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WHFS 99.1 FM: Damian's Sunday Night Blues Show 11-04-1990

Damian's Sunday Night Blues shows were something the WHFS of the 99.1 era relegated to Sunday nights. Back in the day on 102.3 we didn't need a night dedicated to the Blues. They played 'em whenever it felt right to. This 94 minute recording from Nov 11 1990 is smokin' hot from beginning to end. No Commercials, PSA's, Weather, No Nuthin', just Damian describing the bands in detail and a great rockin' Blues set. It's a classic!

John Lee hooker, Taj Mahall, Mike Morgan & The Crawl, Nappy Brown & The Heartfixers, Hubert Sumlin, Willie Dixon, Bobby Radcliff, The Nighthawks, Katie Webster, Otis Spann, Freddy King, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Little Charlie & The Nighcats, Joe Louis Walker, Carey & Lurrie Bell, Bill Dicey

184MB, MP3@320, 94 Minutes

It was always about the music and for a generation of listeners to his local radio shows Damian Einstein was the pied piper. From the moment he hit the airwaves from an apartment turned radio station high atop Triangle Towers in Bethesda, until his last shows in March, he offered up a cornucopia of music to thousands.

Tomorrow evening those people who came to "Feast your ears," as old WHFS radio's logo beckoned, will honor Mr. Einstein the only way they know how - with music - at a concert in Annapolis.

"We are just showing Damian the love," said Michael Macey, who grew up listening to Mr. Einstein and later came to work with him as an engineer at WRNR in Annapolis.
After Mr. Einstein went off the air in March, Mr. Macey and Music Guide publisher Becky Cooper were lamenting the loss of the on-air personality, especially his local music show that featured area musicians.
Mr. Einstein is humbled by the effort insisting he was in it for the joy of it.

"I always played music for music's sake," he said. "I have always gotten along with people.
It did not take them long to put together a list of local performers beholden to Mr. Einstein for early support back in the day.
All of those had an early relationship with Mr. Einstein and WHFS, or later WRNR.

"It was my pleasure, it was an honor to play their music," Mr. Einstein said. "There were an amazing amount of players in the D.C. area. That's why I thought it was imperative to support local music."

But the breaks Mr. Einstein extended to musicians did not stop at local bands and musicians.

In the early 1970s the studio at WHFS was constantly jamming when bands came by to promote a local show. Mr. Einstein and his colleagues, played up and coming future stars long before other stations gave them air time.
"He had a keen ear for the music, deciphering who was excellent," Mr. Einstein's wife Patty Ebbert said.
For Mr. Einstein the next influence came from hanging around playing basketball in the black neighborhoods around Denton, where he grew up with his six siblings.

There he found the funk and rhythm in soul music. Then later, when he had taken a job selling ads at his father's small radio station, he soon took the midnight shift on the air. That was in 1970.

The music scene in and around D.C. was hot in those heady days. But for Mr. Einstein it almost ended in a car wreck in December 1975.

He and two friends were in a pickup and went through a dead end in a park, hitting a bridge. His two friends were killed.

Mr. Einstein was in a coma for weeks with severe head trauma and multiple fractures, including his neck. It took two full years of therapy and determination to come back.

"I wanted to get back on the air, to my music and my people," Mr. Einstein said.

He never fully gained strength in one arm and leg, and has used a cane ever since. It also affected his speech, but not his love for music and those who played it.
"These are all old friends, now," Mr. Einstein said.


WVKayaker said...

Problems posting comments?

bill said...

It was always about the music. That's what is so valuable about this site. I found 2,356 tunes to love in the 80's and 32 in the 90s. Was it just me getting old or did something terrible happen? HFS in the 80s was a salvation. Listening again, I like Milo's sets the best.

WVKayaker said...'s always a pleasure to hear from you.
yeah yer gettin' old!

naplesgc said...

I wish I had more friends in the day that could appreciate the station, djs and music as I did. They finally came around and then some, but early on, I was on the island by myself with WFHS.

Damian was/is truly a music icon and has set his accomplishments in stone.

Thank you Damian for service to us, the general public that graves great music. God bless with your continued endeavors.

Thanks WV for posting.

Camarillo Brillo said...

A belated thanks naples

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal show. Wish we had radio like this where I live. Thank you for sharing.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Glad you found it...Enjoy!

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