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Another CD "Mix Tape" Continued... Aug 2003 - Nov 2003 Five CD's

I don't hear much feedback, but these compilation CD's get downloaded quite a bit, so I guess I'll keep posting them.

AUGUST 2, 2003
2. Lucinda Williams- Essence (Bowery Ballroom Boot)
3. Hole- Doll Parts (John Peel Sessions)
4. Melanie Doane- Sweet Sorrow
5. Amy Rigby- 20th Anniversary
6. Cindy Alexander- Dresden
7. Bree Sharp- Show Me
8. Miranda Lee Richards- Beauty Queen
9. Michelle Shocked- The Hard Way (remix)
10. Kasey Chambers- Runaway Train (live)
11. Syd Straw- CBGB’s (edit)
12. Patty Griffin- Blue Sky
13. Alanis Morissette- A Man
14. Maria Mckee- This Property Is Condemned (live, Osaka 1994)
15. Aimee Main- Sugarcoated
16. Marti Jones- Talk To Me
17. Roseanne Cash- All Come True (Retrospective CD)
18. Victoria Williams- Crazy Mary (Live Mountain Stage CD)
19. Lucinda Williams- Pancakes (Born To Choose CD)
20. Lucinda Williams- Main Road (Sweet Relief CD)

AUGUST 17, 2003
LUCINDA WILLIAMS- Back to Baton Rouge,Come to Me Baby
EVA CASSIDY- Take Me to the River
BOZ SCAGGS- It All Went Down the Drain
BONNIE RAITT- Who But A Fool (Thief Into Paradise)
FLEETWOOD MAC- Family Man (Extended Guitar Mix)
THOMAS DOLBY- My Brain is Like a Sieve
BRYAN FERRY- Mamouna (radio edit), Don’t Stop the Dance(live), Bete Noire(live)
JOHN ASTLEY- I Dream About You (But I Cannot Sleep)
THE JAYHAWKS- Smile, A Break In The Clouds
THE SMITHEREENS- Beauty and Sadness

August 18 2003
01 - Girls Talk - Dave Edmunds
02 - Rock Steady - Bonnie Raitt
03 - Cool Rockin' Loretta - Joe Ely
04 - Fantastic Planet Of Love - Marshall Crenshaw
05 - Bad Time- Miss Williams Guitar - The Jayhawks
06 - Drive My Car - David Crosby
07 - Back To Zero - Tommy Keene
08 - Places That Are Gone - Tommy Keene
09 - Let Me Roll It - Paul McCartney
10 - Shadow Child - Laughing Colors
11 - All Over But The Cryin' - The Georgia Satellites
12 - Somewhere In Ohio - The Jayhawks
13 - Righteosly - Lucinda Williams

AUGUST 31, 2003
CPR- It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
SYD STRAW- Crazy American
TIMBUK 3- Life Is Hard
THE SMITHEREENS- Behind the Wall Of Sleep
R.E.M.- The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
STP- Creep, Unplugged
ROXY MUSIC- Live At The Apollo, While My Heart Is Still Beating
IAN MOORE- Not In Vain
JOHN MAYALL- Spinning Coin
CHEQUERED PAST- Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way
JEFF BECK- Ambitious, Gets Us All in The End
WAS (NOT WAS)- Out Come The Freaks
PREFAB SPROUT- looking For Atlantis
DON DIXON- Calling out For Love

November 28, 2003
The Mammy Anthem, Frank Zappa
Stevie’s Spanking, Frank Zappa
World Without Tears, Martini Ranch
City Of Tiny Lites, Frank Zappa
The Longest Day, Escape Club
Forever Yesterday, Soup Dragons
Wonderful Wino, Frank Zappa
Advance Romance, Frank Zappa
Stinkfoot, Frank Zappa
Don’t Talk to Strangers, John Astley
The Black Page, Frank Zappa
Moondog, Prefab Sprout
Eastern Bloc, Thomas Dolby
Strictly Genteel, Frank Zappa

WMA 9.1
5 CD's 192MB


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, It'll take awhile to listen to all of these tunes. Keep up the good work, It's much appreciated!

WVKayaker said...

Yeah...five 80 minute CD's will take a while..Hope you enjoy them and thanks for the feedabck!

Anonymous said...

downloading now ... respect for your work, keep up

Camarillo Brillo said...

respect for U 2

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