Monday, September 17, 2007

Henry Paul Band "Grey Ghost" and "Live From The Bayou in DC 1979"

Combined in one zip file is Henry Paul Band "Grey Ghost" LP and "Live From The Bayou in DC 1979" Bootleg CD. The Grey Ghost LP is a vinyl rip from me and the Live at the Bayou is a CD I got from e-bay several years back.

In 1972 the Outlaws were still just a small local 4 piece band that toured for about 8 months. Then in 1973, Billy Jones, joined the group and the Outlaws were complete. They tour the local club scene until the spring of 1975 when Arista Records president Clive Davis signs them to their first record deal. In March of 1975 the group released their first self titled album "Outlaws". On the album Henry does lead on 3 of the more countryish songs including "Knoxville Girl" among others. The next year they released their follow-up album "Lady In Waiting" in which Henry did lead vocals on 3 more songs. Then in August of 1977 after the release of their third album "Hurry Sundown", Henry left the band to start a solo career.
Soon after he left the Outlaws, the Henry Paul Band is signed to a four record deal with Atlantic. Their debut album's title track "Grey Ghost" is unofficially dedicated to Lynyrd Skynrd's lead singer Ronnie Van Zant who had died in a plane crash in 1977. In 1980, Monte Yoho leaves the Outlaws and joins the Henry Paul Band for their second album called "Feel The Heat" which has a much harder edge than their previous debut album which was much more southern rock. It's on the second album in which the band had their biggest hit "Longshot" (which by the way does not have Henry doing lead vocals). Monte then leaves the group, and in 1981 they released their third album "Anytime". This album has a mixture of almost every type of music; from the rock songs like "Hollywood Paradise" to the pop songs like the cover of the old Van Morrison song "Brown Eyed Girl" to the country sounding "Distant Riders". The last album put out by the band was the self titled album "Henry Paul" in 1982, but unfortunately it receives very little air play.
After the Henry Paul Band breaks up, Henry reunites with Hughie Thomasson in 1986 and they release the Outlaws reunion album "Soldiers Of Fortune". The tour to promote the album is rather unsuccessful; they are unable to fill the arenas. This is the beginning of the end for the Outlaws. Henry leaves in 1989, however they continue to tour until 1996 when the band breaks up completely and Hughie joins Lynyrd Skynrd as a lead guitarist.

Track Listing- "Grey Ghost"
• So Long
(By Henry Paul)
• Crossfire
(By Max Paul Shwennsen)
• Foolin'
(By Henry Paul, Dallas Moore)
• Wood Wind
(By Henry Paul, Jim Fish)
•Grey Ghost
(By Henry Paul, Barry Rapp)
• I Don't Need You No More
(By Billy Crain, Bill Hoffman)
•Lonely Dreamer
(By Henry Paul, Jim Fish, Wally Dentz)
• One-Night Stands
(By Billy Crain)
• You Really Know (What I Mean)
(By Jim Fish)
• All I Need
(By Barry Rapp)
Plus two Bonus tracks I added from the "Feel The Heat" Album
"Running away" and "Night City"
Track Listing- "Live At The Bayou"
01 Track 1
02 You Really Know What I Mean
03 Lonely Dreamer
04 All I Need
05 So Long
06 Crossfire
07 Knoxville Gold
09 Freeborn Man
10 Song In The Breeze
11 It Get's Worse Before It Get's Better
12 South Carolina


Anonymous said...

I love you. :-)

WVKayaker said...

Nice 1st feedback for a post with over a 100 downloads.
I love you too!

alien tamer said...

Hello music friend..Thanks for the Henry Paul....Just came across your blog... HOW you have a bunch of cool stuff here..Ill be busy for awhile. If i would of found you a year ago, you would have been a daily visit...

Camarillo Brillo said...

Get 'em while they are still available. Enjoy and thanks for checking in!

Anonymous said...

Just found your site and this download of The Henry Paul Band brings back some great memories for me. I saw them twice on this tour opening for the Allman Brothers in Lakeland, and The Atlanta Rhythem Section at the Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa, Florida. They were red hot both times and also when I saw them open for the Stones in Orlando two years later. Henry is flying the flag for the current edition of The Outlaws line up these days. Thanks for all of the cool stuff and the other links.


Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks for the cool feedback Robbo!

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