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Ian Lloyd: Goose Bumps, Third World Civilization

Two albums posted here from Ian Lloyd. I guess I am on some sort of Power Pop thing...Who knows...TWC is a vinyl rip from my collection. Goose Bumps is a cassette rip taped from vinyl, originally recorded from my buddy Sully. No worries...this sounds great! Taped on my world class Pioneer CT-F1000 3 head tape deck on a TDK SA-C90 tape and played back for ripping on my Nakamichi 3 head tape deck. The sound is perfect. Both rips are exceptional.

1 She Broke Your Heart 3:02
2 Love Stealer 3:33
3 First Heartbreak 2:37
4 Slip Away 3:34
5 Holiday 2:13
6 Open Soul Surgery 3:10
7 Goosebumps 2:46
8 Easy Money 2:29
9 Time of the Season 3:26
10 New City Lights 2:55
11 I'm Ready 3:24
12 Love Is a Ship 3:28

Ian Lloyd
Goose Bumps
Release Date: 1979
Label: Scotti Bros
Managed by Bud Prager in 1979 (the man who represented Foreigner, Deena Miller -- daughter of Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller -- Leslie West, and many others), the former singer for Stories was produced by a man instrumental in Aerosmith's comeback, the late Bruce Fairbairn. With help from members of the Cars, Foreigner, and former Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo, this album had all the elements for the breakthrough disc that Ian Lloyd deserved. "Slip Away" was written by Ric Ocasek and should have been a big Cars hit since it really didn't conquer radio on behalf of Lloyd. Ben Orr is on bass and backing vocals, Ric Ocasek pipes in on backing vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jimmy Crespo plays the very new wavey guitar -- it's Aerosmith meets the Cars with Stories lead vocalist! Russ Ballard's "First Heartbreak" sounds like a lost girl group classic with T.Rex overtones. A smart cover like the Bee Gees' "Holiday gets all synthed up, while the Zombies' "Time of the Season," always a welcome title, gets a respectable and unique reading by Stories former lead singer. "Open Soul Surgery" definitely goes the Foreigner route, though Lou Gramm and Mick Jones are on other tracks like "Love Stealer" and "She Broke Your Heart." Side one is very good, but side two fares even better, the title track, "Goose Bumps," with a solid riff and creepy vocal by the singer, and something even more key -- hooks different from the other 11 songs. There are substantial melodies all over this disc, solving the problem of his Polydor outing three years prior. Where the self-titled Ian Lloyd disc was mostly penned by the singer, Goose Bumps has a dazzling display of inviting and original tunes from all sorts of contributors. Ian Hunter and Corky Laing collaborate on "Easy Money" -- and this would've been great on a Mott the Hoople or Mountain disc, very different and distinctive, like when Hunter co-wrote "Goin' Through the Motions" for Blue Oyster Cult. "New City Lights" features Michael Brecker on tenor sax while Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams contribute the strong "I'm Ready." Paul DaVinci pens the final tune, "Love Is a Ship"; it is dreamy, another change of pace, and a superb conclusion to an album by a singer who gets help from some serious players, colors and flavors for his music that are more than worthwhile. Coming three years after his self-titled Polydor release, the 1976 disc which retained the services of Stories guitarist Steve Love and also contained performances by Mick Jones, this was the one after the transition album, the one that should have brought Ian Lloyd more hits like "I'm Coming Home," "Mammy Blue," and "Brother Louie." It made some noise but got lost in the rock & roll shuffle, however, Goose Bumps, with its red fingernails scraping across a chalk board cover (perhaps a little too punk for a pop artist), is more than just a solid outing from Ian Lloyd, it is an exemplary record and is worth repeated spins. Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

1 Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) 3:23
2 Stop! In the Name of Love 3:26
3 Dedicated to You Love 4:56
4 Lonely Nights Adams 3:30
5 Can't Get Enough 3:07
6 Trouble Jones 3:36
7 Walk Away Lloyd 3:34
8 Straight from the Heart 2:36
9 Third Wave Civilization (3wc) 3:18
10 Wanderers 2:27

Ian Lloyd
3WC (Third Wave Civilization)
Release Date: 1980
Label: Scotti Bros.

3WC is terrific, a smoother outing than the previous Goose Bumps with the singer and producer, Ian Lloyd and Bruce Fairbairn, respectively, seeming to be in sync, more comfortable with each other. "Straight From the Heart" was recorded three years before it became the breakout hit for the former lead singer of Sweeny Todd, a guy by the name of Bryan Adams, and this early version is an absolute revelation. What would have happened had the voice on the number one hit "Brother Louie" taken "Straight From the Heart" to the Top Ten first? Maybe it would have led to more hits for Ian Lloyd. Bryan Adams' songwriting partner, Jim Vallance, co-writes the title track with Ian Lloyd, and it is a great direction for this singer in search of a new hit. It is spacy, it is science fiction, it takes his Ric Ocasek-written track, "Slip Away," from the previous disc to the next level. It is simply a great piece of music. With Mick Jones of Foreigner, the brilliant Fairbairn, Loverboy's Paul Dean, and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jim Vallance, it is hard to imagine the former singer of Stories missing with this superlative effort. Foreigner's manager, Bud Prager, had the ear of the industry, and producer Fairbairn was a year away from his breakthrough hits with Loverboy. Much more refined than the excellent Goose Bumps album from 1979, that album had much potential but was all over the map. 3WC smooths things out with the pop flavors of Stories and that '80s sound which Bryan Adams made so popular. Lloyd's own songs, "Dedicated to You" and "Wanderers," are much more on target here as well, while he takes on covers of Gary Glitter's "Do You Wanna Touch Me" (which Tommy James did four years before this album), and the Supremes' "Stop! In the Name of Love." Both covers are fun, and they allow Lloyd the opportunity to go beyond the seriousness of the original tunes. The album is consistent with the tremendous reading of "Straight From the Heart," a Vallance/Adams original that works in "Lonely Nights" and an appealing combination of sounds which finally complement this valuable singer as perfectly as did the compositions of the Left Bank's Michael Browne. Innovative and carefully produced, it was just a couple of years before its time. Seek it out, hear some magic, and wonder what it takes to bring important music like this to the attention of the public. Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

39MB, WMA, 2 LP's in one folder


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these lp's, i have a couple of other and some Stories, great blog, Grant

WVKayaker said...

let's hear 'em!

nic beery said...

Thank you. I've been looking for Slip Away for a long time.

Camarillo Brillo said...

you're welcome nic...enjoy!

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