Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Foreign_Listener_K Shares WHFS Tapes From The 90's

These are the tapes from the 2nd DVD Foreign_Listener_K sent in for me to share. 

Each file is about 45 minutes, MP3@320








 Thanks again Foreign_Listener_K!


nokesvillejr said...

Thanks for posting these. Its cool to hear what HFS sounded like in its 'transition years'.

Camarillo Brillo said...

'transition years' is a good way to put it Jim. Not bad, but sliding downhill. By '94 or so they pretty much were sucking it IMO.

nokesvillejr said...

Yes, the presentation changed and the music definitely changed. I've been listening again to J. Kilowatt's Top 99.1 of the 90's recordings and although I like bands like Oasis and Foo Fighters, I start losing interest when they get to 1995.

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