Thursday, October 8, 2009

01-1983 WHFS 102.3 XII Milo From DaveB

This is a cool 'HFS Tape of Dejay Milo.
No cover and no date but it's a good bet it's January of 1983.

March Violets, Psychedelic Furs, The Jam, The Kids, Brian Eno, Lords Of The New Church, Japan, Transcender, Grace Jones, Allen Burnham

163MB, MP3@320, 92 Minutes



Anonymous said...

Oh I hated that!!! I often ran out of tape box labels, and so I just used whatever was around -- index cards (as you can see), post it notes, etc... Anything to annotate the tapes.

But the important thing is I got the music!! I haven't listened to this one in a long time, but will download the toonage tonight and give it another listen -- I can't wait!!!

Naplesgc said...

In the process of downloading these most recent additions. What I've heard thus far is great! I think it's great Dave is here to recap what we are listening to. It almost puts us there in 1983 and I think many of us did the same thing when recording.

I know I let the recorder go and couldn't wait to see what I "captured" while I was gone.

What memories - the music, the djs, the process and now 25 plus years later still reaping the rewards.

By the way, I'm finally uploading the 10 tapes (20 sides)I got from Geoff in No. Va. Check 'em out at


Anonymous said...

I recall mixing these tapes, sometimes deciding -- lord knows why -- that I didn't like this song or that song, and deciding to tape over prior recordings... So some of these tapes might actually be made over several hours, or even days. Recording a set of music here, and another song or set of songs there... Finding a good ending from one set (probably right before UPI News or some commercials) But then I would also miss the song list which would inevitably come after a long set... I even recall using the "mute" button on my tape deck to silence some sections gradually (or at least -- gracefully) instead of having a sudden jolt of the tape stopping and restarting.

I also recall these tapes (probably this one) introducing me to Grace Jones and Japan. As I have mentioned before, these were often jumping blocks to purchases of cutouts, EP's and LP's that I would explore further. I also recall driving down the road, jotting down the names of songs/artists that they would play over time -- and going into the "Feather" to find some of those tunes... now-a-days I guess I would google those names :)

Love hearing these again!!!!

Thanks CB

- Dave B.

planckzoo said...

Thanks for this. I used to really enjoy Milo's show. I had not checked out your blog in awhile, I am very happy to see the HFS uploads. What a great station it was.

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