Friday, March 14, 2008

The Fixx- Superstar Concert Series 1985 SS85-3 Vinyl Rip

waxingphilosophical, a frequent poster of comments here, has shared a vinyl rip from his collection of The Fixx, from the Superstar Concert Series SS85-3 LP. It sounds great and I for one haven't seen it out there, so it's a real treat! All music no commercials...I know how much work it is to rip these LP's, ommit the commercials and so on, and I really appreciate waxingphilosophical sharing this!
We have done a couple trades and it is another reason why, for me, this blog has become the shit ticket!


165Mb, MP3@320, 73 Minutes


Naplesgc said...

I'm downloading this now and can't wait to hear it. I am a Fixx fanatic. I will say though, I am also a vitange commercial junkie and would love to have heard the commercials. Camarillo comes through again!

I have one Westwood album, of all things, the week of May 23, 1983 - my birthday week of my senior year. This album features a U.S. festival including U2, Berlin and English Beat.

WVKayaker said...

maybe waxingphilosophical will see this post and share those pesky commercials....I hear ya, I find them most interesting, like hearing a Maxell or TDK tape commercial, (long long gone) but not in my tunes...See ya!

WVKayaker said...

"I have one Westwood album, of all things, the week of May 23, 1983 - my birthday week of my senior year. This album features a U.S. festival including U2, Berlin and English Beat."

Share that bad boy on your blog dude!

Jetrell69 said...

Hey all, nice to see this one finally made the blog, I was hoping you'd up it.

waxingphilosophical has seen the he's me.

:) :)

The reason the show is this way is because I wanted something that flowed like a real show. I know there is a WW1 vinyl and a Broadcast CD that have only part of this show...but this has the entire WW1 release.

Maybe down the road I will do just the commercials for you all. Most were just like the "Coke" radio spots and such. Since I don't use mp3 myself I didn't mind that Camarillo did it this way as most who visit these blogs seem to prefer the smaller file size.

If you are members of some of those amazing torrent sites you can find stuff like this and other rarities.

Thanks for mentioning me in the blog Camarillo, it IS appreciated.

Rock ON ALL!!!!


WVKayaker said...

jetrell60 (waxingphilosophical),
Thanks for stopping by and posting your feedback and thanks again for the awesome share!

Jetrell69 said...

Anytime, you helped me acquire a few things that I have been very happy with....things that I hadn't really seen on any trade lists.

An opportunity to return the favor and make a friend...and maybe some future shares, is ALWAYS worth the extra effort.

:) :)

WVKayaker said...

I heard ya bro...

Jetrell69 said...

Just a note for seems that my turntable was running a bit fast and I had to do a speed correction on it. I will have to re-record the entire show...maybe leaving those pesky little commercials in...and re-upload it.

I apologize, I did not know until today that it wasn't set right. That'll teach me to look

Thanks for the kindness and patience. Hope to have it replaced soon.


WVKayaker said...

I listened to it this weekend and never noticed a speed issue...

Camarillo Brillo said...

Jetrell69 (waxingphilosophical)

Has shared another Fixx show on a torrent site and it was picked up and shared...follow the link below...

norman said...

jsut some FYI...
new album in 08
new good-3-great solo albums from cy are available
all known legal recordings were ripped and issued as an mp3 CD with band's blessing via fan club a few years back
they STILL rock and are as nice as can be.

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