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Patty Smyth: Never Enough Vinyl LP Rip

This is a rip of my vinyl copy of Patty Smyth's LP "Never Enough".
It's as good as any Scandal release in my opinion.
I tossed in a couple of bonus tracks not shown here.

1. Never Enough
2. Downtown Train
3. Give It Time
4. Call to Heaven
5. River Cried
6. Isn't It Enough
7. Sue Lee
8. Tough Love
9. Heartache Heard Round the World

Nice Amazon Contributer Review:
By Daniel J. Hamlow (Chikusei City, Japan)

It seems unjust that Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian of the Hooters musically made their best mark with only their first album. The artists they wrote for and produced albums for seemed to do better. One artist they propped up was Patty Smyth, best known as the voice of Scandal--("The Warrior", "Beat Of A Heart"), and although it didn't do well, I consider Never Enough to be one of the best albums of the 1980's.
For the most part, Never Enough expands on Scandal's sound to a wall of rock guitar with the usual 80's-accompanied keyboards. Smyth's edgey, robust voice is easily demonstrated on the rocking title track. A girl meets the man of her dreams, and that promise in the dark they made together ends up being lost in the storm forever, to paraphrase. She learns the cost of freedom, which becomes a secret the man shared to something we all can share. Easily the best track here.

Her cover of Tom Waits' "Downtown Train" betters Rod Stewart's 1991 version. It matches her persona, pretty but not in an artificial model-glamorous sort of way, street-smart, wearing a leather jacket and mini, tough but loyal. When she mentions the line about Brooklyn girls being thorns without the rose, and she says, "Oh if I was the one/you chose to be your only one" it reminds me of tomboy Mary Stuart Masterson telling Eric Stoltz about Lea Thompson in Some Kind Of Wonderful. David Sanborn has a nice and all-too brief sax solo.

"Call To Heaven" is a sobering rock ballad of a soldier at war who captured by enemies and executed by firing squad, exploring the minds of both sides. The guitars and Patty's vocals go up a notch from this verse on: "Gather 'round reluctant marksmen/One of them to take his life/With a smile he gives them pardon/Leaves the dark and takes the light." The chorus goes "What a night though it's one of seven/What a night for the dancing dead/What a night to be called to heaven/What a picture to fill your head." The second best track.

Ace songwriters Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly contribute the heartbreaking but winning "The River Cried." Why? "The river cried for my lonely soul/You were the only one who really knew me/And hearing this, the river cried." Another poignant line: "Waiting for you to return my sigh."

"Isn't It Enough" is a note of advise that "I fit you like a worn-out glove" so be content of the title concept. "I'll satisfy your fire but I'm not made of stone" gives her a tough but vulnerable quality.

The quick-paced "Sue Lee" co-penned by Rick Chertoff, could've been covered by Journey. The title girl seems to be a refugee living in poverty. However, the lines "She smiles when she looks at the world around/With her high-top sneakers and her hard-rock sound" might fit Smyth as well.

"Tough Love" is a hard-driving number on fighting the competitive battlezone of those mean streets. "Heartache Heard Round The World" is co-written by Hyman, Bazilian, Chertoff, and Smyth, and the effort shows. When she sings "I'm no angel, but I'm not so tough" reinforces that vulnerable side of her that makes her more human. The title is the sound that knocks her down, and her wish is more than fulfilled when she says "I wanna be a rock and roll girl."

Smyth gets quality help here. Not only do Hyman and Bazilian do backing vocals but so do Rory Dodd of Meat Loaf fame and Rick Chertoff, the producer of Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual. Never Enough is one of those one-of-a-kind albums whose true appreciation was, well, never enough

37MB, WMA 9.1 CBR, 54 Minutes


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Anton Fig ( Frehley's comet ) played drums on this record

WVKayaker said...

Thanks for the Anton Fig info!

WVKayaker said...

I reupped the Scanda WWDC live radio broadcast to MP3@320...

get it here:

Jetrell69 said...

This is an AWESOME album....I own the CD which can be very difficult to come by....nice to see a vinyl rip up for those who'd like to listen...definitely a treat.

Nice work here!!!

:) :)

WVKayaker said...

Thanks for the feedback!
It is always appreciated!

WVKayaker said...

I reupped the Scandal WWDC live radio broadcast to MP3@320...

get it here:

damned typos!

Tom Eckels said...

[quote]Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian of the Hooters musically made their best mark with only their first album.[/quote]

Actually, for the record, this reviewer doesn't have a clue about Hyman's and Bazilians "1st" album as they fronted a band called BABY GRAND BEfore The Hooters. Baby Grand put out two albums, the 2nd one, in 1978 was Called Ancient Medicine and it is an excellent piece of work. Imo.....better than any Hooters stuff, i.e. too good for radio. I have it up on my blog for download if you're intersted.


WVKayaker said...

Tom....thanks for your awesome feedback!
Im downloading BABY GRAND right now!

Number 6 said...

To expand on Tom's comment...

Yes, Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian were in the group "Baby Grand" (1977/1978) before The Hooters formed in 1980.

There were two Baby Grand albums. "Ancient Medicine" was the 2nd, the first named simply "Baby Grand."

Here is the interesting point..."Never Enough" appears on the first Baby Grand album. The lyrics are different (I understand Patty Smyth rewrote them for her version), however the riffs are the same. In fact, if you listen to both versions, you will hear some keyboard tracks that virtually identical.

I like both versions, but prefer the first. I posted this track on YouTube, if anyone is interested. Here is the URL:

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for that Number 6!

Anonymous said...

Really a GREAT and underappreciated album. BTW, "Call to Heaven" was written and performed originally by Magnum under the title "Les Mort Dansant."
I always thought it was cool that Patty covered a Magnum tune and while I've LOVED Magnum since the very early 80s I believe that Patty's version is actually slightly superior.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for the plug for Magnum

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