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Rock 103 WXZL Annapolis Maryland, 9 Ninety Minute Tapes from 1994

WXZL was a hard rock-progressive station in Annapolis that was taken over by WRNR. WRNR Owner Jake Einstein was the owner of WHFS back in the day. Too bad I didn't know about this station sooner, before WRNR took over. I have several tapes, 9 of them too be shared in this post. Most are in mono because the signal was so weak. But this was an awesome radio station. Long setlists and progressive in nature, leaning toward hard rock. As mentioned before, I taped these tapes, and always used either my Pioneer CT-F1000 3 head deck, or later with my Nakamichi CR1A 3 head deck. So they sound great. The fact most of these are in mono, really takes nothing away from the great music. Just elimintes the hissing due to the weak signal. Pretty cool station. Hope to hear some feedback on this post. Standy by soon for more WHFS, WGTB, and WRNR.

Tape 1
Van halen, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Living Color, Metallica, G Love, Tom Petty, Danzig, Ozzy, Alice In Chains, Counting Crows, Frank Zappa, My Sisters Machine, The Cure, Bad Habits

Tape 2
Maggie East, Van Halen, Faith No More, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Afghan Wigs, Pearl Jam, Nirvanna, Collective Soul, Helmit, STP, The Cult, Kings X,

Tape 3
The Slickee Boys, Phantom Surfer, Pee Wee Herman, The 77's, The Breeders, The Clash,

Tape 4
Blind Melon, Pearl Jam, Meat Puppets, Buffalo Springfield, Nirvanna, NIN, The Polics, Yes, The Breeders, Beautiful People, The Church, The Spin Doctors, Frank Zappa, The Band, Boingo, David Bowie, Chris Isaac, Subdudes

Tape 5
John Hiatt, Phish, Melissa Etheridge, Talking Heads, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Crack The Sky, Meat Puppets, G Love and Special Suce, Pink Floyd, The Pretenders, Gin Blossoms, ZZ Top, Candlebox, Yes, The Waterboys, Big Head Todd, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen

Tape 6
Big Head Todd, Thin Lizzy, Melisaa Etheridge, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, The Greys, The Kinks, Blind Melon, Soundgarden, Living Color, Freddie Jones, Slaughterhouse, Tom Petty, The Doors, Waterboys, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Cockburn, Van Morrison

Tape 7
Bonnie Raitt, Counting Crows, Eric Clapton, Boz Scaggs, Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlin, Queen, Jackson Brown, Denzel, Alice In Chains, Traffic, David Bowie

Tape 8
Ted Hawkins, Deep Purple, Dog Society, Phish, Bruce Springsteen, Alice In Chains, Gary Moore, Counting Crows, The Clash, The Black Crows, Crash Test Dummmies, UFO, Chris Isaac, Freddie Jones, Melissa Etheridge, Spin Doctors, Led Zeppelin, The Pretenders, Van Morrison

Tape 9
Sarah Mclauchlin, Sheryl Crow, Phis, Lenny Kravitz, Van Morrison, Jackson Brown, Smithereens, Joe Satriani, Ted Hawkins, Lou Reed, Melissa Etheridge, Pink FLoyd, Hole, Pretenders, Bruce Cockburn

WMA 9.1 @96 and 80kbps, 469MB, 9 Tapes


Anonymous said...

I remember that station being on the air for a short time prior to WHFS opening up in Annapolis. It was a great time for Radio.
but NOW as Shemekia Copeland sings in " Who Stole My Radio? "
Radio sucks! Thanks for your efforts in posting all of these good old radio broadcasts WXZL, WHFS, WGTB. Do you have any of the old U of MD radio station broadcasts. If you can please post them too. Maybe someone will donate a copy to for you to post for the greater public audio welfare. Keep on rockin'

WVKayaker said...

Great quote from Shemekia, saw her at the Ramshead, and she was amazing!
Don't have any UMD stuff...wish I did..I do have 100's of hours of WRNR that took over WXCL...bunch of DJ's from the old WHFS days...stay tuned. And thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to repost? Thanks for the great music - old WRNR/Rock 103 from the 90s is the best radio out there!

Camarillo Brillo said...

New Link:

Camarillo Brillo said...

Yeah...Rock 103 was a great station!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reuploading! Really good stuff on these tapes and great FM sound, too - not too overly-processed the way so much radio sounds these days!

Camarillo Brillo said...

The sound is pretty good no doubt...

Here's a couple of links for all the WRNR/Rock 103 from 1994...this is about 35 tapes

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