sea Of Love" by Chicken Legs (4:01)
12) "Old Folks Boogie" by Chicken Legs (5:11)
13) "I Got a Mess of the Blues" by Chicken Legs (4:17)
14) "Apolitical Blues-Boogie Man Blues" by Chicken Legs (7:40)
15) "High Roller" by Chicken Legs (5:17)
16) "Stay All Night" by Chicken Legs (5:21)
17) "Pump It Up" by Chicken Legs (3:19)
18) "Band Intros" by Chicken Legs (3:47)
19) "Elmo's Blues, Down On the Farm (incomplete)" by Chicken Legs (8:35)

Chicken Legs Line Up:
Catfish Hodge, Paul Barrere, Kenny Gradney, Sam Clayton, Richie Hayward, Mitch Collins, Dixie C. Balin

The Nighthawks Line Up:
Mark Wenner, Pete Ragusa, Jimmy Thackery, Jan Zukowski

198MB, MP3 @320, 95 Minutes

If you like this then get this:


Anonymous said...

I am all over this one! Thanks again for your efforts on this. Catfish Hodge and Paul Barrere hooked up again in the mid 80s and formed a group called "Bluesbreakers" - no relation to John Mayall version. Hot stuff I have on vinyl. I gotta figure out how to do the vinyl to mp3 conversion thing.

WVKayaker said...

I use this.

You can find free stuff out there, but as you know, you get what you pay for. I've used it for years. It was worth every penny. Many features, such as capturing external audio via sound card, and internal audio such as webcasts or re-recording a compressed file on your PC. And choosing any combination of bitrates and format to record to.

Anonymous said...

Kayaker, Thanks for the tip on totalrecorder!

WVKayaker said...

my pleasure

Anonymous said...


IS this your hobby or your name? I saw in your profile canoeing?!? Sorry just hit me!

Big Big Thank You... I"ve searched for this more than once. I even joined a Little Feat News group because I knew Paul Bererre participated looking for
this. I knew it existed in some form as
then (for 27 years) my band the (Lost Cowboy Band) was big fans of Lttle Feat and I additionally was a big Nighthawks
fan. Somebody (the drummer I think) snagged an LP version of one of these
concerts and we proceeded to cover the
tune "Holiday" I stumbled upon this last night (when did you post?) looking
for a 1980 Nighthawks LP. I was literally shaking as I read and saw your
post. It took me a little more time to download and open the archive, but WOW WOW I'm back there in 1980 at the Warner. I wasn"t there then, but I am now! I think we only had the Chicken Legs stuff back then so I'm doubly tickled to hear vintage Nighthawks too... got to get back to MD and the district
Back to the city, Back to Town!

Thanks... I"ll be browsing HFS stuff here too.. quite a collection!
Again thank you.. if this was indeed t posted on the same day I found it I may start believing in divine intervention

Thank You!!

WVKayaker said...

You can start believing in divine intervention because I posted it yesterday. Thanks for one of the best feedbacks any one has ever bothered to post. Check out the rest of the stuff on here. If you like the Nighthawks, Little Feat and Chicken Legs you are sure to find some good stuff here. And please let me know about some of the other stuff you download. Feedback keeps us bloggers going. Thanks again for your comments.

WVKayaker said...

And, stay tuned because I will be posting Catfish Hodge Live From The Bayou tomorrow.

citisights said...

Just downloaded and listened to this and it's great, thanks for posting. Been a long time Feat fan and knew of Chicken Legs, but never heard any of the music. Went to Jamaica this year to see Little Feat and they are STILL a great band.

Thanks for all your hard work keeping the music alive!

Camarillo Brillo said...

glad you found this...enjoy and thanks for the kind words!

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