Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WHFS XI 01-20-1983 DAVID, WEASEL 02-11-1983 SARA

Tuesday brings us another tape shared by Dave. It starts out with David playing some cool tunes then Weasel comes on during a snow storm and plays related music. And Sara is on Side 2. Again the dates are a bit ambiguous...we'll let Dave chime in and explain himself. (-;

Pretenders, Lena Lovich, Dream Hog, Joe King Corascco, Lou Reed, Tony Basil, Beach Boys, Fad Gadget, Soft Cell, Gang Of Four, Souxie and The Banshees, Blancmange, Trio, Icehouse

147MB, MP3@320, 92 Minutes

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It's Uncle Jim said...

Man do I remember that snow! We were stuck in our apartment in Arlington for days.

BTW I think you shared a later portion of Weasel's show from this date some time ago. This newest post complements that one nicely!

Camarillo Brillo said...

I might have...thanks U.J.!

Anonymous said...

Whoa -- Did I hit save for that??? That was a mistake... :)

Anyway -- Fad Gadget, Soft Cell, Gang Of Four, Souxie and The Banshees, Blancmange is definitely on some of the other rips I have heard from here... I guess it was inevitable that there would be some overlap!

I have no recollection of making this tape -- I did so many while studying, sometimes starting the tape deck and then leaving for school, only to come back later in the day to see what I "caught" on tape.

Those were the days when you could just turn on the tape deck and catch such cool toonage...

(sigh) Well, at least you all can enjoy these tapes now (courtesy of CB)... THANKS again CB... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... I must've done some serious editing... you can hear a burp of the tail-end of the news before Weasel's theme... No doubt I thought that the second half of the tape was not worth keeping... and I was probably stuck at home (along with everyone else)... no doubt the school was closed. Good thing Weasel was still going strong. (Love the reference there to the tubes on the radio)

Bill said...

Does anyone have a simple MP3 or WAV of Weasel's intro back from when he was on from 1-5? Maybe it was the same later, but I quit listening when HFS went quasi-commercial.


Camarillo Brillo said...

lil m,
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