Monday, March 31, 2008

By Request: Rodney Crowell w/Albert Lee Live From TNN 1992

As requested in the comments section of the previous post, I have Rodney Crowell live from TNN on August 30 1992. Albert Lee dishes out plenty of hot licks here! As I have mentioned before, TNN, The Nashville Network, was a cable channel that had some pretty cool shows including the American Music Shop and Jerry Jeff Walker had a show on Saturday nights showcasing cool "Americana" music. This file contains some bonus tracks not associated with the show...Originally from cassette, this was ripped to my hard drive a while back.

She's Crazy for Leaving
You Are Always On My Mind
I'll Give You Love
Piece Of My Heart
Wild Child
Til I Gain Control Again
Highway 17
Lovin' All Night
Old Pipeliner

32MB, WMA 9.1 CBR, 33 Minutes


Anonymous said...

thanks alot! any guy clark?

WVKayaker said...

Nothing I can post here, sorry

Anonymous said...

Amazing place here on the net!
Some artists I thought my old roommate and I were the only ones to ever hear of!
We had over 5000 albums together, since got married and all...
I'll visit here often!
You are extremely generous to share such joyous moments in time!
Thanks loads from me!
A new found fan!

WVKayaker said...

a match made in heaven!
enjoy your stay and thanks for the feedback

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you! More Rodney Crowell please. Maybe the 80's with Steuert Smith? But anything will do....or even more Albert :-)

WVKayaker said...

You'll find more Albert in here. I will check to see what I have of R.C. that isn't available and see what I can post...

sauzee said...

Fantastic, thanks!

Love both of them. Albert Lee has just broken his arm in Paris so won't be playing for the next 45 days. Hope it doesn't affect his playing when hes recovered:)

Have you got any more live Albert Lee, either solo or playing with others?

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thsnks for the news on Albert...That's all I have to share of any live stuff from him. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some's appreciated!

Hutch said...

just discovered your page. great stuff, especially the old TNN shows. thanks so much for upping all of it. you don't by any chance have any of Hoyt Axton's TNN appearances do you?

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for the nice comments!
I regret not having any Hoyt Axton's TNN appearances...
Thanks again...

Conspiracy Theologian said...

amazing, thanks for this one, bro!

Camarillo Brillo said...

Conspiracy Theologian,
You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by...

Steve said...

I'm a big Rodney Crowell fan, so many thanks for this one. Just out of interest, that's Lari White singing lead on "(Itty Bitty Little Single Solitary) Piece of My Heart".

Camarillo Brillo said...

Cool Steve...Thanks for the info!

Bill Buchanan said...

Could you repost

Camarillo Brillo said...

New link

Bill Buchanan said...

Thank you

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